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Okay, I guess it is not a complete series in ten episodes! It sounded like it would be from the information on Wikipedia, but I guess "parents' weekend" was not the parents coming to get them at the end of camp, but a visit during the middle. (I've never been to summer camp before, so don't know how these things work.) Wikipedia does not give any info on a second season, but I really, really, REALLY hope there is one, because argh! I need more of this and it definitely did not conclude things there.

Okay, so. About this show. It is a show about teenagers at fat camp, which I would have thought would be really horrible, but it isn't. It's not fat positive by any means, but it's also not about shaming or dehumanising fat people, and the fact that everyone is fat (except the counsellors) serves to normalise it. All these kids who would be the one fat kid on another show, the one who is the butt of the jokes, here they all get the same sort of plotlines thin kids get on other teen shows. I loved the general feeling a lot of the kids had that they actually enjoyed going to fat camp not necessarily to lose weight (though for some that was definitely a goal) but because it meant being around other kids like them and feeling normal rather than like freaks. It's definitely got weight-related plotlines (it is about a fat camp, after all), but for the most part it's just about fat people doing ordinary things that everyone else does, which is practically unheard of. It can be hard to watch if you have issues around weight, but for me it was worth it.

The cast is also fairly ethnicly diverse and not in the "backdrop for the white male stars" sort of way. The camp leader is Gina Torres and of the eight main kids, one is black, two are latin@, and one is Jewish (and his Judaism is actually discussed rather than implied), and whenever they show background kids, they're not all white, either. And I loved that the hardcore sci-fi/fantasy geek of the show is not only a girl, but a black girl. She watches SF TV and made up her own fantasy universe that she LARPs in and reads runes by moonlight. (I keep mentally comparing her to Mercedes from Glee; I love Mercedes, but they wrote her as if her main interests are being sassy and complaining about the lack of black music in glee club.)

One of the counsellors is asexual, which I thought was cool. I've never seen a show where someone just flat-out said "yeah, I identify as asexual". I also liked that while, yes, a lot of the kids were not used to getting that much exercise, there were kids who were athletic, including one boy who was a total jock and played a bunch of sports at school. I discussed queerness in the show here, although now I'm not sure if Alistair is supposed to be gay or trans. I had wondered since the beginning, but hadn't dared to hope, but the thing with the necklace, idk idk. If Alistair is trans I will be so happy!

There are two things that really bugged me, though. One is that there is so much focus on emotional eating. The other is that the skeevy class issues with Amber's mom. But! Overall I really loved this series a lot. Apparently it's based on a YA novel, but reading the summary on Amazon, it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the show.

Huge 1x08

Aug. 19th, 2010 03:49 am
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Okay, I know I said I was just going to wait and give a review of the whole show, but spoilers )

I love this show so much!

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