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Hi! Thank you for writing for me!

I'm not really good at sign-ups, but I hope I've managed to give a good idea of the sort of fic I'm looking for.

Shirokuma Cafe - any

Sign-up: I loved this show so much and was really sad when it ended! I just want the further adventures of Panda and co. With 50 episodes, the show itself really did cover a lot of ground, but there's still lots to explore! I nominated Polar Bear, Grizzly, Panda, and Penguin, but I love everyone, so please feel free to include any other animals or people you like. I especially liked the seasonal episodes, so maybe there's some other event or holiday that the gang could celebrate which wasn't covered by the show. What about shichi-go-san for the baby penguins? Or revisit a holiday we already saw. I could totally read about the next year's Christmas or New Year's if you want something seasonal. Or just general antics at the cafe or the zoo or whatever. And backstory is always good, too. Especially if it's Polar Bear & Grizzly backstory (frenemies or slash is good). Just anything, really. As long as it reads like the show I'll be happy.

Extra blather: I mentioned the possibility of slash for Grizzly and Polar Bear, but if you go that route, please keep the tone of the show. Kissing is okay, dating is okay, explicit sex...not so much. XD

Shameless (US) - Molly Milkovich

Sign-up: Not gonna lie, I was really disappointed by the way this plotline was just kind of dropped. I just want to know what happened to Molly after she left the Gallaghers'. Did she go back to living with her mom? Was she put in foster care? I would love to see her keep in touch with Debbie. If you wanted to set something in the future, either them being BFFs or femslash would be awesome. If you want to write about her relationships with other Milkoviches, that would be cool, too. The only thing I would really prefer you avoid is to write a story where she grows up to be a cis dude. If you want to write her struggling with her gender identity and wondering if she just feels like a girl because that's how her mom raised her, that is 100% cool. I just like to think that she is female and it's pure luck for her that because of her mom's issues, she was raised female and not male.

Extra blather: If you want to go the femslash route, any rating is okay, though I prefer it not to be totally PWP.

Gravity Falls - Mabel & Waddles

Sign-up: I love this show so much! It's so wacky and wonderful. Mabel is my absolute favorite and I just really love her and Waddles together. That is one cute pig. Feel free to include Dipper and Wendy and Candy and Grenda and Grunklestan if you want, because they are part of Mabel's life, but mainly I just want something focusing on Mabel and Waddles. Whether it's some sort of adventure or just a day in the life of a girl and her pig, as long as it's about these two being awesome, I will love it.

Extra blather: I'm trying to think of anything else to say here but not coming up with much. I just want more Mabel & Waddles! In terms of wacky adventures, I'm not a huge fan of Gideon, so preferably something that doesn't involve him.

30 Rock - Grizz/Dot Com

Sign-up: I want the epic love story of Grizz and Dot Com. It can be a platonic love story if you want, but I am totally down with slash for these two if that's what you want to do. Or platonic on Grizz's side and unrequited non-platonic feelings on Dot Com's. (Was he really in love with Grizz's fiancee Feyonce or was he in love with Grizz himself? Hmm???) You could do backstory (they went to camp together as kids!) or set during or after the show. As for other characters, while I only chose these two, I love everyone, so feel free to include other characters if you're doing something set during/after canon.

Extra blather: I only started watching this show recently and have been mainlining it. I'm currently halfway through season six, but I will have finished watching the whole series by the time Yuletide rolls around, so no worries there. Anyway, I really love the idea of backstory for these two, but I also love what we get on the show, so a fic where their lives keep getting interrupted by Tracy's hijinks would be awesome, too. Any rating is okay, though preferably not PWP.

Paranorman - Norman/Neil

Sign-up: I ship these two like crazy and it makes me so sad that the vast majority of fic for this fandom is crossovers with Gravity Falls. I love Gravity Falls, too (I mean, it's one of my other requests!), but Norman and Neil are so adorkable together. So basically, yeah. I just want some cute fluffy fic of these two. First time is great. Futurefic where they're already in a relationship is also great. Paranormal adventures are cool if you want to write something plotty. And if you don't want to write shipfic for these two, then BFF gen adventures are good, too.

Extra blather: I'm okay with any rating for this, though I would prefer it to not be totally PWP. I mentioned futurefic, but I really want awkward fumbly teenagers, so don't age them up too much (high school or college is okay, but I'm less interested in reading about them as adults). Oh, and if you write futurefic, please keep Neil fat!

If you're looking for more ideas about the sort of fic I like, everything I've written can be found on AO3, and I also have a recs list on delicious.
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I have no clue if I'm actually going to participate, or what I will request if I do. Really depends on what others are signing up for, I guess. Right now it seems like a million fandoms I am unfamiliar with.

My nominations, for those who are curious )
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It seems there's a meme going around where you talk about your past Yuletide stories and how could I resist that? It really makes me sad that I was unable to write even a treat last year, because it's the first time since 2004 that I didn't participate in some way, but hopefully I will manage something this year.

15 stories in 7 years )

And then last year I didn't participate in the exchange and while I thought about writing treats, it just never happened.

Stats-wise, I've written 7 m/m stories, 3 f/f, 2 m/f, 1 m/m/f, and 1 gen, which is a pretty similar distribution compared to my non-Yuletide output (though non-Yuletide probably has a higher percentage of m/m). And I've never written in the same fandom twice. Not only that, but it was always my first time writing in a fandom, too, even if I've since gone on to write more in that fandom (which I think is only Leverage and Yotsuba&! Oh, and Nana).

ETA: I didn't even notice this until I posted, but apparently during the time I was doing this meme (I started yesterday and finished today), AO3 changed the way they code the "share" function, so the first ones have the little AO3 icon and the rest don't. I wonder why they took that out.


Oct. 18th, 2011 10:31 pm
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Why didn't I think of this in time for Kaleidoscope nominations?

So, today I went karaoke and while browsing artists, came across Yuzu and was like, oh hey, I love them, I should sing some of their songs! And then my next thought was, oh man, what is that song where Kitagawa is in drag and it is awesome? Because they usually have the real video for that, as opposed to a cheesy karaoke video. And the book had a little star next to the song, which is supposed to mean it has the video, so I excitedly entered it and then was super disappointed when it was just a karaoke video (one that had played for a different song earlier, no less!).

Anyway, when I got home, I found the video on youtube and watched it through several times and I really, really want fic about this video. But, I want fic where the main character is a trans woman. So it probably wouldn't be exactly the story in the video. I could see that being her dream, and she actually sings at a bar or something, idk. (Or you could modernise it, in which case I could see her actually becoming a star, but a large part of the charm is the showa aesthetic.) Really, I just want ALL the fic about her.

I think I might end up nominating it for Yuletide, but I feel like it might have gotten a better chance of being written for Kaleidoscope. (Or maybe someone just wants to write it for me as a random present? :D :D :D? You don't even need to know Japanese because the song doesn't tell the story of the video, just the visuals do that.)

(Also every time I watch Yuzu videos, I just want Yuzu slash. I know nothing about them, though Wikipedia tells me they are both married to women, and not each other, but they are always so incredibly adorkable with each other and seem to sing to each other a lot. XD)
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I have one of those year-end writing round-up posts coming eventually, but first I wanted to ramble just a bit about my Yuletide fics, all three of which I'm hugely happy with.

You're My Best Friend (And I Love You) [Huge, Becca/Chloe]

Ramble! )

Halfway from Coal, Halfway to Diamond [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Nakatsu/OCs]

Ramble! )

Not an Addict (Maybe That's a Lie) [K-On!, Ritsu/Mio]

Ramble! )
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The archive is open!

I got A Day in the Life, a very cute Code Monkey fic. I had kind of figured that's what I was getting, since I think I was the only one to request that fandom and I saw it on the posted fandoms list a couple days ago. So the fandom wasn't a surprise, but I definitely enjoyed the fic a lot. Yay for queer fix-its for depressingly heteronormative songs!

As for the fics I wrote, if you can guess, I will try to write something for you of your choice (either a new fic or if you want to cast your vote for me finishing up some wip I've talked about before).* Here are some hints:

1. All three are over 1000 words but under 1500 words.

2. All three are part of the Dark Agenda challenge (that is, fics about characters of color).

3. All three are fandoms I've never written in before.**

4. Two are femslash, one is slash.

5. Two are animanga fandoms, one is a western fandom.

If you were on my Yuletide flailing filter and/or in chat with me, no fair guessing ones I mentioned by name. (Though one of them I never mentioned anywhere.)

*I try not to make promises anymore, since my mojo comes and goes, but I was really inspired for Yuletide and I hope that will carry over into the new year.

**I noticed last year or the year before that although I had written a ton of Yuletide fics over the years, including pinch hits, treats, and one NYR, I had never written the same fandom twice and they had all been new fandoms to me. So at that point I decided to keep up the tradition and now I purposely avoid writing fics in fandoms I've written before, even if the prompts sound tempting!
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It's Yuletide Eve and the Madness archive should open sometime today for people to post Treats of less than 1000 words (over 1000 words can be posted any time to the main Yuletide collection, even if they are not your official assignment).

If anyone wants to write me Treats (and I do mean anyone; you don't have to be participating in Yuletide otherwise to write Treats), my Dear Yulegoat letter is over here. I requested a queer version of Code Monkey, transfic in Huge and Babysitter's Club, and just general crack for Comics Curmudgeon.
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Title: Shizuko's Daughter
Author: Kyoko Mori
Number of Pages: 214 pages
Book Number/Goal: 49/50 for 2010
My Rating: 5/5

Jacket Summary: "Your mother would be very proud..." Yuki Okuda heard these words when she was achieving in school, excelling in sports, even when she became president of the student council. And she could always imagine the unexpressed thought that followed: "...if your mother hadn't killed herself." But Shizuko Okuda did commit suicide, and Yuki had to learn how to live with a father who didn't seem to love her and a stepmother who treated her badly. Most important, she had to learn how to live with herself: a twelve-year-old girl growing up alone, trying to make sense of a tragedy that made no sense at all...

Review: I liked this a lot. I kept feeling surprised at it for some reason and finally I realised why. It felt very normal in a way I am not sure I've ever seen in a book about Japan written in English (as in, not translated from Japanese). Even when the author isn't white, if they're writing for an English-speaking audience, there's often a tinge of exoticism (sometimes more than a tinge), but there wasn't any of that here at all. Sadly, the cover illustration tries to make up for that by showing a girl in kimono, despite the fact that the book is set in the '70s and the only people ever mentioned wearing kimono are Yuki's grandparents, and her father and stepmother at their wedding ceremony.

One thing that bugged me was that there was this chapter where she seems to totally have a crush on this girl and I thought that's where the story was going, especially since later she still has no interest in guys and this is pointed out several times. But then later it turns out that she was just ~damaged~ from her father's betrayal and didn't want to fall in love, and then she does and is happily heterosexual. If I had read this before Yuletide, I would have totally nominated it. (Maybe I should tag this so I remember to nominate it next year.)
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It is off to beta, but since Helens is busy today and might not be able to get to it til tomorrow and I really do want to avoid the rush, I went ahead and posted the unbetaed version. That way if I can't access the archive to post the finished fic before the deadline, at least there is something there and I can keep trying without worrying that I'll be counted as defaulting due to archive troubles or something.

I'm really happy with it and hope my recipient will be, too. :D

Now I can concetrate on doing a treat or two!
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Hi, Yuletider! Thank you for writing me a story! My optional details are long, and the commentary here even longer, but it is all optional. I'm just giving you ideas of the sort of thing I'd like!

I keep trying to think of general "what I like" tips and just utterly failing. I like realism in my fic, rather than idealised fantasy. I like stories about queer people (which is why I requested so many) and I really hate Gay For You and We're Not Gay We Just Love Each Other and all variations on that theme. I like sex if it serves a purpose, and I love fumbly awkward sex (see preference for realism over fantasy), especially when it comes to teens. I like sex and relationships that aren't heteronormative. I like humor, but have a huge embarrassment squick. I don't like sappiness or romantic declarations or love at first sight.

(Comics Curmudgeon is a bit of an outlier. Obviously I'm not expecting the same sort of fic for it that I would from the other three fandoms I've requested.)

You can also get an idea of the things I like in general by browsing my fic (I write what I would like to read) and my recs.

Code Monkey, Comics Curmudgeon, Baby-Sitters Club, and Huge )
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1. I'm still super excited about Yuletide! And still haven't figured out my nominations, though today I finally started actually writing stuff down. So far I've got:

John Ajvide Lindqvist - Let the Right One In
Alex Sanchez - Rainbow Trilogy
Shauna Cross - Derby Girl
Janni Lee Simner - Bones of Faerie
Chuck Palahniuk - Rant
Truth: Red, White & Black
High School Debut
Kodomo no Jikan
Comics Curmudgeon
Webcomic creator RPF
Bosom Buddies
The New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Techno (video)
Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo (song)

It looks like everything else I was thinking of is already on there (I'm surprised Let the Right One In isn't! Not even in movie form). I'm pretty excited someone nominated Hark! A Vagrant! I want Hark! A Vagrant-verse Nancy Drew. Also fat pony fic. Who doesn't want fat pony fic? Especially after this newest fat pony comic.

I might think of more songs, too. :-/ I've gone through the books I read in the past few years, the manga I've read ever, TV shows, RSS feeds, but I haven't gone through iTunes yet. Doh.

2. It's kind of sprinkling right now! Or misting anyway. But Yahoo says it should be rainy next week. :D

3. I got Tim Tams and Pineapple Lumps in the mail yesterday from [profile] kakeochi_umai. Yay! Also Carla got a pair of jeans we'd got off eBay and they fit perfectly! I was a bit worried, since it's not like you can just return them.

4. I love finding random stuff in the cupboards and fridge that comes together for a great meal. Last night I found some boxes of rosemary garlic focaccia mix in the cupboard that I'd forgotten about (it's a brand we love, but is usually like $4-5 per box so we hardly ever got it, but then one time the brand did a package redesign and all the old ones were in the clearance section for like $1.50 each, so we bought a bunch) and when I was poking around to see what else would go with it, I saw a can of tomato soup. There was also a little bit of shredded cheese in the fridge, so I had tomato soup sprinkled with cheese, and a slice of rosemary garlic focaccia. It was soooo good!

Daily Happysong:

Kan - Ai wa Katsu
This song pretty much embodies that late '80s/early '90s jpop sound. It's just so bouncy and catchy.
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So one of the things I would have nominated for Yuletide if I'd been part of the nomination process is Bosom Buddies, and I was really disappointed to find no one else had nominated it. But, guys! You don't even know how much I loved this show as a kid, how utterly fascinated I was by it. It may have just been a silly comedy about guys dressing up in drag, but it had that spark of recognition for me.

I really, really would love to see fic that has one or the other of them as trans. Wouldn't that be the awesomest? So I'm putting this here, with the yuletide tag, to remind me when nominations come around again. Though I have put the DVDs on my Netflix queue, so who knows, maybe I will even write something myself before then. (Or someone else could write it for me!)
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1. I was determined not to write any Holmes fic, but this discussion about trans!Holmes (ftm or mtf!) in a recent post makes me really want to write some!

2. Speaking of Holmes and fic, I wonder if the interest in Jude/RDJ fic might be having a spillover effect on other Jude pairings? Out of the blue I've had a couple people comment on old Jude/Ewan stuff of mine. Could it be my time has come!? Maybe I didn't write those dozens of fics in a super obscure pairing for nothing! XD

3. But what really prompted this post is that I was catching up on Comics Curmudgeon posts tonight and was suddenly struck with the desire to request it for Yuletide next year. But how to go about it? I wouldn't want to request individual strips, lest I get matched with someone who liked them unironically (!?), but omg I would love to read fic for Mary Worth, Mark Trail, Apartment 3-G, and all the rest of the gang using the Comics Curmudgeon interpretations.

I mean think about it. The commentary for these two Mary Worth strips is "These two strips on either side of the transition to 2010 promise that we’ll be seeing father and son teaming up to become a pair of demon hunters, purging the earth of sinister supernatural forces once and for all." Awesome! I would read about that!

Or how about a strip where Margo goes into a church to pay her respects to Eric and we get "Against all expectations, Margo managed to enter a church without bursting into flame and crumbling into dust. This can only mean that, while we were wasting our time with the Professor’s boring love life, Margo beat God in a fight off panel." Margo vs God! Yes! Will her finger quotin' skills be what gives her the edge?

Or Mark Trail. You really don't even need to know context! "Mark and Rusty managed to survive only because this gentle small-town sheriff was too much of a wimp to shoot an unarmed man in the back. I was all excited when it seemed like only Rusty’s head would be saved, leaving him a malformed skull in a jar that Mark would have to tote from place to place." Head-in-a-jar!Rusty!

Guys. I can hardly wait!
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I went to bed early this morning and when I woke up all had been revealed! That was good timing on my part, since I didn't have to sit around being antsy for it. :D

Only one person even made a guess as to what I wrote, and that was [personal profile] eisen and she was absolutely correct. XD I...expected that one would be pretty obvious to her. (And consequently, not to anyone else, since it is a wee tiny fandom even in Yuletide terms.)

So [personal profile] eisen, you can request a ficlet from me if you like! :)

My main assignment was Such a Bitter Form of Refuge, a Psyren story that is the sort of thing I'd been wanting to write ever since I started reading Psyren and fell hard for Asaga/Tatsuo (guys, they are practically canon). I was hoping I would get matched to [personal profile] eisen and I was! And she wanted just the sort of story I wanted to tell! It was the most perfect Yuletide match ever. I am so in love with this story and so thrilled that she loved it as much as I do. I wish more people read Psyren so I could share the awesomeness of this fic with them. XD And also because canon is so awesome on its own and it has so quickly become my favorite current series and even one of my very favorite series ever.

I also wrote a treat, Not Looking for Sweet Talk for [personal profile] zvi. It's Leverage OT3 porn and went over fairly well. The only rec was from [personal profile] zvi, but I noticed all the stuff getting recced seemed to be gen or caper type stuff, so maybe porn is not as popular for Yuletide as it is in the rest of fandom. I had a lot of fun writing it, though. I hadn't really been an OT3 fan before because I love Hardison/Parker so much on their own, but I kind of talked myself into shipping all three of them while writing this. XD

And in a funny coincidence, [personal profile] zvi wrote a treat for me! XD (I kind of wondered if it might be her, actually!) The author of my main fic is not familiar to me at all.

Anyway, I will for sure be writing commentary for the Psyren fic, because I have so much to say. Is anyone interested in commentary for the Leverage one? If not, I'll go ahead and repost that right away.

Yuletide was so very fun this year and I'm so glad there was an amnesty! Now I can look forward to next year, omg there are so many things I want to nominate! I just finished reading The Birchbark House and its sequels and am definitely going to be nominating those next year because I want fic about Two Strike Girl!


Dec. 24th, 2009 11:15 pm
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Well, Yuletide is officially open, but...I can't get the archive to load! XD So I'll just have to wait a little for my gift, though I'm excited to read it. I did get an email notification, so I know I'm getting a story called Bloom (Paradise Kiss, either George/Isabella or George & Isabella; I can't tell from the summary). I may not get to read it until tomorrow, if the archive doesn't let me in soon, as I only got three hours' sleep last night and am pretty wiped.

I wrote two fics this year. If you guess (one or both), I'll write you something of your choice. :)

Here are some hints:

1. Both are in fandoms I've never written before.

2. One is in one of the larger Yuletide fandoms and the other is in one of the smallest.

3. Both are between 1000 and 2000 words.

4. Both are part of the [community profile] dark_agenda challenge.

5. One is serious and one is not.

6. Although they're very different fics, both are, I think, very recognisably mine.

7. One is inextricably tied to canon and the other is totally not.

8. Both are rated "mature" (and could probably have been rated "explicit", though I'm really not sure what the difference is supposed to be, so I always figure "mature" is a safe bet and covers both).

9. Both are in fandoms I've expressed interest in writing before.

10. I can't think of a tenth hint!

I wish I could have written more than two fics, but I was struggling to get my assignment perfect all the way up until the 24th (thank God for being able to post various draft stages to AO3) and while the treat I wrote came easily (written in two sittings, both of which were chunks that are longer than I usually manage to eke out in a day), it was long enough and I was busy enough with other stuff that I didn't get to write more than one.

Still, I'm super pleased with both fics I wrote. Just really in love with them. And I've had lovely feedback from the recipients, so that has just made my Yuletide. :)

Maybe next year I'll be one of those who gets started on treats early (be nice if I could get my assignment finished early, too, but somehow that never happens no matter how hard I try; it's always the assignment that's tough (even when I love it from the moment I see it, like this time) and the pinch hits and/or treats that are easy).
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Thank you for writing a story for me! I'm going to talk about stuff I like and don't, but seriously, don't stress out about it. I'd rather a well-written story that pleases you than something that's not as great because you forced yourself to write something you don't feel comfortable with.

OMG This got long. O_o )

I know I gave a lot of suggestions, but if you have your own ideas you'd like to write, feel free to go with that.


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:14 pm
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Yuletide Signups are Now Open!

I haven't signed up yet as I'm still trying to decide what to request and what to offer. I have thirty possible fandoms to offer, but I know I don't want to offer that many. I'm going to whittle down the list and keep the others in mind for Treats.

In going through the list again, I saw so many books and manga that I have on my to-read lists and was like "damn it, I wish I had gotten around to reading that this year!" There were also a couple things (Skim and Flygirl) that I really wish I had held on to after reading them, because I would have offered to write them, but I don't feel comfortable doing so without access to the source material. (I used to feel that way about a lot of manga, too, but now that I have discovered where to download stuff, it's not so much an issue.)

I think my request list right now is Aoi Hana, Glee, Koukou Debut, Modern Family, Paradise Kiss, and Psyren. Obviously two of those have to go.

Probably the one I'm least sure about is Koukou Debut, because what I really want is an AU in which Haruna and Mami realise they're in love and Yoh realises he's gay. Like, seriously, I love the story the series actually did give me, but when it started out with Haruna and Mami being tomboy softball players and Yoh offering to be Haruna's fashion coach, I just really wanted it to go in a different direction. XD But I doubt that's the sort of thing people will be signing up to write, so maybe I'd just be wasting my time with that one.

I'm wibbling on Modern Family, too. I'd like to see fic about Manny, but I don't really have any ideas.

Also check out [community profile] dark_agenda, a comm whose purpose is to encourage more people to write non-white, non-English-language sources.
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So I can participate in Yuletide, but because I didn't know I could during the nominations, I of course didn't nominate anything, nor have I been thinking at all this year what I would like to read or write.

Among things I would have nominated if I'd had a chance are A Softer World (so many strips make me want stories), Canadian webcomic creator RPF (especially Joey Comeau/Ryan North, but others, too!), Natural Nylon RPF (that would be Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Sean Pertwee, Sadie Frost...), Hourou Musuko (not sure I'd trust anyone to write this, but I'd love to write it myself), IS~Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei~ (same; though hopefully by this time next year it will all be scanlated, so I can drum up a bigger audience!). Maybe Saint Young Men. Um, probably some books I've read this past year, though I can't think of anything off the top of my head. A bunch of songs, mostly likely. (Obviously I'd have to trim my list down, but still!)

Anyway, there unfortunately doesn't seem to be a way to see what was nominated this year. Just what was nominated ever. So I'm not sure if some of the stuff I'm considering is even actually available. Of course new stuff was obviously nominated this year, but I'm not sure whether some older fandoms were renominated this year or not.

Right now I'm considering these:

Aoi Hana
Azumanga Daioh
Better Off Ted
Koukou Debut
Modern Family
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

The only one I know for sure I want is Psyren. Everything else is up in the air.

I'm always so hesitant about requesting Japanese-language stuff, not just because I fear the possibility of fan Japanese, but also because most people are getting it through a filter, often a very distorted one if all they have to go on are bad fan translations. But this year looking through the list, manga were what most jumped out at me.

I also saw some that I was interested in writing, but maybe as a treat rather than a full-length fic, such as MARU. I can't believe someone nominated Maru. I was thinking of it myself, but someone else thought of it, too!

But then [personal profile] cesare brought up the point that someone might think they should nominate the author's charmingly mangled English, which D: I really hope that doesn't happen.

Also I'm kind of annoyed that I already gave away my copy of Sherri Smith's Flygirl, because it's been nominated and I would love to write it. But I no longer have a copy and neither does my library, so that's out. I hope someone else writes for it, though. I'd definitely read it.
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New Year's Resolutions
Well, I took a look at the NYRs and there was only one, for Yotsuba&!, I was interested in! But I'm very, very interested, so I might actually get around to doing it this year instead of just talking about it.

I was really excited at first, because I hadn't seen that she requested Torako, and I was thinking more Ena/Miura. But I am also down with Asagi/Torako, so. And of course Yotsuba herself would have to be a big part of it.

Also, damn, that's a lot of potential NYRs. It took me ages to read through the list.

Rambling on the stories I wrote. )
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After last night's Ugly Betty I am really jonesing for Claire/Yoga fic to the point where I'm thinking of changing my Yuletide submission. The thing is, I really don't want to cut out any of my requests. But I was thinking, as much as I really, really want Trumpet fic, so far no one has offered it but me, so it's not going to get written one way or the other. So maybe what I'll do is hold off til Thursday and if it's still not been offered, I'll take it off and replace it with Claire/Yoga. Because dude.

Also I am amused that as it stands, all my Yuletide requests this year are het (though admittedly genderqueer het) or gen, and if I sub this in, it'll be het, gen, and femslash. Also three of the requests focus on characters of color (and swapping Ugly Betty for Trumpet doesn't change that).


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