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I only read three books this year, which is the least since I've started keeping track of how much I read (which was 2005) and probably the least, period, because I used to read a ton more (especially when I was in school and had more free time, and also before the internet). I'd like to read more books, but at the same time, I don't want it to feel like a chore. I have books I want to read. The trouble is just making myself sit down and read them.

By contrast, I did read over 100 volumes of manga (110, to be precise). I wish I'd read more because there are just so many series I want to read, but again, I just get distracted by other things and never find the time. Even my previous go-to reading time of before bed and on my breaks/lunch at work have been chipped away by things like Candy Crush (why do I play it so much??? it's a mystery) and checking Twitter or Facebook instead (I can't check Tumblr at work because my phone's internet cannot handle the number of images, and I don't check DW at work because there's no app for it and it's hard to read/use on the web, so my social networking while out and about is pretty much limited to those two).

Now that I don't review every fic I read or keep a list, it's hard to tell how many fics I read this year, but not that many, I don't think (though I did read a couple novel-length fics).

This year I'd like to read more. I've started off the year on the right foot and read almost a full volume of manga today (maybe I'll finish it before I go to bed).


This year I wrote four whole fics (total word count ~3300), which is the least I've written since I started writing fanfic about ten years ago. I think I really need to stop signing up for exchanges altogether, because I struggled so much with the two exchange fics I wrote this year and they both ended up subpar and I just don't know why I keep putting myself through that. I feel like I've forgotten how to write. I get ideas and can't turn them into stories.

Unsurprisingly, the fic I'm most happy with this year was also the easiest to write and the best received (Me and You with Wings on Our Feet). I felt really inspired, the writing came easy, and I think it's a really good fic. I wish I could write like that all the time.

I don't have any goals for writing this year (other than no exchanges!), though I would like to at least write a couple fics. As much as I can enjoy writing (and always enjoy sharing stories), I don't define myself as a writer. I didn't write before fandom, and even my first few years in fandom I was uninterested in either reading or writing fic, so it's really on relatively recently that it became a thing for me, and maybe it doesn't need to always be a thing?


I feel like this is where a lot of my fannish energies have gone. I enjoy all the parts of scanlating, even the cleaning and typesetting, but I've had to be honest with myself and start collaborating more because otherwise I just cannot put stuff out at a reliable pace!

So this year I'm really happy with myself for doing that. I still have one series, A Child's Child, which I do completely myself, and since I only have one volume left to go, I'm going to keep it that way (especially since they're short chapters and don't really involve a lot of work), but from now on I'm going to only do the translating. (Which is actually kind of going back to where I started, because for the longest time the only time I translated manga was on commission and I know a lot of those were used for scanlations.)

In 2013 I posted over twenty chapters of manga, which I think is pretty great. My goal for this year is to post a chapter of Yasha and A Child's Child on a monthly basis, as those are the series I have the most control over, and for other stuff just as often as possible.

I wanted to start off the year by posting the first chapter of my new project, but that is still not finished, so I'll just adjust that goal to sometime this month. :)


This year was kind of a bust! I only had one month where I made it over 100 miles for the month, compared to a couple years ago when I managed that for all but one or two months. :-/

Most of that can be attributed to the fact that for a good part of the year, I just did not go out on my days off. I've been trying to be better about that, though, and in December only missed one day.

My goal for 2014 is to get out every day and walk or bike, and on my days off not to just go somewhere really close, but to try and make it at least two miles round trip.

I started off the year right with a nice walk down to the Promenade today (which was terribly crowded, bleh). I wish I'd ridden my bike because it takes less time, but my bike has been annoying me lately (something is wonky with the gears and it makes a lot of noise) and also I woke up with nerve weirdness in my hands and biking only makes that worse.

Other random stuff

1. This year I bought a Wii U and a 3DS and that's kind of a lot of money, so I really want to try and play games more often! There's a ton of stuff I want to play, but like reading, it always seems to get put off in favor of either stuff on my to-do list that feels more important or just puttering around on the internet.

2. I also want to get more sleep. I want to try and at least get in bed by one every night, if not earlier. For a very short while I was doing good there, but then my bedtime got later and later and now there's a lot of times when I'm not even trying to get to sleep until like three, and that's just not enough sleep when I have to wake up at nine. >_< (Especially since even though my new bed has helped a lot with my sleep problems, I do still have some trouble getting to sleep, and that can be aggravated by realising I've gone to bed late, because then I stress out about not getting enough sleep and that makes it harder to fall asleep!)

3. Caffeine needs to go. Or at least be cut down on a lot. Again. :-/ I have managed to stay away from soda for the most part (though there were a few weeks there in the summer when I was getting a Baja Blast Freeze every day), but I started drinking tea a lot instead. Tea is better than soda, because soda bothers me in other ways than just the caffeine (the carbonation can make me feel uncomfortable, and I'd rather not have the extra calories, either), but I still get into the cycle of needing it to feel awake, and I'm pretty sure it aggravates various unpleasant stuff like my RSI and anxiety.
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Fics this year:
I didn't write a ton, but this is still long )

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And now, since this is a post about writing, here is a writing question I got from [personal profile] riseupwithfists ages ago and kept meaning to answer and never did.

I hope you'll forgive me for asking a more general question, but I'd love for you to talk about what it is about a source that drives you to writing about it, if that makes any sense? Is there a common thread or theme that these sources share in your opinion?

This is sort of rambly, too. )
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Last year I posted about my goals for 2010 and then promptly forgot about them. Let's see if I managed to do any! XD

2010 goals )

Well, that wasn't too bad. Now for this year...

2011 goals )
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Cause I saw Bead and Silver doing it and thought I'd be a lemming... )


All in all, it was a good year. I made a lot of new friends and reconnected with some old ones. Discovered new hobbies and interests and revived old ones. Spent an amazing amount of time on the internet. :p


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