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Goodness Gracious Me
Goodness Gracious Me is a half-hour sketch comedy show about British Asians.

So far I've just watched the first series. I actually think maybe this is better suited to just watching clips on youtube than watching it in half-hour chunks. A lot of the sketches are very funny, but they also tend to have themes over the course of an episode and those often get run into the ground.

There's also a fair bit that goes over my head, but I did enjoy it and will probably watch the second and third series as well.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Andy Richter Controls the Universe is a sitcom starring Andy Richter, who is apparently Conan O'Brien's sidekick, but I never watch his show, so I had not actually heard of him. I did remember why I had wanted to watch this in the first place, though! It's by the same guy who did Better Off Ted and also stars Jonathan Slavin, who plays Phil on Ted.

I can see the similarities between the two shows, though Ted is way better. Slavin's character is awesome, though. He should be in more shows!

I have just watched season one so far, which is only six episodes (and season two isn't a full season, either). The first episode put me off a bit, as Andy comes off as a whiny Nice Guy, but I warmed to it pretty quickly (and he's not as bad as the first episode makes him seem) and there have been a lot of times I actually laughed out loud. I will watch season two for sure, but I certainly am not all broken up over it being cancelled. Not like with Better Off Ted. :(

Leverage is back! In pog form! I watched the first four episodes of this season, but have been too lazy to post individual episode reactions. Sliiiiiiight spoilers )

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