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Guys. I finally watched the rest of Nobuta. *checks date of previous post* Wow, only seven months later.

So. Hmm. Basically, I wonder why they even called it Nobuta. wo Produce. It's like that horrible movie of The Dark Is Rising, which changed pretty much everything in the story. I really don't even understand the point of that. Why not just come up with an original story?

Being a fan of the book, it's impossible to like this as Nobuta, because it's not. Now, the question is, can I like it on its own, as something that just happens to have the same name? Well...kind of. I found the magical realism off-putting, but what I disliked most was the utter ridiculousness of, well, just about everything. I think the way it was written might have worked okay for an anime or manga, but as a live-action show, it was so...just stupid. I couldn't stand it and it really ruined the things I did like. The dialogue, the characters, just everything was bizarre and unrealistic. It wasn't enjoyable to me as an adaptation of the novel, nor was it enjoyable as a school drama.

I didn't totally hate it, though. The rare moments when people were allowed to be normal and not constantly cranked up to 11 were good. I wish there could have been more of that. And I really loved spoiler! )

Has anyone read Nobuta fic? I know there's quite a bit of it around, but I'm kind of scared of reading, both because I'm afraid the tone will be the same as the show, and because I'm just generally afraid of fic from Japanese sources, because there's so much to mess up, not to mention the whole fan Japanese issue. (Plus chances are 99% of people writing got the show filtered through subtitles that may or may not even be correct.)

And yet...I kind of want to read! Especially Nobuta/Shuji/Akira.
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Okay, so I watched the first episode today. Man, I am really wishing I'd watched this before reading the book, because it's really hard to enjoy it on its own when it's so WRONG and I keep thinking why, why, why did they change it!? It's also hard to enjoy for reasons that have nothing to do with the book, namely that it's horribly over-acted and the characters are all So Wacky. Shuji is fairly normal, but Akira, Nobuta, the bookseller, the vice principal, the comedy duo, and Shuji's dad all made me wince. It's hard to take anything seriously when everyone's such an over-the-top caricature. :-/

Book vs drama )
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Okay, wow. This book is seriously awesome. I'm almost afraid to watch the drama now, knowing how different it is.

I zoomed through this book, finishing it in only two days, which is really quick for me, but even though I would do my usual "read a bit and put it down to do something else", it was really hard to stay away for long. I so, so, so wish I could recommend this to everyone, but's not in English. But I do highly recommend it if you can read Japanese!

If you're familiar with the drama, the plot is...really not at all the same. There's a high school boy named Kiritani Shuji, and he takes it upon himself to "produce" a kid who's being bullied and make them popular, but that is really the only connection. Characters in the drama are made up for the drama, including Akira, the other main character in the drama, and characters in the book don't show up at all, except for Shuji, of course. The kid being bullied in the drama is a girl, but in the book it's a boy. I haven't watched the drama yet, but from what I know of it, it's pretty much a totally different story.

So this story. Shuji's life is all an act. He keeps himself at a distance from everyone and, frankly, is kind of sociopathic. During the middle of his second year of high school, they get a new student in their class, a fat, nerdy boy called Kotani Shinta. He writes his name on the chalkboard, 信太, and Shuji at first reads it as Nobuta. Nobuta (野ブタ) can also mean wild pig, so Shuji takes to calling him that (first in his head, then getting everyone to call him that). From the first moment, everyone hates Nobuta. After a while, Nobuta, seeing how popular Shuji is, asks him if he can be his apprentice. Shuji turns him down, but then gets an idea, what if he could be Nobuta's producer, and turn him into someone popular?

More + spoilers )

So yeah, I loved it. It was awesome. Maybe before sending it on to [ profile] kakeochi_umai, I'll translate a sample passage and try to see if I can get anyone to pick it up for publication in the US.


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