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So I finished watching season one of Psych and decided before doing another season of TV, I'd watch some of the movies I have on my hard drive. As I mentioned the other day, I watched Kamikaze Girls, which was awesome. It's really great to have a movie that is just about friendship between two girls, and not any sort of love triangle or anything like that. It is also very easy to view through a slashy lense. (Not just Momoko/Ichigo, but also Ichigo/Akimi.) Anyway, I really loved it a lot.

I also watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland yesterday, which was very interesting. I loved the weirdness of it and the CG looked great. I wasn't very thrilled with the whole "beautiful = good, ugly = evil" dynamic with the White Queen and the Red Queen, though. (Also before Alice goes to Underland and they're at the party and she approaches the "old maid", I was really hoping she would turn out to be awesome, against everyone's judgement of her being a crazy old woman who couldn't find a man, and be an ally to Alice there at the party, but instead she turned out to be...a crazy old woman who couldn't find a man, and was just pathetic and delusional and there to poke fun at.) Still, it was fun, and the Hatter's line "I'd know him anywhere" made me really want trans!Alice fic. (There is actually a wip along those lines on AO3, but I skimmed through it when adding it to my master list and it didn't really seem like my thing.)

As for Psych, I definitely plan to watch more of it, but my interest really waned as the season went on. The constant gender policing just really wears me down. I don't find it funny at all, yet that seems to be THE major joke of the show, not just Shawn and Gus policing each other, but also Shawn's constant remarks about his dad (like how horrible and wrong and gross it is for his dad to take baths, because omg real men don't take baths). I also noticed what people had mentioned in my previous post, like in the episode where these guys kept appearing naked in a field, and Shawn and Gus were both so disgusted by the idea of seeing a man naked (added fatphobia in one case, but the other guy was thin, so it clearly wasn't just "ew, fat naked guy"). idk, I just don't find being that heavily invested in being macho and 110% totes heterosexual funny or endearing or anything, just sad and embarrassing to watch.

The first several episodes really felt to me like Gus was in love with Shawn, who was totally oblivious. Unlike Shawn, Gus showed no interest in women and there was even a line of Shawn's about trying to get Gus interested in girls. I really liked that dynamic! I could have plot bunnies galore for that dynamic! (I did have plot bunnies galore while watching those early eps!) But I don't really want to write about two intensely self-loathing closet cases. :-/ (I mean, a few stories would be interesting, yes, but not as a constant thing.) Yet that seems to be such a major part of their characterisation.

Psych S1x07

Oct. 9th, 2010 03:08 am
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Oh no, what was this? DDD: This episode was so much horrible fail on multiple levels.

Why would you do this? )


Oct. 6th, 2010 02:47 am
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So...this is a show about one guy's years-long unrequited love for his best friend, Y/Y?

I don't often have slash goggles, but I'm finding it difficult to interpret this show any other way.


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