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1. Got a bunch of free expired goodies at work today. Nothing really exciting, but I did get some cookies and tea. (Just, not great cookies and tea. Cookies and tea that are okay and I'll take them because they're free, but not something I'd actually buy. XD)

2. I meant to put this in yesterday's post but totally forgot. When I took my walk yesterday I listened to the new episode of Night Vale and it was great! Spoilery )

3. I actually didn't play Zelda for a couple days, but I picked it up again today and instead of going to either of the two dungeons I'd located before, I went somewhere completely different! Spoilery )
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Man, I am always terrible at sign-ups, but really, just have fun.

Request 1: Dana

Sign-up: I'm not much for "speculation" type fic, so I'd rather let her adventures after leaving the dog park play out on the show itself, but I'd love any fic about what happened in the dog park before she escaped, about any previous intern adventures, or about her life before becoming an intern.

Extra blather: I didn't put Cecil as a character, but if you want to focus on Cecil&Dana interaction, that's great, too. Or any other Night Vale characters. Non-platonic relationships are also something I'd be interested to see explored. I am not really interested in PWP, but if you want to put her in a relationship with someone (preferably female), go wild. Another intern, an OFC, or one of the many female Night Vale characters are all options I'm down with.

Request 2: Old Woman Josie & the Angels

Sign-up: Basically anything about them? From the mundane slice-of-life sort of stuff to wacky adventures.

Extra blather: The first episode implies that angels hanging out at Josie's are a recent phenomenon, but are they really? If you want to write about Josie's life pre-canon, that would be cool. Has she had previous interactions with angels? Basically Josie and the angels are one of my favorite recurring bits and I'd love to see what they get up to when Cecil isn't talking about them. It could be some sort of adventure type story if that's what you're into, or I would also be totally down with slice-of-life, angels just hanging out and helping Josie out around the house. Angel POV or Josie POV is fine.

Request 3: Tamika Flynn

Sign-up: What happened in the library? What happened after the library? Tamika just seems like a cool kid and I'd like to know more about her.

Extra blather: ngl, [personal profile] thingswithwings Tamika fic left a big impression on me, but I would also love to see other scenarios explored. We know nothing of what actually went on in the library. And what happened afterwards? A story about the direct aftermath, or set later on when she's older (either older teen or even an adult) would be great. Tamika is one of those characters who just seems awesome from the little we know about her, but she hasn't been developed on the show at all, so there are so many options. I wouldn't mind femslash here, either (though again, not really looking for PWP).

In general: Adding any other Night Vale characters is always okay! Just aside from Josie and the angels, I don't have any specific character interaction that is calling to me for these characters, but there are so many great characters in Night Vale and I'd love to see various people make appearances just as they do on the show, so don't take the single-character requests as meaning "don't mention anyone else".

Also one of the things I love about Night Vale is that it has a queer main character. I didn't request Cecil, and I didn't request any pairings, but don't let that stop you from writing any of these characters as queer. Queer characters are always a big plus in my book and queer gen is a thing there is generally not nearly enough of. Writing any of these characters as trans is also a big plus.

Um...what else? idk. Oh, one of the things I really love about Night Vale is that for the most part the citizens are pretty normal folks. It's just everything around them is weird. So like, if you want to write Cecil, I prefer ordinary!Cecil to tentacle monster!Cecil or other interpretations of that sort.

Oh, and since the fics go live on Halloween, if you wanted to write something Halloween-themed, that could be interesting.
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1. I brought lunch today but then wasn't in the mood for what I brought, so I went over to Taco Bell to see if they had anything new and interesting and they did! I got their new cantina double steak quesadilla and it was really good. They also still have their $1 stuff between 2pm and 5pm and since my lunch break was at four, I got a $1 Mountain Dew Baja Blast slurpee or whatever they call it.

2. I started listening to Welcome to the Night Vale, since it seems like everyone is talking about it. It's my first ever listening to a podcast! I've listened to the first three episodes so far and while I would prefer a different format, I am enjoying it.


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