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1. Alexander came over this afternoon and we hung out and had delicious grilled chicken with brown rice, broccoli, and edamame.

2. I finally finished watching all of the 2005 Mythbusters. Only five years left to go! XD I am finding that I generally enjoy the Grant & Tory & Kari segments more than the Adam & Jamie stuff. Which is not to say I don't like Adam and Jamie. I just like the others more.

3. One Piece! Spoilers )

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Moritaka Chisato - 17 Sai
Very catchy, bouncy '80s pop.
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1. I am enjoying the hell out of this mild summer we've been having. It's horribly humid (87% right now), but it's overcast every day in the mornings and evenings and the temperatures have been mostly in the 70s and under (today's supposed to be 68).

2. We had a nice longish walk last night. Carla is finally recovered enough that she doesn't get exhausted just going short distances, so it's nice to get back to walking more again.

3. I finished watching through the end of 2004 of Mythbusters! Only five and a half years left to go! XD So far I'm really enjoying it. I know in the current season Kari is the only female regular, but the season I just finished watching had Kari and Scottie and Christine and it's just really awesome seeing multiple women on what could easily be a "boy's club" kind of show. Also Adam is great.

4. I also watched Sunday's Leverage. Too much Nate. Also what happened to the arc plot? It kind of disappeared after the first couple episodes.

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Onitsuka Chihiro - Ryuuseigun
This song is so pretty. *_*


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