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Queer as Folk Vol. 1
First, the actors. Hal Sparks is geeky!cute and I already liked him, so <3 for that. The guy who plays I never thought he was attractive in any of the photos I'd seen, but he was v. v. hot onscreen. The boy, Justin, was bleh. So not my type. Blond, round face, small eyes. I liked his friend, though, she was cute, both in looks and personality. Not sure how big a role she'll play in future episodes, but I liked her all the same.

I haven't seen the UK version, but I almost feel like I have from all the fanfic I've read (pause for a quick, fangirly moment for [ profile] almostnever. I think I shall search out some Brian/Michael fic as well.

Anyway, I quite liked it and rented vol. 2 tonight.

Oh, also funny, funny. Bruce asks, "So did you like your show or did it suck ass?" Even before the last word left his mouth, we were both cracking up. He was like, "Wrong question!" Made even funnier because there actually was rimming! And you know, if there's not rimming involved, then I'm just not interested.

One Hour Photo
Woah. Creepy. Michael Vartan is very, very cute, though.

Road to Perdition
Is there room in your handbasket, [ profile] wickedcherub? Cause damn. Tyler Hoechlin is just really, really cute. And is it just me or is Jude Law losing his hair? I hope not...

Spoilery )

I wanted to rent either Secretary or Y Tu Mama Tambien, but was thwarted. Secretary was all checked out in DVD and I really hate VHS now, so I passed. Y Tu Mama Tambien had one copy in, but it was the rated version, and I'd rather have the unrated version, so again, passed.

I was about to leave with only QaF vol. 2 when I happened to see B. Monkey, which happens to be one of the JRM movies I have yet to see, so I grabbed that. Even if it sucks, at least there's the pretty.


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