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So, this show is pretty much the best thing ever. I am so, so, so disappointed it got cancelled. I mean, I was disappointed that Better Off Ted got cancelled, because it's one of my top favorite shows ever, but it's a sitcom. I'm sad there won't be any more of it, but it didn't leave me hanging. With SCC, though, I really am frustrated that I won't get to find out the rest of the story.

I am currently reading Out on the Wire, which is a S3-esque fic and is really, really awesome, but while a lot of it feels very plausible, it's still not the same as knowing the real story. (Though while we're on the subject, are there any other fics that attempt to pick up where canon left off? I looked through AO3 and saw mostly porn and character studies, but I am very interested in canon-y gen for this fandom.)

I am also interested in reading about canon. Does anyone have any good meta recs? I have enjoyed reading these rewatch posts, which someone on my flist must have linked, and subbed to the tag for future updates, but I want moar meta.

Spoilery stuff )

Also also, while as I said, I really crave S3-esque gen, I am also interested in anything post-canon, even if it's not trying to be plausible as canon.
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Oh holy fuck, this show is AWESOME.

While I love post-apocalyptic stuff, cyborgs, time travel, dystopian futures, etc., I liked the first two Terminator movies back in the day, but was never a huge fan. I was trying to think just now about what made this so much better for me (other than the lack of Arnold) and I think it's that while there is action and fighting and chase scenes, it's not An Action Movie. It's telling the story in a way that's more interesting to me than just a series of chases and crashes and explosions.

Also I really, really like Cameron. And Ellison. And Derek. John and Sarah themselves are okay, and I don't dislike them, but I definitely like the other three better.

Also I hope that as a black FBI agent who is researching them and eventually finds out the truth, Ellison does not suffer the same fate as Henriksen on SPN.

I also hope S2 doesn't end too badly in terms of loose ends. I know the show got cancelled.

Anyway! I have been watching quite a lot of this (I think I finished S1 in 2-3 days, which is very fast for me), so I will probably be done with the whole thing by the end of the week. It's very hard to stop watching!


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