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I think I'm giving up on Running Wilde. It's just not that funny. :-/ I really wanted to like it because of Arrested Development, but it's just nowhere near as good, even after five episodes.

I may also end up giving up on Community. The season premiere made me hope that last season's finale was just a blip and things would be awesome again, but they're really not. There has been some good stuff, and thankfully the show is not about Jeff and the white women who are in love with him. But Abed and Troy's friendship, which was my favorite thing about season one, seems to be almost entirely absent this season, and Shirley has been sidelined more and more.

Then last week we finally got an episode that was focused on Shirley and...Spoilers for 2x05 )

Meanwhile, in my quest to watch ALL the movies (at least the ones I've downloaded/ripped and have been sitting on my hard drive for months or years), I watched My Own Private Idaho, which I'd never seen before, and was really, really unimpressed with.

I looked it up on Wikipedia because I was just baffled that a movie that I've only heard gushing praise for could be so horrible, and apparently it was cobbled together from several different scripts, and that really shows. Not only that, but one of the scripts is a modern-day retelling of Shakespeare's Henry plays. Now, I am not sure how good I would ever find a modern-day Shakespeare retelling that used actual dialogue from the play rather than just the plot, but it really doesn't work at all when it's pasted on to a totally unrelated story where everyone speaks normally. So you've got the scenes where the focus is on River Phoenix where they're speaking normally (well, Keanu is still speaking woodenly, but that's to be expected), and then the next scene is from the Keanu plotline and suddenly everyone is standing around reciting Shakespeare. It's so bad, you guys. D: It sounds ridiculous.

I also found the whole thing kind of eye-rolly and OTT. :-/


Sep. 26th, 2010 07:18 pm
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So the other night I caught up on a bunch of comedies I'd downloaded over the past few days. I wasn't sure I'd continue with Modern Family this season because I find it to be very high on the embarrassment squickage. But I decided to give it a try and enjoyed this episode, so I guess I'll be keeping on with it after all. I do like the show for the most part.

The Big Bang Theory was also fun. Spoilery )

My favorite of the returning shows was definitely Community. I was just filled with relief watching it. The season finale left me with a really bad taste in my mouth, and while this does nothing to change the tranny jokes or LOL furries parts of the finale, at least it gives me hope that this season will not be the All White Women Love Jeff Show. Spoilery )

I also watched a couple new shows! I had seen billboards for Running Wilde and was vaguely interested because Will Arnett! but I hadn't realised it was actually by the creators of Arrested Development until I saw someone on my flist post about it. So I had to give it a try because of that. It is definitely funny, though not quite as wacky (or good) as Arrested Development. I have hope for it, though. Though Keri Russell! As the mother of a twelve-year-old! Ack! I mean, it's within the realm of possibility, certainly, but she's my age, so it just felt really weird. I had no idea Tobias (dunno the actor's name) was on the show as well as Arnett. He seems to be playing a similar character type, just as Arnett's character is very similar to Gob. I love the supporting characters best, like Migo and Mr Lunt. The whole thing with the tribe in the rain forest was pretty cringeworthy, though. :-/

Outsourced...I don't know. I watched a preview for it and came away with the feeling that it was all about the white guy and very much LOL Indians and that's pretty much how I felt about the first episode, too. There were some funny bits and I love Rajiv, but I don't really have high hopes for it.


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