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Ugh, I hate stories where the protagonist is right about something but everyone else thinks they're wrong and blames them for everything but then everyone finds out how wrong they were when the protagonist saves the day. It's just so...wallowy. I really don't understand why this trope is so popular.

Anyway, aside from that, my main thought about this episode was that Twilight Sparkle shouldn't be surprised that she didn't know about her brother's upcoming wedding, since she has apparently not been in touch with him at all since she moved to Ponyville. I mean, she writes Princess Celestia a letter every day, yet we've never even heard her mention this brother before, and didn't go to see him any of the times they were in Canterlot, but they're supposed to be best friends? I know the meta reason is that they just now decided to give her a brother, but still.

The changelings are awesome, though.
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Uh...did I just watch an episode about how dragons are inherently horrible and Spike should be glad he was raised by ponies and thus is a good person? Because I'm pretty sure that is the justification for all sorts of horrible stuff that went down and is still going down in the real world.
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So is there a story about how Cheerilee is asexual and Big Mac is gay and they hang out and are awesome together? Because that's what I got out of the Hearts and Hooves Day episode. I guess this is vaguely spoilery, though it's not like this show it terribly plot-filled )
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1. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but maybe it will not rain when I have to go to work and come home. Either way, I like the rain.

2. I forgot to look for when Happy Endings started up after Christmas, and so when I finally remembered tonight, I found there were three new episodes. :D

3. Speaking of TV, I finished watching season one of My Little Pony yesterday. It's cute, and I'll definitely be watching season two, but I wasn't as hooked as many people on my flist seem to be. My favorite character hands-down is Spike, but I also really like Twilight Sparkle, Pinky Pie, and Scootaloo (all three of the wee!ponies, really). Rainbow Dash is also cool, and Rarity has grown on me. I'm still eh on Applejack and Fluttershy, but don't dislike them.


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