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1. Yay! Finished a fairly large translation project I'd been working on all month. And it was one of my goals for August, so now I'm down to just one unfinished goal, which is updating my website, and I could do that any time as I've got quite a few songs done, but I want to do a handful more.

2. My arm is not hurting too bad tonight! I have been trying to be really careful and use my left hand for scrolling and stuff when reading flists, and to alternate computer time with other stuff. Also I just took some Advil, so that seems to have helped a bit. Hopefully I can get to sleep without too much trouble?

3. I had coupons for a free dozen eggs and free bag of frozen veggies and I really wanted to make sure to use them before they expire (it's one thing when the coupon is just for a discount, especially if not for a product I really want, but these are both things I'll use and also totally free!), but I always was forgetting to take them when I went to the store. Well, the other day I just stuck them in my pocket so I'd be sure to have them, so this afternoon when I stopped at the store after work, I got my free stuff!

4. I have had a scratchy/sore throat for a couple days, but so far it doesn't seem to be turning into a full-fledged cold? Hopefully it will continute to not turn into a cold and actually will go away very soon (I hate sore throats).

5. Oh my gosh, I love Gravity Falls so much! Are any of you guys watching it? If you're not, you should. It's a cartoon on Disney Channel about pre-teen twins Dipper and Mabel Pines who go to spend the summer with their great-uncle Stan (aka Gruncle Stan) in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Stan runs a mystery shack that is just a hoax, but it turns out there actually is lots of paranormal stuff going on in Gravity Falls! Anyway, I like Dipper, too, but Mabel is just THE BEST. She's voiced by Kristen Schaal and in the most recent episode she declared a pig her soulmate. She is an awesome gal!

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