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I didn't do this meme last year, idk why, probably busy, but also maybe because I wasn't writing anymore. And I'm still not writing anymore, but having several hundred fics on AO3 means that even without producing any new content, I get a steady stream of daily kudos, and based on the fic titles I've been seeing show up in those emails, I think there's probably been a lot of change in my most popular stories. (As I mentioned the other day, The Force Awakens has awakened people's interest in my old Star Wars stories, for one thing.)

Top 20 of 2016 by hits )

Top 20 by kudos )

Well, probably not many actually read this post, but I like having a record like this, especially since I almost never look at my stats page except when doing this meme, so it's a surprise (except for things like the increase in popularity in VC and SW fics, which I could guess by the daily kudos). I should definitely try to remember to do this every year, even if I never write anything new.
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Well, it's about a month late because I saw other people on my flist doing it and put it on my to-do list and then just didn't do it. :p But even though I haven't written hardly anything in the time since I last did the meme, I really can't resist taking a look at the stats. I'm curious to see what's changed. (I know just from the kudos emails that I get that there's been an uptick in interest in Vampire Chronicles fic this past year, but I don't know that it's so much as to get any of those fics into even the top twenty.)

Here are the previous years' stats:

2011 )

2012 )

2013 )

And 2014 )

Not to much movement compared to last year's top ten )

And now, like last year and the year before, I want to look at the full top twenty, because there's a lot more movement between 11 and 20 and that's more fun for me to see than just "oh yeah, these fics that were popular last year got some more hits".

2012 )

2013 )

2014 )

I will dub this year the year that people discovered the dubcon Peter Pan shota )

Still none of those VC fics in the top twenty, but they're getting close! I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one or two there next year (there are four between 21 and 30).
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I saw several posts on my flist over the past few days, reminding me that it's that time of year again when we revist the hit count meme. I really like the idea of this becoming a yearly thing and seeing what changes there are. On the one hand, it might be more interesting if I actually wrote more fic these days, but on the other hand, since I'm not writing a ton of new fic and having the list each year just be my most recent fics in big fandoms, instead I get to compare how the same fics do from year to year. (And I think it's especially interesting to do it on AO3 as opposed to any other site, because AO3 is still growing. In fact, I wish I'd thought to do something like this for more than just the past two years.)

Anyway, on to the list!

For comparison, here are the previous years:

2011 )

2012 )

And this year's:

2013 )

blather )

I did take a look at the top twenty last year, so I'd like to compare those as well.

2012 )

2013 )

blather )

I think I'd like to take a look at kudos, too, but maybe will save that for another day...
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So, the fic I write falls into two groups. There's stuff where I was inspired by something in canon, or a canon-based prompt of someone else's, and then there's stuff where I had an idea for a non-fandom-specific story, and because I enjoy writing in fandom, I choose characters to tell the story. This actually accounts for a lot of my fic (as you may have noticed, I like to write AUs, and this is one reason). I know there are some people who would be like omg that's not even fanfic, why don't you just write original fic? But see above re: liking to write in fandom, and also I don't care.

But then there's times like now, when I don't have any particular fandom I'm writing for a lot, and I get inspired by something I see on my way home and a story starts percolating in my head, but I don't know who to use to tell it.

In this case, I was almost set to just write it as original fic and hope maybe some folks on my flist would want to read it, but then I saw the new prompt for [community profile] fan_flashworks and it would fit perfectly and I have been wanting to write something for that comm ever since it started up, but never managed. >_<

ETA: Either I missed it when I was looking before or it was added later, but apparently [community profile] fan_flashworks does actually allow original fic! That is nice to know! I'm still pondering what I want to do. One thing in favor of original fic is that I can set it in LA and write about a place I'm familiar with. Writing something in an unfamiliar place is often a really stressful part of writing for me (sometimes it doesn't matter, but for this particular story it would be a huge plus).
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So I have still been trying to think up prompts for the transfic mini fest, and instead I just come up with stuff I want to write (and yeah, I could still leave that as a prompt, but I am unlikely to write it in the time before the fest is over, so). Gah.

Anyway, I will almost certainly write both of these eventually. Probably sooner than later, though I would really like to finish the two Korra kinkmeme prompts I started, as well as the Community fic I started for the female character tropefest.

1. SGA )

2. Homestuck )
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Ooh, apparently people are doing that AO3 hit count meme again and it's been just a year since the first time it went around, so that means comparing stats! This year has seen such a huge increase in AO3 traffic in general so it's been really interesting seeing people's lists, and I was really curious to see what changes there were for my own fics.

Here's last year's:

2011 )

And here's this year's:

2012 )

Since I only wrote six fics since I did this meme last year, it's hardly surprising that most of the top ten are the same this year as last. But the two new ones are in spots three and four, which says a lot about the increase in traffic. They weren't posted for any special fest or anything (the top two fics were Yuletide and Remix, respectively, both large fests hosted on AO3), so they didn't get a bump from that. Though they did get more hits due to the fact that around this time last year I stopped posting fic to DW/LJ and now only post headers with links to AO3, so all the people who would otherwise have read on my journal or in comms are now reading on AO3.

Oh wait, The Best Day ever is new, too? Wow, that is surprising, because I thought it had been fairly popular last year, too. It's surprising to me how popular that fic turned out to be, so I'm definitely not surprised to see it in the list.

It's interesting to see the changes in order, though. Most fics are chugging along, consistently getting more hits, but then there's stuff like Sleeping Underneath Your Skin, which more than doubled its hits and jumped from 7th to 5th. And even though What Makes a Man also almost doubled its hits, it dropped from 4th to 8th.

In fact, my most recent fic, which is not only not in the top ten, but not even the top twenty, would have been nearly tied for 6th on last year's list (it's at 419 compared to 420).

And speaking of the top twenty, I kind of want to analyse those, too, so...

Click for list! )

Now here there is a lot more movement! My New Achilles Heel shot up out of nowhere to take the 11th spot. This is a drabble that got almost no attention when it was posted (both here and on AO3), but was remixed last year, which led to a lot of people clicking through to the original.

I'm not surprised to see Not Keeping Track there. Although it wasn't written for Yuletide, I think it received a Yuletide bump due to people clicking on the Scott Pilgrim tag after exhausting the Yuletide Scott Pilgrim fics. And it's one I get kudos on pretty consistently (also favorites on ff.n).

I see some older SGA and Harry Potter fics that people may have discovered or rediscovered on AO3. This is stuff that for a long time got no traffic at AO3 because any recs or delicious saves were pointing towards the original posts on LJ, but now we're seeing people who are just browsing AO3 in general, so there is traffic on these old fics that had been just sitting there unnoticed for a couple years since I posted them there.

Halfway from Coal, Halfway to Diamond is one that made the list last year because it was a Yuletide fic that was first posted to AO3. It's obviously continued to get hits, but not that many, and in time will get pushed further and further back due to being such a minor fandom.

Okay, I will stop now before I am tempted to do the top thirty for forty or more. XD It's just so interesting to see what people are reading! (Or at least clicking on!) For example, I didn't expect to see a handful of my ancient Vampire Chronicles fics in the top forty, but there they are! In fact, in general my VC fics are way higher than I expected them to be. A lot of VC fic has been lost over the years, so I think people are really happy to find what they can. (I didn't look that far back, but I assume the bottom forty or so is almost all Jude/Ewan stuff, because yeah, no fandom. And yet I wrote so much of it! Hahaha...)
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So [personal profile] cesare recently made a post talking about feedback, and she talks a bit about how she keeps a folder in her email for kudos so she can see the total for all ber stories. She had mentioned this before about a year ago and I thought it was an awesome idea. Now, her reasoning is totally different from mine, because she uses it as a way to help stop obsessing over story stats, which she in general doesn't want to see, whereas I use it as a stop-gap since AO3 doesn't offer any sort of stats page for authors (you have to look at each individual story, which is not practical if you have a lot of stories on there as I do).

But it is a thing that works for both of us, and so I have been saving kudos notifications ever since she first mentioned it, along with a handful of older notifications which I had deleted but were still in the trash. So I have a folder in gmail going back to March of last year, and out of curiosity I counted them all up (unfortunately I can't just look at the total number, because some notifications thread and it shows threaded convos as one email) and in one year I have gotten a total of about 470 kudos.

That is pretty amazing to me, especially considering in that time period I have only posted five new fics. Those five fics did, of course, get a good chunk of kudos just for being new fics, but all together they didn't even get a hundred, so that is almost 400 kudos on OLD FICS. Guys. I don't know what your fandom experience has been, but mine has been that feedback comes overwhelmingly from new fics, generally within the first few days, and then you are lucky if you get a comment or two the rest of the years its posted, maybe a bit more if someone recs it. And this has held true on AO3. I do get the occasional comment on older stuff, but it's rare. Really rare.

So those 400 kudos? Those are 400 "I liked this story" comments from readers that I would otherwise never have heard. Maybe kudos take away from comments on newer fics, I don't know. But I know there is no way I would have gotten 400 comments on random old fics. Hell, I wouldn't have gotten even 100. Maybe 50 tops. But I have still been getting comments here and there, at a rate that doesn't really feel appreciably different to years when there were no kudos. So maybe I've lost 10 comments on older fics, or hell, let's say I've even lost 20. But I gained 400 in the form of kudos? I...I'm really not seeing the downside here.

I spent a lot of time writing those fics and it's really, really nice to know that they are still being enjoyed. (Especially since I haven't written anything new in a long time.)
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As someone who really likes feedback, who writes primarily to share with others rather than because of some innate need to write, the kudos feature has been awesome, and yet kind of not? Because unlike before, when I would get comments on new fics and then generally not ever hear anything after the first week or so except maybe one or two comments every month or two on some old fics (and I mean one or two comments total, not per fic), now I just have a steady stream of kudos even when I haven't written anything since June of last year.

I get kudos pretty much every day! Sometimes just one, but often more than one. It's pretty amazing, actually. I think there are a lot of people reading on AO3 these days and instead of just going there for one fic and then leaving, they're exploring the site and reading just random stuff. So while I used to feel a need to write more in order to get more feedback, now I get feedback without writing anything new! That's both good (yay feedback) and bad (writing is already hard and low priority).

I do want to write, though. I see the challenge prompts on [community profile] fan_flashworks and [community profile] kink_bingo and get ideas. I have a lot of partially-written files on my hard drive I'd like to finish. Remix is coming up.

But it's hard. I feel like everything I write sucks and that I can't come up with anything new or interesting. But I especially am flailing at characterisation. Not so much with familiar characters. It would definitely be easier to write a John/Rodney or John/Ronon fic than anything with characters I've never written before. But even there, I don't know. The thing is, I don't want to write just more SGA. I want to write new fandoms and new characters. But anything I start, I immediately get flaily and feel like everyone is just interchangeable with names pasted on. (I really feel like this with all the characters, but I feel like I can fake it better with ones I've written more. I know the right details to add to make it seem like "John" or "Rodney" or whoever.)

I don't know what to do about it. I get to a point and then stop because why bother? I also am having problems with having ideas but not knowing how to make them into an actual story. But I feel like the characterisation thing stops me more. idk, idk.

Does anyone else feel this way?


Dec. 6th, 2011 02:25 am
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I wrote something! For the [community profile] kink_bingo tiny bingo challenge! Not posting yet, because I am doing a line of related stories and will post them all as one fic. It's Community, five fantasies the dean has about Jeff. :D

I decided to go with one of the communal cards, as I just did not find mine all that inspiring this year. It had quite a lot of good squares, but they were scattered around rather than in lines, whereas this one had a perfect line that was both relevant to my interests and works with a few of the dean's canonical kinks.

If I can pull off this bingo, maybe I will fill some other squares, too, or even try for a second bingo? Anyway, I have one drabble down, four to go, and ideas for all of them, so hopefully I can get it done within the next few days.

Writing! It's been so long!
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1. I'm not getting some DW comments. ;_; I got one comment + one notification of an edited comment (not from the same person as the first comment was) to my last post, but when I went there, there were a total of five comments. So I was missing four notifications. I hate when that happens.

2. Kaleidoscope reveals have happened, so I can now link to the 20th Century Boys icon set I made. I'm really glad my recipient said they were okay with non-fic stuff, too, because I signed up hoping this would pull me out of a months-long writing slump (haven't written anything since, I think, June), and then all this stuff with my mom happened right in the middle of it, so I just couldn't even begin to think of writing anything, but I was able to make icons. I had originally hoped to be able to write something short in addition to the icons as a treat, but that didn't happen. I had fun making the icons, though, and I'm pleased with them on the whole.

3. Speaking of writing slumps and things I usually use to try and pull me out of one, I did not sign up for Yuletide this year, and I have to say, after reading through 25 of the 40+ pages of Yuletide letters, I'm really glad I didn't. There are hardly any fandoms I could write, and I think had I signed up I probably would have been matched on Community or Parks and Recreation, and while there are a few of those I have bookmarked as possible treats, there are also a lot where I would be really bummed to receive them as an assignment (like the Community person who said they liked all pairings, but were clearly using "all" in a "only heterosexual people exist in my universe" sort of way).

Or there was a Dark Tower request where the person wanted any combination of Jake, Roland, and Eddie interacting, but no mention of Susannah anywhere in their letter. (I would find Dark Tower really daunting to write anyway, but I am still clicking on those letters just in case something is really inspiring, but "let's pretend a major female character who is inextricably linked with these three guys doesn't exist" is not my idea of inspiration.)

Anyway, so I am feeling happy with my decision not to sign up for Yuletide, but I have been writing fic for Yuletide (whether assigned fics, pinch hits, or treats (and sometimes all three)) since 2004, so I really want to write something this year.
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[community profile] scifi_fest is open for claims and I claimed the Parks & Rec one I wanted ("it's up to Leslie (and her team) to battle the threat unleashed by Dennis Feinstein's newest scent, Mutant")! :D So hopefully I can write that and not be a failbot. -_-

I am so excited about [community profile] kink_bingo! I am already pondering all these things I want to do, argh. With my luck, my card will have NONE of the things I want on it, but I can't stop thinking about things and planning. >_>

1. The Viggo/Orli furry story. It's an idea I've wanted to write for years and KB seemed like good motivation. I actually started this last year to do as a wild card, because I didn't get the square, but never got around to finishing it (as usual). I think if I actually get the furry square this year, it will be the motivation I need to finish it!

2. The John/Ronon tattoo story. The other day I was browsing Ugliest Tattoos, as I am wont to do, and came across this really wtf tattoo and really felt that there needed to be some sort of Ugliest Tattoos-based fic fest or something. I don't feel up to running a fest at the moment, but I started thinking about it and got an idea for a five-things fic about John's experiences with people with bad tattoos, ending with him hooking up with someone with tattoos that were not really regrettable (Ronon). Anyway, although I haven't started writing it, I've done a lot of thinking and it's really taken shape in my head. I need a tattoo square for this! But like the furry story, I am going to try and write it anyway and fit it somewhere even if I don't get the square I need.

3. Usually all my ideas are fic-related, but since I suck at writing that means by the end of the amnesty period I'm lucky if I've managed one fic. So this year I'm going to try and do non-fic things. I was thinking about what I could do, and I think if I got the dressup square, I'd like to do a Hourou Musuko picspam, because there's so much focus on what clothes mean to the characters.

4. Another picspam idea I have is kind of silly but I really want to do it. I just need some sort of bondage-related square, but tonight looking at Maru videos and posts, I thought about how Maru is a kitty with a kink for being squished in small spaces, and I would have a lot of fun doing a picspam of that.

5. If I get the enema square maybe it will motivate me to finish the fic I started for [personal profile] thingswithwings's birthday, which was kind of a while ago now. D:

6. I think there is a stripping-related square? I'm working on a Annie/Britta strip poker fic for the femslash trope fest and again, having it be something that fit my card would be an extra boost of motivation to get it done.

I'm sure there's other stuff, but those are the ones I've been thinking about most. I don't think I've ever been so curious about what I'll get on my card!

[community profile] kink_bingo can't get here soon enough!
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I saw [personal profile] azurejay doing this and it looked fun and time-wastey, so here are the top ten fics of mine sorted by number of hits.

Cut for stats and blather )

I also started following [personal profile] cesare's suggestion of saving kudos to a folder in my email. I used to just delete them when the notifications came, so unfortunately I could only salvage them about a month back, but I did put them all in a folder and each time I get a new one, I add it in. It's not only nice to see a total of how many kudos people have sent, but it's interesting to see what is getting kudos (if I delete them, I don't really remember from day to day). Why is my Yotsuba&! story getting a bunch of kudos lately? Did someone rec it somewhere? Why did my Big Bang Theory fic get kudos from two people in a row? Or sometimes I've seen a handful come in for several different trans fics and I wonder if they're reading off my master list (or perhaps the AO3 transgender tag).

WiP meme

Feb. 13th, 2011 11:55 pm
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So there's a wip meme going around where you post the file names of your wips. Mine are generally descriptive in some way, though if I have not written anything else in the fandom, they may just be the fandom name or something.

42 files wtf D: )

If you're curious about what anything is, feel free to comment. Some of those will almost certainly never get done, some are only a line or two as it is, but a surprising number have quite a lot written on them.

I also left off one file that I'm currently working on, since it's a (now very belated) birthday fic for [personal profile] thingswithwings and the file name is spoilery for the fandom/subject matter.
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Fics this year:
I didn't write a ton, but this is still long )

Some questions & stats and such )

General rambling )

And now, since this is a post about writing, here is a writing question I got from [personal profile] riseupwithfists ages ago and kept meaning to answer and never did.

I hope you'll forgive me for asking a more general question, but I'd love for you to talk about what it is about a source that drives you to writing about it, if that makes any sense? Is there a common thread or theme that these sources share in your opinion?

This is sort of rambly, too. )
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I have one of those year-end writing round-up posts coming eventually, but first I wanted to ramble just a bit about my Yuletide fics, all three of which I'm hugely happy with.

You're My Best Friend (And I Love You) [Huge, Becca/Chloe]

Ramble! )

Halfway from Coal, Halfway to Diamond [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Nakatsu/OCs]

Ramble! )

Not an Addict (Maybe That's a Lie) [K-On!, Ritsu/Mio]

Ramble! )
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I saw someone(s?) on my flist posting links to old Halloween-appropriate fics and I thought, hey! I could do that!

All Hallows' Eve (Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus)
It's the same dream he always has. He's in bed and Sirius is there with him like he never left. Like he hasn't abandoned Remus yet again. (Angsty! Just the way I like my Sirius/Remus.)

The Things We Do for Lust (Vampire Chronicles, Louis/Lestat)
It's Halloween and Lestat knows just what he wants Louis to wear. (This is total crack and is set in the same universe as the even more cracked out Backstreet Vamps and Backstreet's Back Alright, in which Lestat is bored and tries to force the others to form a boyband.)

Tea (LotRiPS, Dom/Elijah)
Tea can't solve this problem. (This isn't set on Halloween, and it's silly rather than scary, but it does have a supernatural theme.)

Cold (LotRiPS, Dom/Billy, Dom/Elijah)
Odd things happen when Dom moves into a new flat. (Also not specifically Halloween, but creepy and supernatural-themed, and this one is not crack.)

Haunted (Jude Law/Ewan McGregor)
As a scavenger, Ewan's used to finding weird shit on old ships, but he's never seen anything like this before. (I hesitate to include this one, but I think it fits the theme.)

In other writing news, I would like to write something in October and there's only a few hours left in the night! (Though I would count anything done by the time I go to bed in the morning to be for October, even if it is technically a few hours into November, so there!) I've poked at my wips to no avail, and even went through the last couple weeks of prompts on [community profile] fic_promptly, but no inspiration there, either.

Anyone want to leave me prompts? Fandom + characters/pairing + some sort of idea/word/lyrics.
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I'm changing the wording on this one, but If you could have me write you one story, what would you ask for? Or alternately, what's something you always hoped I'd write but think isn't likely to happen?

And the second one: Post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Sadly, loads of excerpts I've posted on previous memes like this are still on my hard drive as WiPs. So I will try to post just ones I don't think I've posted before. I tried to look and see when I'd last done a meme like this, and found this post from about a year ago. Sadly only one of those fics ever got finished and posted, and the others barely even got any writing done on them at all. *cries* (I thought I did a more recent wip post than this, but I can't find it. I know there were Holmes snippets on there, and I haven't worked any more on these Holmes ones, so I'll leave those off as well.)

8 fics: SGA, LotRiPS, Huge, Reborn!, and Justin Bieber RPF )

I've started all of these this year, but can't seem to finish anything. :( I'm in this slump where I feel like everything I write is so blah, there's no point. So if anything looks interesting to you, encouragement would be appreciated! I still haven't posted anything in November and I'd like to try and get something done before the end of the month, but am feeling totally uninspired. :-/
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Recently I finally deleted my old fic site and just put a redirect to the new one (which has actually been complete for quite some time now, I just forgot to ever do the delete & redirect). One thing I didn't put on the new site that was on the old site was a list of links to all the Jude/Ewan Establishment stuff. Since the fics weren't actually on my site, just links, I figured anyone who wanted to reread the Est stuff would know where to go.

But today I got an email from someone who noticed it was missing from my site and wondered if it was up elsewhere, so I gave her the link to JournalFen, but that got me thinking.

I am worried about having all those years of writing only on JF and would like to have them somewhere else just in case, and also perhaps in an easier-to-read format. Originally Dee and I had planned to have an LJ comm with everything all in order, but that never got done. Now I'm thinking I might upload everything to AO3 (as one large fic rather than a series, because a series would flood my other fics and make things impossible to find).

The one thing that has held me back from doing anything with the Est stuff is that some of the early stuff is still in chatlog format. We had been working on ficcing the logs up and got several done, but then Dee drifted away from the internet and we never finished. I had also wanted to write an opening fic to sort of establish what was going on, because the early days of the Est were kind of hectic and random.

The opening fic, I can obviously still do by myself. I wish I could just rewrite those chatlogs myself, too, but I don't want to make everything into Ewan's POV and lose Jude's, but I also don't feel comfortable extrapolating Jude's POV just from what's in the logs. So I think for the time being I'll just put a note saying "sorry some of these are still in chatlog format" and just upload everything.

Anyway! So that's my project. There is also some new material that we wrote that was never posted because we were saving it for when we posted to this LJ comm that never got going. So for fans of the series, that might be something to look forward to.

Somewhat relatedly, I got a comment on an old Dom/Lij fic today from someone who said they were going through old bookmarks and were happy to find my fic still up. (And their comment made me happy, so yay!)

I also uploaded this year's and last year's Match fics to and have gotten several comments. I have several other fics I should upload (I took a look at what was up there and the most recent thing was last year's Remix), but their uploading process is such a huge pain in the ass. :-/
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1. I had a pretty good birthday. :) Alexander and I did two hours of karaoke and then had ramen and after that, crepes. (Decided to go for crepes rather than Beard Papa, as I had never tried the crepe shop before, but had Beard Papa just last week.)

2. I remembered to call my grandparents and ask if I could borrow the car on Monday to pick up Carla from the airport and they said yes, so yay for that. I really did not want to have to rent a car again.

3. Santa Monica always has their 4th of July fireworks on the weekend before the 4th, so this year it fell on my birthday! :D (Though it's too bad Carla missed them.) The show is at the college, which is just across the street from us, so we have an awesome view from our backyard.

4. People wrote me birthday fic! :D

Constructing Wings to Fly by [personal profile] reddwarfer
Want You (To Find Me) by [personal profile] busaikko

They're both SGA transfic. The first is John/Rodney and the second John/Ronon.

5. I did not manage to write anything myself to post on my birthday. :( I did write a bit here and there on two wips (the post-apocalyptic one from the McShep Match drabble tree and the one for my sleepy/unconscious KB square) as well as started two KB fics (the Viggo/Orli furry fic I've been wanting to write for years (not sure which square this will be, since I don't have plushie/furry as a square) and John/Ronon anon sex). I also thought about several others, including ftm!Tony Stark building himself a robocock, but idk what square to use for that, because I did not get fucking machines. I also decided I'm going to write Ultra Maniac for the genderplay square. (Though not the fic I talked about here. This would most likely be a sequel to that one, though written first.)

6. I get to stay home today and not go anywhere!

7. There is a greasemonkey script that allows you to make notes about DW users. I hope this will eventually be a built-in function for DW, but for now, the script is very handy.

Daily Happysong:

I Won't Back Down - Pearl Jam
It's Pearl Jam and Tom Petty! Two great tastes that taste great together. I like the original of this a lot, but I actually think I like the Pearl Jam cover even better.
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I have, in the past, been assigned people I have never heard of, people whose names I've seen around fandom, and even people on my flist with whom I am not particularly close. Until this year, I had never been assigned a close friend, much less someone with whom I am in chat for a good chunk of the day every day. [personal profile] telesilla is one of my closest online friends. I was in chat with her the very moment the assignments arrived in our inboxes. Of course she immediately told me who she'd gotten. I said "oh, I got someone I've never heard of" and then proceeded to not talk about my remix at all all those weeks except in the vaguest of terms (it's not going well! I started one idea and then switched back to the original idea! etc.), and let me tell you, it was hard. While I of course don't talk publically about secret exchange assignments, I always talk about them with my close friends in chat (that is one reason [personal profile] telesilla, [profile] codenamecesare, and I all made sure to get on the same McShep Match team).

So I was worried that Ruth would be suspicious of me. Apparently she wasn't, though as soon as she read the remix, she guessed it was me. I wasn't surprised about that. I never try to hide my style in secret exchanges, and Remix in particular is to me about redoing someone else's story your way, so of course it's going to be pretty obvious. But I am pleased that I managed to keep the secret the whole time.

I'm not going to do line-by-line commentary for this, but I do want to talk about it. This will probably get long. XD

It did indeed get long. )

Oof. I can't believe I just rambled for 1700 words. Why can't I bang out fic that fast...? XD

Anyway! [personal profile] telesilla and [personal profile] secondsilk both guessed it was me, so please give me a fandom/pairing and prompt and I will attempt to write you something of an indeterminate length, but probably under 500 words.

And anyone has questions or comments on the fic, please feel free to ask here. :)


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