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So Sunday was the season finale of Lost Girl. I have to say, I have really been enjoying this show. It's cheesy as hell, but it's fun, and I love Kenzi to death. Bo is cool, too. And her friendship with Kenzi is definitely one of the highlights of the show. I liked this interview with the creator of Lost Girl where she talks about how important their friendship is:
I get a little tired of the portrayals of shallow, catty, competitive girlfriends, the type who ditch one another when anything with a functioning penis walks in the room. That just hasn’t been my experience. I’m not those girls, I don’t like those girls, and I’d sooner not spend an entire season writing them.

I have no doubt that Kenzi and Bo would kill or die for one another, although there’s nothing sexual between them to be gained. I love that about them, and that platonic loyalty was very important for me to protect throughout the development process: that Bo and Kenzi are sisters, not love interests. I didn’t want to feed into the stereotype that because someone is bisexual (as Bo is) that they’re sexually available to, or interested in, everyone.

I think Trick is my favorite character after Kenzi. Spoilers! ) I especially love his interactions with Kenzi, but then I think the best scenes in the show were Kenzi interacting with people (though there wasn't really much in the way of Kenzi & Lauren; but I love her with Dylan and Hale, too; especially Hale, especially the scene under the desk at the country club).

The show has its problems. It's very white except for a couple minor characters (Hale gets way less screentime than he should, and the Ash is barely there) and a lot of bad guys and occasional walk-ons. And then there was that horrible Evil S&M Club episode, which we will never speak of again. But considering how truly horrible "bisexual succubus" could be handled, it does a pretty good job on that front, and for female friendship, it is awesome.

I am just DDD: that I have to wait until fall 2011 for season two! DDDDD:


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