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Well, I fell off the wagon with my weekly writing posts. First it was cramming for the McShep Match deadline and then...I guess I just sort of forgot.

After my brief burst of productiveness at the end of the month, I haven't written anything. I have three things I need to work on:

1. The Finish-a-thon fic
2. A NYR fic for Yuletide so I am eligible this year
3. The last of the request fics from the end of the month

The finish-a-thon deadline is October 26th, so I don't need to worry about that just yet (I would if any of the other fics had won, but the one that did is the easiest and the one I have the clearest idea about, so yay).

I looked back over the list of NYR prompts that caught my eye right after Yuletide and am even less inspired than before. I do have a Nana idea I've wanted to write for ages, so I might see if I can get that done. I have some time on that, too, as Yuletide sign-ups are usually not for a while.

So right now what I'm working on is the request fic. Sax requested wee!Jude/Ewan (kids or teens) and wanted them bonding over something. I kept pondering this over and over, because I kind of felt like I've already written two fics kind of like that (one where they're little kids and meet on holiday and one where they're teenagers and meet at Tower Records) and I don't just want to retreat old ground. So as I'm trying to think what might make it unique, I started getting ideas for a post-apocalyptic universe. I blame this on Ruth (always her fault!) and the Joe/David post-apocalyptic AU she's been writing.

Speaking (as I was waaaay back at the beginning of this post) of the McShep Match, today the last of the fics were posted. I am running behind, thanks to that long-ass fic I just finished reading, along with actually having work to do this week. Of course now that I'm like four days behind, all the fics are really long (well, all the angst ones, and one of the romance). I've given up reading them in order and am now reading them shortest to longest. Anyway, there's still a bit of time for folks to get caught up before the reveal, but I can post my fic on the 17th, yay. (Though probably everyone who was going to read it has, so I don't know what I'm so excited about. Just finally being able to take credit for it, I guess.)
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I forgot to post anything about my writing this weekend. I guess because I haven't actually done anything. :p

Oh wait, no, I did actually write a whole fic! Only ~600 words, but still. Writing yay.

I had hoped to do more on my [ profile] mcshep_match, though, because um. Sunday was the one-month marker. Eeeeeeeek. I am really going to stop slacking starting today, though. I have on my to-do list to write 500 words (which is not much for many of you, I know, but it's a lot more me) today, and I'm going to try and keep that up and get as much written this week before Saturday, cause I know I'm going to want to spend most of the weekend reading Deathly Hallows. Plus I just want to get this finished soon in general. I want to have it done and betaed and out of the way before the deadline. I still have some stuff I'm wibbling about, but I think I'm going to go ahead and write it one way and then if that seems like too much going on, just take out the subplot later.
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Well, I actually wrote something this week, even though it was meant to be just a short fic, maybe even a drabble, dashed off on Tuesday and posted immediately in response to some prompts [ profile] absolutefiction threw out. Instead it got longer, and I didn't finish it Tuesday and when I woke up on Wednesday I'd lost my momentum, which seems to happen all too often lately. (In fact, I'd say that's the main problem I've been having with writing.) So I kept meaning to go back to it all week, and didn't, or just added a few lines here and there. I finally finished it up this morning before bed. It ended up being ~1300 words, which is a decent size for me, and it's off at beta now.

This week, though, I really need to avoid new ideas for reals, and work at the summary/outline for my [ profile] mcshep_match fic. Usually I am the type to wait for the deadline, and to be honest, I'm good at working under the pressure of a deadline. But that's because I usually write short fics. This is long, though, which means I can't just leave it til the last minute. And yet I don't have that deadline-inspired...inspiration.

Rambling about stories posted so far this year. )

ETA: I don't often reread my old fic, but I just reread this, which is the most recent part of young!Judewan Est backstory we've posted. It's a month short of being two years old, so I'd really forgotten how it went, and it feels almost like reading someone else's work (of course it's cowritten with Dee, so half of it is someone else's work). Anyway, I really loved it, and we've just been talking tonight about finally getting another installment of that done, so I'm pretty excited about that. I love that series so much.

ETA 2 (Electric Boogaloo): Huh. I'm also surprised that three of the ten fics are het, another is mostly het with a little slash, and yet another is slash with a secondary, non-canon het pairing. And the fic I just finished writing is het.
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Alas, I didn't get much writing done this week, either. So I'll just babble about stuff I thought about writing instead.

First off, after making that mix CD, I listened to Goodbye Earl a lot, and the more I listened, the more I really wanted to write that story. If you don't know the lyrics, here they are behind a cut. )

Babbling about the story. )

The other thing I suddenly found myself wanting to write is fic for Transamerica. When I found myself sitting there with these two ideas the other day, I said to Rachel in chat, "Why do I always have the worst fic ideas?" I mean, I think they're awesome. I think they'll be great stories. But most stuff I think of is really kind of horrible for fandom in some way or another. In this case, it's the fact that once again, I'm inspired by some relatively obscure film, instead of the big popular fandom show of the moment. I was kind of hoping that maybe there would be a NYR [ profile] yuletide request for this fandom, so I could at least have the benefit of that exposure, but alas, no.

But I would love, love, love to see something where a few years down the road, Bree goes back to Arizona and looks up Calvin and they get together. If I don't write it before the end of the year, I suppose I might request it for Yuletide.

Meanwhile, I have been doing some work on my [ profile] mcshep_match fic. I haven't started writing anything (other than the snippets I already had), but I have started on a detailed outline. My problem is that now I have committed, so I have a deadline, but the reason I had been dragging my feet on it before is that, like several other half-written fics I have on my harddrive, I'm not quite sure how to organise it. I know almost all of the story. I just don't know how to tell it. So I'm going to try and write a good summary and hope that makes the actual writing easier going so that I can, you know, make the deadline. Writing long fics is hard. I don't know how I wrote those two Vampire Chronicles ones I did before... ^_^;;

Also, I'm not sure if I'll participate in this challenge as a writer or not, but [ profile] anotheratlantis looks awesome. You can submit prompts here for both "regular AUs" and "canon AUs", where the latter are the sort of AU that diverges from canon, and the former are "Rodney's a doctor and John's his patient" type of AUs. (I know sometimes the distinction is made as AU and AR (alternate reality), but it seems to differ from fandom to fandom which type is AU and which is AR.) I submitted a prompt about Michael, which I hope will get taken up, but I'm not getting my hopes up (it's not John/Rodney, after all :p).
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While I didn't actually get a whole lot of writing done this past week, I still feel pretty good about it.

I spent a lot of time plotting out a Ron/Ginny fic. It's not a pairing I ever thought I'd write, but you know how when you start thinking about a pairing and asking yourself, well, how could I write it and make it work for me? Well, yeah.

It sounds really melodramatic when I summarise it, but I promise it's not! (Better than it sounds! XD) )

I realise the whole thing sounds like some OTT melodramatic badfic, but it wouldn't be, I promise!

The other thing I've been working on (and the one I actually wrote more than a detailed summary for, though still only a couple hundred words) is based on a request Helens made for Ronon/Teyla, with Ronon in some sort of skirt/kilt/sarong. I racked my brains trying to come up with a canon idea, and couldn't think of anything, so then I started thinking of AUs and came up with This one sounds kind of like badfic, too! Doh! )

I also got my prompt for [ profile] mcshep_match today. It's super sekrit, so I won't be discussing in detail what I'm writing here. However, I purposely chose prompts that would allow me to use an idea or wip I already had, hopefully killing two birds with one stone, and I got a prompt I can use, so it will be obvious to anyone who knows me which story is mine. However, I am pretty sure it would have been obvious anyway, since there are only 24 contestants it could be. I think this fic will probably be pretty long, which pleases me, as 1. usually my challenge fics tend to be the bare minimum and 2. I usually have trouble getting long fics finished. So this will be a good way of actually getting a long fic finished, yay.
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So...I'm thinking I'm going to change my daily writing thing to a weekly writing thing. I will still be attempting to write daily, but will only post once a week (Saturdays, I think), with snippets of what I've written and blathering and all that stuff.

The thing is, I thought by posting daily that would keep me accountable and make me more likely to actually write and not slack off, but what's been happening is that it's just started to make me super stressed out and even more avoidant. >_< I think that may be contributing to my lack of inspiration/writer's block/whatever you want to call it, too. Because every time I think about writing, I get really stressed out. Obviously not a good thing.

I haven't written anything since my last daily post, so I think starting from today will be a new week, and I'll post on Saturday and hopefully will be feeling better about things. *crosses fingers*
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I didn't get a lot of writing done yesterday by any means, but at least it was some! I thought about posting what I have so far, but it's kind of crappy as I'm just trying to bang through it and then go back and polish. Alas, that's not really making me go any faster. *headdesk*
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Monday's writing time was spent doing the commentary for Cold. Yesterday I tried to get back in the writing groove again and everything I opened was just...blah. I couldn't think of a damn thing to write. That is, until I opened up Falling for the Straight Ones. And I actually wrote some on it! Only 100 words, but considering I haven't touched it in over a year, I think that's progress! I'm hoping maybe if I can get some of my current WiPs (both posted and not) finished up, that will help the writing blahness. I feel like I keep starting shit and then not following through and it's really been bugging me.

I was planning on going to bed now, but someone's gardener has just started mowing. Bugger.
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Well, I finished up and posted fic, though I didn't actually get much "writing" done. :-/ Once again, I had hoped to get more done later on, but I'm behind on my lyrics site and trying to finish up stuff for this week's update, so...once again writing got pushed to the bottom of the list.
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I sent the fic to pre-beta Friday, got some suggestions and waffled and tweaked a little and sent it back yesterday, so hopefully I can do any final edits and post today.

I got that finished around ten, so I was kind of hoping maybe to start on some more Meredith stuff, but then I watched SPN and read Bleach instead, so uh. Tonight!
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Well, damn it. I was all set to finish up that Rodney/Elizabeth on Wednesday, and then Wednesday turned out to be a total wash because of wank, so I didn't write anything. But I was like, well, I can totally be productive Thursday! And look how well that went. Bah. Well, I did finally get my candy reviews written? But that is not, like, fictional writing. I wrote about a sentence of fic.

Today I will be productive for reals. Watch me. I really won't sit and read manga all day, I swear.
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So I was stumped with the first kisses stuff, and I'm stuck on the Meredith fic (my problem there is still that I have all these scenes but am not sure how to link them or really make it a coherent narrative, so I just poke at it a lot and feel bleh), so I went back and poked about with some other stuff. Managed to write about 150 words on the Rodney/Elizabeth from a previous meme (I think that was the "things I'll never write" one). Not posting any of the actual fic because I think I might actually finish it tonight.
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Well, I sort of got some writing done last night. I just...deleted it all after I wrote it. XD One of the requests I got for the first kiss meme was Jude/Remus, and despite my dislike of crossovers (and especially RPF/FPF crossovers), I decided to rise to the challenge. Got about 100-150 words written before I realised it wasn't working. I think maybe I'll try Remus's POV instead of Jude's.

One of the problems I'm having is that the "best" time, IMO, would have been when Remus was just out of school, maybe going out to Muggle clubs or pubs with Sirius and having fun. Except Jude was like five.

So I'm trying to think of something... Maybe I should AU it. I mean, it's a crossover with HP, after all. No reason Jude has to be an actor... (Also these improbably ones end up wanting to be much longer stories, argh!)
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No writing again. I fail at all sorts of things today. Bah. Really will do better tomorrow. Now I must sleep.
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Eh, I don't feel too bad about it. Today was a wash for most everything, what with the not much sleep and taking Bruce to the airport.

In totally unrelated news, I was just romanising some lyrics and there was a great bit of Engrish: "I can't take my eyes on you, babe". LOL jpop.
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Well, I dashed off another fic for one of the first kiss meme requests, but didn't manage to get anything else done.

And can I just say? I really don't know how people write for canon ships (or possible canon ships). It's so hard for me, especially for ones I'm rooting for. I just really don't want to do anything that might contradict canon! (Well, that goes for everything, not just canon ships, but it's most obvious there for me.) I just like any AU-ness to be a conscious choice.

And now to try and get some sleep before taking Bruce to the airport!
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Woohoo! Didn't get a whole lot written yesterday, either, but two days in a row is good these days. Hopefully I can keep it up.

This bit continues directly on from yesterday's.

5/23 - FtM!Rodney - ~300 words )
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Okay, not much because I did end up doing other stuff all day and then getting tired, but I did manage to write something!

5/22 - FtM!Rodney - ~100 words )

By the way, what were bras like in 1980? Especially ones for young girls. I don't even remember what my bras looked like (just plain white, I think) and that was over a decade later anyway. Were there prints? Little bows on the front?

I suppose I could look it up, but I already spent enough time tonight trying to see if I could swing one of these, but it looks like it was a year too late.
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Gah. I hate this. I didn't write anything again yesterday or the day before and now I feel all guilty. I keep leaving it til last because other things feel more important, and then by the end of the day I'm too tired to get anything out.

So today it's going to be first on my list. For reals. I will have something written by the end of the day.
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Um...I watched Ugly Betty instead? I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm turning in early tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive, complete with getting some writing done.

(I would probably actually be watching more Ugly Betty now, except that the next episode is in a format I can't play (well, it plays, but no sound), so I have to wait for Bruce to wake up and either reencode it to another format or download another version.)


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