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Wow, this is one of the awesomest shows I've ever seen. It's a sci-fi action comedy with a woman of color as the main character! And she's a superhero! Well, right now she's a superhero's assistant, but not in that forever-sidekick way of most superhero stories. She's the Middleman's assistant, training to be the Middleman when he dies, just the way he was once the assistant to the Middleman before him, who was the assistant to the one before her (yes, the Middleman before the current Middleman was also a woman of color, according to the unaired thirteenth episode), etc.

And Wendy, assistant Middleman, is not the only woman on the show. There's Ida, the snarky android who runs Middleman headquarters, and there's Wendy's best friend Lacey. Although Wendy eventually gets a boyfriend and there's Noser, a guy who lives in their apartment and has a few lines every episode, women are definitely in the majority in terms of main characters.

And the show is funny. OMG I was cracking up every single episode. Natalie Morales, who plays Wendy Watson, is a fucking genius. She's also hot, but I love that Wendy's uniform is not a dress or a skirt and she's not in some skimpy lingerie like most female superheroes. She is also totally practical (that's why she gets recruited for the job) and kick-ass and snarky and just generally awesome.

There are only twelve episodes and it was supposed to be thirteen, but honestly I think episode twelve ends in a really good place. I actually liked that ending better than the ending of the "lost" thirteenth episode. (Though episode thirteen is hilarious and had a lot of good stuff in it.)

You can watch the cast read episode thirteen at Comic Con. I actually don't feel I missed out on not seeing the actual episode too much. This way I can consider episode thirteen quasi-canon (usable if I want to, easily ditchable if it's inconvenient for a plot), plus seeing the actors having so much fun with it was really great.

Also having now seen Mark Sheppard (look, ana, I remembered his name this time!) in three shows (Leverage, SPN, and this), I can definitely say I am a fan. First two times could have just been the roles, but I think he is really just awesome. I will be excited when I see his name in the credits of a show now! (I'm sure he's bound to turn up again; he seems to be a "hey, it's that guy".)

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