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I've seen people do these posts in years past and never done one myself, but I figured what the hell. Here are the rules, if you're interested in doing it yourself.

1. Stealing this idea from [ profile] makesmewannadie. Feedback on one (or more!) of my stories. Whether it's concrit or 100% positive, I'd love to get some substantive feedback on my work, especially the non-HP stuff, as that tends to get very little fb (although I wouldn't say no to fb on any HP stories). This also extends to RPG stuff, so if you have comments on a specific Establishment or Sable Knot log, or just thoughts in general, I'd love to hear them. My fic is all here, with stuff that's not yet archived, here.

2. DVD-style commentary on any of my fics. This sort of falls under the feedback request, but I figured I'd make it separate. I would love you forever if you did commentary on something I wrote.

3. Fic in some of my small fandoms. Of course Jude/Ewan is my number one choice, but also things like I ♥ Huckabees, any Jude or Ewan films (excluding Star Wars), books and manga I've read, etc. Anything I like that doesn't get much/any fic.

4. I'd also love to see fic of my own stories, so if you wanted to write a sequel or remix or mashup or AU or whatever, based on one of my fics, that would be beyond brilliant.

5. Fic or book recs. Any fandom or pairing. A look at my recs and reviews should give an idea of what I like, if you don't know already. Feel free to rec your own fic. In terms of published fiction, I read mainly lit rather than genre fiction, and my favorite authors are Ian McEwan, Chuck Palahniuk, Nick Hornby, and Terry Pratchett. You can see what I've read the past two years here.

6. Candy and snacks from other countries. I especially love fruit-flavored stuff, but chocolate is also good so long as it's candy bars rather than pure chocolate bars, which I'm not terribly keen on. I don't like hazelnut or liquorice. I love blackcurrant, orange, and lemon. Cookies/biscuits are great, too.

7. Anything on my Amazon wishlist. Used is fine, so go for the best deal if you decide to get me anything here. However, with DVDs, I would prefer that it not be a former rental and that it has the case and everything, not just the disc (same with CDs). With books, I don't mind spine creases or black marks or anything.

8. Paid LJ time or extra icon space. Apparently my paid account expires in February and my icons in May.

9. Money. I am working hard to try and get us out of debt. If you wanted to donate through Paypal ( or buy something I have for sale (including many of the things which got us into debt in the first place), every little bit helps.

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