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Aug. 18th, 2013 10:52 pm
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I thought of maybe doing something more structured, like the weekly reading posts, but I don't always have things to say about every new episode of stuff that I watch, so instead I'll just do a big dump of stuff I've watched lately (where by "lately", I mean in the past several months, I guess). I tend to mention stuff in passing occasionally, but I thought maybe a more detailed post might be fun (I really enjoyed [personal profile] thingswithwings's giant TV report she did a while back).

Orange Is the New Black
Dramedy about life in a women's prison )

Call the Midwife
Midwives in 1950s London )

Pretty sure everyone knows what this one is about )

The Fosters
Teen/family drama about an interracial lesbian couple and their kids )

Poor family struggles to get by while dealing with drunken deadbeat dad )

Whew! That was a lot of writing! I actually have more shows I wanted to talk about, but they are all anime, so I will save that for another post!
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1. I watched the first episode of Silver Spoon tonight. Ahhhh, it's so great! I mean, I knew it would be, since I love, love, love the manga, but still. ♥

2. There was so much cute stuff on my tumblr dash today. My favorite is this baby pig and his ice cream, which actually made me gasp out loud and say "oh my god" when I saw it. SO CUTE!! *_*

3. I'm really enjoying The Fosters. I just watched last week's episode tonight and posted a bit about it on tumblr, so I'll c&p here, too.

So, the character of Lexi is a latina girl, Marianna's best friend and now dating Jesus. Her parents are very religious and strict. They invite Jesus to go to a church camp with them and Lexi, and Stef and Lena are worried that Lexi's parents don't approve of them being gay, and that Jesus might be exposed to a lot of anti-lgbt stuff at this camp.

They have Lexi's parents over for dinner and at the same time, Stef's dad comes over unexpected and ends up joining them. Now, earlier in the episode, we had first been introduced to Stef's dad, and it turns out he is a Christian and believes homosexuality is wrong, etc. When Stef brings up her worries with Lexi's parents at dinner, they quickly reassure her that nothing like that would happen and that they fully support Stef and Lena and have nothing against gay people. Then Stef's dad starts to argue with them about how can they go against official Catholic policy, how can they pick and choose what to believe, etc. and they take him down.

So not only is the show not doing the whole "all Christians are anti-gay" thing and showing that there are different views, but they also had the white Christian man be the anti-gay one and the latino family the accepting ones. (And previously Lena's mom (a black woman) had been shown to not have any problem with her daughter being gay, either.)
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1. I had a nice, restful day off, which included sleeping in, taking a nap, and not going anywhere. I wish I'd gotten more stuff done, but eh.

2. In "games I forgot ever existed" news, I was poking around the Wii U shop some more and saw they had another 30 cent sale going on, this time for the old Yoshi NES game. I'm sure I must have rented it at least once back in the day (pretty sure I never owned it), but I'd totally forgotten about it. Honestly, it's worth about 30 cents. XD Fun for a little bit, but probably not something I'm ever going to play a whole lot. I remember liking Yoshi's Cookie more.

3. I started watching a new show called The Fosters about an interracial lesbian couple and their kids. I'm enjoying it so far (just watched the first episode, but I did download episode two as well).

4. I was really stressing out about trying to get something done for [community profile] kink_bingo and just feeling really uninspired, no matter what option I pondered, so I just decided to sit out the next round. I think that will be for the best!


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