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1. Made my last trip to the post office before Christmas. It wasn't too bad today, thankfully, though I had to stand in line even though I could have used the self-service machine, because the machine was out of labels or something and wouldn't let me use it. (Most of the time I am either mailing international packages or media mail, neither of which can be done self-service, but today was actually just plain old priority mail flat rate boxes, super simple and totally something I could have done on the machine!)

2. I watched the first episode of Some Girls tonight, a new BBC show that [personal profile] marina recced the other day. (She also did a picspam.) It's about four teenage best friends who live on the same council estate, and unlike the similarly-titled US show Girls, doesn't feature an all-white cast. I really loved it so far and if I didn't have work in the morning, would totally stay up and watch another episode or two!

3. If you play Draw Something, you should open the app at least once a day, even if you don't have any new games, because it's "Drawcember" and you get free coins and bombs every day. Sometimes it's just like five or ten coins, but today it was seventy. O_o

4. I made a chocolate chip lemon cake with chocolate frosting tonight. The chocolate chips all sank to the bottom, but it's very tasty!

5. SOCKS. Wow, socks are awesome. They really keep your feet warm, don't they? I finally broke down and switched to my winter slippers* today so that I could wear socks in the house and omg it makes such a difference. I feel warm again. It is amazing!

*I have two pairs of slippers for wearing in the house. The pair I am calling my summer pair has a thing between the toes, so I can't really wear socks (unless I buy tabi or toe socks, neither of which I am interested in). But they are much more comfortable and fit me better than the ones I can wear socks with. So I have been really enjoying them in the warmer weather and really resisted switching to my other pair, especially since I had a couple years where I wore the winter ones non-stop due to a weird nerve issue with one of my big toes where it was numb all the time on the tip and only by wearing socks could I keep myself from constantly noticing and being bothered by it. But that cleared up earlier this year just as mysteriously as it started, so now I don't have to wear socks constantly! And I can't just wear socks and no slippers, because A. I don't vacuum as often as I should and then my socks would get dirty really fast, and B. the wood floor in the computer room (where I spend most of my time), is unfinished wood and years of rolling desk chairs across it has led to it being really awful and splintery.)

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