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Well, the show seems to be taking a mid-season break and I've caught up with what's aired, so this seems like a good point to do a post.

Basically, I love it. I decided to watch it because there is a trans character this season and I wanted to see how well they handled that, but although it had a bit of a slow start for me, now I really like the whole show.

I have never watched any previous Degrassi shows (and don't plan to, though I may continue watching it if they do an eleventh season), but even though this does have returning characters from previous seasons as well as new characters, I found reading it easy enough to follow and just poked at the character bios on Wikipedia if there was anything I was confused about.

So, first off, the Adam storyline. It's really good! spoilers ) I love that there is so much more to him and his role than The Trans Kid. He didn't just show up for a special episode about being trans and then go away. He had a special episode(s), sure, but so do all the kids. And then, like everyone else, the rest of the time he's just doing normal stuff. It's so awesome.

So, other than that, there are lots of other plotlines. The cast is huge, and fairly racially diverse as shows go. (And not in a stereotypical way, either. There's an Asian guy, but he's on the football team, not a math nerd (and he's gay). The computer nerd group is two black boys (one of whom has Aspergers (I'm pretty pleased with that portrayal, too)) and a white boy.)

I found the show slow going at first, because the storyline they open with is rich people and their rich people problems, which is one of the quickest ways to turn me off something. But as the show's gone on, I've come to like Fiona and Holly J.

The one storyline I really didn't like was spoilers )

But overall I really like it! And episode 24 ended on kind of a cliffhanger, so I'm really eager for it to come back, but Wikipedia has no dates for when the rest of the season will run. D:

It airs four times a week, but the episodes are only ~20 minutes each, so it's pretty easy to catch up and I doubt I will have much trouble staying caught up once it starts airing again.


Aug. 26th, 2010 08:10 pm
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So I've been watching Degrassi (up through episode 16 so far) and I just thought I'd check and see if there are any stories about Adam to add to my master list. I thought maybe there would be a handful. After all, there are a ton of characters on the show and Adam is new, not one of the characters who's carried over from earlier seasons. Also, trans kid.

There are SEVENTY-FIVE stories on Seventy-five stories just since the beginning of July.

It made me cry a little bit. This is so far beyond what I expected to find. I don't even know if I can add all these to my list (it would be a lot of work, plus totally flood the list with one fandom for pages and pages), but they exist. A lot of people are writing about him. A lot of kids are writing about him.

I'm sure there are some offensive fics (I already found one), but for the most part they're portraying Adam just like he is on the show. There is even a Mary Sue called The Girl that Fell in Love with Adam Torres!

I don't even know what to say. I think it's so awesome that this show exists and that this character exists and that he's getting such a positive reaction.


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