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I watched two new sitcoms recently, Happy Endings and State of Georgia. Both are short, 13 episodes for Happy Endings (which has been renewed for a second season) and 12 eps for State of Georgia (which so far has not), and I find half-hour shows in general easier to watch than hour shows or movies, which seem so long I don't want to start them, no matter how much I actually am interested in the content. :-/ (I am going to try and work on that, though, because my backlong of stuff to watch is seriously getting out of control.)

Anyway, Happy Endings is basically an updated and slightly more diverse (one black guy and one gay guy in a group of six friends) version of Friends. Which isn't bad. I did enjoy Friends back in the day. The premise is that two of the friends were about to get married, when the bride ran out in the middle of the ceremony, and now they're all trying to still be friends. So there's the runaway bride, her ex-fiance, her sister, her sister's husband, her ex-boyfriend's college roommate, and a female friend who I'm not sure how she's connected to the others (maybe the runaway bride's best friend?). I like all the characters well enough, though my favorite is Damon Wayans Jr (the sister's husband), who is hilarious (and also looks just like his dad, who actually plays his dad in a guest appearance in one episode). It's an enjoyable enough show, though I wasn't super wowed or omg my new favorite or anything. I will almost certainly watch the second season when it airs.

State of Georgia is about Raven-Symone (Georgia) moving to New York with her best friend (Jo) in hopes of becoming an actress. Her friend seems to be in college (grad school? I can't remember) at some NY university, and the three guys in her study group are supporting characters, as is Georgia's rich Aunt Honey, whose apartment they're staying in. I actually find Georgia to be kind of annoying, but I love, love, love Jo, and Aunt Honey is hilarious, too (as is Honey's financial advisor Jules, played by Phil LaMarr, who should have appeared in more than just two episodes). I think I will probably request this for Yuletide, because I would love to read Georgia/Jo (or just Georgia & Jo's continued adventures), Honey & Jules being Honey & Jules, and Seth/Leo (two of Jo's study group members) in a way that doesn't mock Leo's canonical crush on Seth. The one character I could pretty much do without is the third study group member, Lewis. If there ends up being a second season, I'd watch it, though apparently it didn't get that great ratings, so who knows. Disney wanted another That's So Raven and this wasn't it.


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