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1. I watched a bunch of [community profile] festivids vids today and there was some really good stuff! Mainly I tend to like comedy vids the best, so I basically just clicked on every comedic source I was familiar with and watched those, but if there are some funny vids for more serious canons, feel free to drop a link here!

My #1 top favorite, which I've already watched about ten times today is Spring Break Anthem, a GOB/Tony Arrested Development vid set to a Lonely Island song. It's the perfect song for them and for the show in general (there's a lot of footage of the rest of the family and other characters) and just filled me with love for the show and made me want to go hop on Netflix and watch it again.

I also really liked Ring of Fire, a Ron/Tammy #2 Parks and Recreation vid set to the classic Johnny Cash song. Again, this is just the most perfect song for this couple and I cackled through the whole thing. My only complaint is that I was hoping it would feature both Tammys, but even with just one Tammy, it is so great!

2. I beat Bowser today in Super Mario 3D World! Now it's on to the bonus worlds. :D
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I am not sure why there seems to be a trend for Holmes/Watson vids set to Adam Lambert songs, but I approve.


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