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1. Today was a day. Wow. That was a day and I am glad it is over.

You may remember me mentioning yesterday that I had to go in early today. wow, this is really long )

2. After a hectic day like today, I'm even more glad I have tomorrow off! Also it's payday, always my favorite Friday combination.

3. I'm going to see Fall Out Boy in September! I was just poking around Ticketmaster the other day to see if anyone I like is playing here anytime soon (answer: no) when I happened to see that Fall Out Boy are playing in Anaheim. Now that I don't have a car, that's not a distance I'd be willing to travel for a concert on my own, since even using zipcar, it would be really expensive to rent a car, but Alexander likes Fall Out Boy, too, and has a car, so I asked him if he wanted to go and he said yeah! The only seats left are pretty awful, but I've had awful seats before and it's never lessened my enjoyment of a show. Besides in a huge arena they're bound to have screens to watch anyway.

4. Thanks to everyone's recs, my phone is all loaded up with Night Vale fic!

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