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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I did not realise this was starting already until I saw [personal profile] eisen's post and then I ran to download it. If you have a CrunchyRoll account, you can watch the English subbed version here (without an account you can watch a preview or sign up for a free trial), and it seems to be saying that it will be available for people without accounts in six days as well. (That is the legal & legit source. You might also be able to find it elsewhere if you google, idk. If you want a link to download the Japanese, let me know.)

Anyway! I have talked about the manga of Hourou Musuko before. It is an ongoing seinen series by Shimura Takako about trans kids (two girls, one boy, and there's also an adult trans woman who is a friend of theirs). Her style is veeeeeeeery much of the "nothing happens" slice-of-life genre, and there can be whole chapters where there is little dialogue or narration, and the anime captures that feeling very well. Her covers and color inserts always have a beautiful watercolor look to them that the anime also captures, giving it a very soft, almost dreamy feeling.

While the manga starts when the kids are in...IIRC fifth grade and follows them through junior high (and presumably will to high school since it doesn't show any sign of ending soon), the anime starts with them in junior high and refers back to some incidents that came earlier in the manga. While I wasn't sure about that decision at first, I think it works well, since it allows them to use some currently major characters who the main characters only meet once they start junior high, such as Chizuru, a cis girl who comes to school the first day wearing a boys' uniform. I really loved this part in the manga, because you could really feel how much Takatsuki (the trans boy) wanted to be as easygoing about it as Chizuru, but the very fact that wearing boys' clothes meant something to him made it harder to just show up at school dressed like that than if he were doing it on a lark like Chizuru.

The first episode is mainly introducing characters and stuff, but it seems like a really good start. I'm excited about next week.

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