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I have lots of TV on my hard drive to watch, all stuff I've seen people on my flist talk about or rec or whatever. After catching up with all my current shows, I decided to start in on some of the backlog, and since Wonderfalls had only a single season of thirteen episodes, it seemed like a good place to start.

It's by the creator of Pushing Daisies, and definitely has the same sort of quirkiness, but while I enjoyed it a lot, it is nowhere near Pushing Daisies' awesomeness. (Although Lee Pace was just as cute as Aaron as he was as Ned.)

The big thing with Wonderfalls was that by its very premise, it's full of embarrassing situations. Jaye, our protagonist, one day starts hearing all sorts of inanimate objects talk to her (but only those with faces, specifically animal faces). They tell her to do stuff and won't shut up until she does, so there are a lot of times when she's talking to stuff and other people have no idea who she's talking to, or where she's doing bizarre things that seem to make no sense. I found myself cringing and pausing the show quite a lot as she got herself into all sorts of embarrassing situations.

It's not without its problems in other areas, too. There's the Fat Pat episode and the one with the Native American tribe (though at least that explictly acknowledged how racist the "legend" of the falls was) and the whole storyline with Heidi (I was totally surprised to see Jewel Staite), but overall I really enjoyed it.

I also thought they did a really good job of wrapping it up in thirteen episodes. It didn't feel rushed to me, or like there was anything missing because it got cancelled (although I wish there had been more romantic resolution for Sharon; we never really got to see what happened with her and Beth, as opposed to the two straight couples, who clearly were together in the end). It felt like a complete story. I wish more US shows were like that.


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