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Mumbai Calling is a short (pilot + 7 half-hour episodes) British series about a guy who gets sent to oversee a call center in India. Same basic plot as Outsourced, but with so much less fail. For one thing, while the main character is English, he's not white. The show is funny, but it's not "haha, look at those ridiculous Indians and their gross food and backwards ways" like Outsourced is. Culture clash is a theme in some episodes, but all the characters feel very real and not just stereotypes.

The pilot episode is quite a bit different from the rest of the show (and not in a good way). Along with Kenny Gupta, Our Hero, there's also the nephew and daughter of the white boss who sends Kenny to India, and the call center itself is this hole-in-the-wall that doesn't even look like an office. The other seven episodes ditch the newphew and daughter, though at the end of the first episode another white character is added, a woman who's there to audit the center. But while she is a main character (along with an Indian guy who was in charge of the center before Kenny was transferred there), Kenny is still the main character throughout the show. And the call center is now very modern and nice and everyone who works there is professional and doesn't need to be taught by the white folks (or westerners) how to do their job.

It's's a really funny show, but watching it made me get even more raegier about Outsourced, because it's clear that it really wouldn't be that hard to make it something other than a cesspool of fail. The premise itself is not the problem. (Even the pilot was miles better than Outsourced!)

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