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1. Got my mom all set up on her new computer and got wireless set up for them.

2. Mother's Cookies were on sale at Ralphs today for $1.88 a package! I got some of the chocolate/chocolate cream-filled ones. So much better than Oreos.

3. I know some people are annoyed that so much TV is on hiatus due to the Olympics, but omg I am so happy about it. Gives me a little time to catch up instead of falling further and further behind.

4. I made a video of myself reading Japanese. Since, er. I made a video of myself reading English the other day? So I thought what the hell. (I always feel...defensive about my reading in Japanese, because if you just saw it straight off, it looks like I can't read Japanese well, but I figure since I posted the English one where you can see I'm equally crap at reading out loud in English...)

Daily Happysong:

Hyde - Dolly
I think this is my favorite Hyde song of all time. It's about clones! The song's all in English, but his accent's not always that great, so here's the lyrics.
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1. I made a video! I saw this voice post meme going around where you answer questions and stuff and I thought rather than call LJ to do a phone post, I would use my crap webcam to make a video and then upload it to youtube. SO I DID. Click the link to hear me ramble!

2. I had a revelation last night. Guess what! As long as I do the work I am getting paid to do, which I am, the other stuff doesn't matter! Why am I stressing out constantly about all this other stuff? If I want to read and play Plants vs Zombies, I am going to. AND I DID. I beat the bobsled level and I beat the last survival levels (before endless, natch), go me! I know I will continue to stress about stuff and to feel bad when I don't get it done, butI promised myself this would be the year when I stressed out less, so. Who cares if I've had an unproductive week or two.


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