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I am writing fic for a fandom/pairing you will never guess.

The only clue I will give you is that it's all [personal profile] toft's fault.
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So there was this post about idfic, which of course in SGA terms means post-Trinity! And we were talking about various post-Trinity fics in chat when...

[personal profile] cesare: because hers is poor-Rodney but it's not ridiculous with it, like that one where he tells everybody off and then goes and throws up off a balcony, or the one where Rodney has to set his own broken arm.

[personal profile] telesilla: yeah

[personal profile] cesare: though I have also read each of those twice >_>

[personal profile] telesilla: LOL

[personal profile] torachan: Man, Ces, I read that as Rodney has to EAT his own broken arm.

[personal profile] telesilla: *dies*

[personal profile] torachan: Now that would be the ultimate in woobie Rodney.

[personal profile] cesare: hahahahhaha now THAT would be the ultim--- brain

[personal profile] cesare: oh man I dare anyone here to do that :D

In which we proceed to construct the ultimate post-Trinity fic )


[personal profile] torachan: Oh man, I just realised we really missed a great opportunity with the ancient arm healing/baby making machine

[personal profile] telesilla: ?

[personal profile] torachan: Instead of having it be a baby-making machine, somehow the arm-healing should have made Rodney able to get pregnant.
[personal profile] torachan: So then he gets pregnant accidentally through buttsex.

Guys, we ended up plotting out like six or seven fucking sequels I am not even kidding )

ETA 2:

[personal profile] torachan: I love how, just like the theoretical badfic author, by the end of the series, we've totally forgotten about what actually started it. Never again is Rodney eating his own arm mentioned!

[personal profile] cesare: :D :D :D
[personal profile] cesare: *giggles and giggles*
[personal profile] cesare: so true. we totally got wrapped up in the fresh woobie and forgot the arm thing.

[personal profile] torachan: If we had better followthrough, we would have had John spend a lot of time angsting about Rodney's arm, like every time he sees it when they're making love, it reminds him of how horrible he was.
[personal profile] torachan: But it's much more realistic this way.
[personal profile] torachan: (Realistically badfic, that is.)

[personal profile] cesare: *nodsnods* y

[personal profile] torachan: Because these stories *always* forget the original plot as they go on.

[personal profile] cesare: like maybe in story five there's a sudden reference to it and angst about it, as if a reader reminded the author that it happened and they decided to wedge in more angst with a callback.

[personal profile] torachan: Ahaha, yeah


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