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1. Got a call today to schedule my bed delivery and they said they can deliver it tomorrow! I'm very happy about that, since otherwise I would have had to work half and half on Friday and Saturday, since they are already going to be kind of short-handed this Saturday and I would need to be there at least for a couple hours in the morning. But now I don't have to worry about any of that. :) Also tomorrow night I should be sleeping on my new bed!

2. The internet was out at work today. Again. Apparently whatever they thought got fixed on Tuesday didn't actually, so this time they were going to have the faulty whatever it was completely replaced. But someone couldn't come out and do it until like 6pm, so we were without internet the whole day. And just like Monday, it was order day. Gah! But at least I had more stuff to keep me busy today than Monday, and hopefully after today's repairs it will really for real be fixed.

3. Today was my coworker's last day and she brought in spam musubi and a cake for everyone, both of which were delicious.

4. Tried another Graze snack. :) el picante )

5. Tonight's Community was so great! Definitely my favorite so far this season, and up there with the paintball episodes as one of my all-time favorites.
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1. I watched the season premiere of Community and really liked it. Spoilers )

Parks and Rec was also fun. Spoilers here, too )

2. I finished typing up the worst of the inventory stuff at work. They gave us a new form to use this year and it's easier to use, which is nice.

3. Payday today.
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1. Got a box for shipping the Mac mini today. Not as easy as I had originally anticipated, since we ended up selling a monitor to go with it, and I couldn't find a good sized box at work (brought home one only to find it was a couple inches too small), then went to Staples yesterday and found what I thought would be a good box, but when I called Irene to make sure, she told me the other box was 24" long (and the monitor just barely fit that box lengthwise), so I didn't get it. Then I got home and found out it actually was 22", the same length as the box I was looking at at Staples, so I went back again today in the rain and bought it. Yay. Thankfully it was only sprinkling a bit and not totally pouring, so the box wasn't harmed by the rain. Now it is all packed up and ready to ship tomorrow. Not looking forward to lugging it on the bus to the UPS store, but at least I only have to walk a block to the bus stop and a block from the bus stop to UPS.

2. I have had so many delicious foods the past few days. Bread with mashed, roasted garlic spread on it. Edamame (on sale this week, so I need to buy more before the sale ends). A sort of cornbread casserole with ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese, corn, garlic, and onion, topped with cheesy cornbread. Grilled tri-tip with a Korean BBQ-ish marinade. Lots of gingerbread cookies. Oh, and these Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows from Trader Joe's. I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow candy and find most chocolate-coated marshmallows to be disappointing, but these are really good. The marshmallows are very dense and chewy, sort of like the ones in a See's Scotchmallow. Oh, and the very best thing I've had recently was black sesame mochi ice cream. It's a new flavor and I was like oooh, and then it was on sale! *_* I just had a box of them for lunch as a treat one day this week.

3. I can sleep in tomorrow! I have to go run errands, but that can be done in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to sleeping in.

4. I just watched last week's Community and omg that was awesome. Merry, Merry, Merry Changmas, everybody! XD "I can't believe I trusted him enough to let him pilot that magic carpet in my dream last night!" Just, the fact that Community was parodying Glee fills my heart with, well, glee. XD

5. Apparently He-Man Sings has been a thing for a while, but I just discovered it yesterday. And I'm tired, so I'm just going to call this my daily happysong. XD
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1. I finished two books in the past two days! Woohoo! That happened not because I was reading really fast, but because I have a bunch of partially-read books around. I've fallen a little behind schedule if I want to get fifty books read this year, but hopefully I can finish up some more of these and not fall further behind.

2. I finished watching the last couple episodes of Community and really loved them. Yay, paintball! Really, the show should just be all paintball all the time. spoilery )

3. Two more episodes of Parks and Rec tomorrow! :DDD I am excite!

4. I stopped at the 99 Cent Store for bread on the way home, since I was off early today and they were actually still open, and they also had really nice looking broccoli (huge things of it) and asparagus, so I got a bunch of each. Yay, cheap produce. :D

Daily Happysong:

Aoiro 7 - Aoi Sportscar no Otoko
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Only Community would make a clip show with clips from episodes that don't exist. XD Okay, a few of the clips were real episodes, but most were not. Now that's a clip show worth watching.

And, okay, I have so many problems with the dean it's not even funny, but I really loved the dean montage. Is there any fic about him? I would actually really love fic that treats him as a real person and not the butt of a joke.
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Okay, so. I did this thing where I stopped watching Community? But everyone on my flist was still talking about it. In fact more people on my flist were talking about it than had been when I was actually watching the show! So I ended up giving in and downloading the episodes I'd missed.

This show still hurts me a lot! But it is also funny, and I was particularly squeeful about something Abed aka Chad had to say )
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1. Big Bang Theory. There's no one horrible thing that has made me want to stop watching. I'm just feeling more and more like the annoyances outweigh the enjoyment, not just in terms of things I find problematic about it, but also that it feels like it's the same jokes every week.

2. Modern Family. This has always been one that hits my embarrassment squick a lot, but this season there have been eps I had to just stop watching and more and more that I fast-foward through more than I watch.

3. Community. The season finale last year was bad, so very, very bad, but I thought maybe I could still watch it. I have been, but it's just painful. I've gone from loving Troy and Abed to hating every joke and deliberate bit of subtext because the show is so fucked up about queer people and it's just enraging. There is one actual queer character on the show and that's the dean, whose sexuality (and kinks, because kinky people are such a joke) is only brought up to be a punchline. Then there was the recent episode about lesbians, which I seriously can't even begin to talk about because I have nothing but RAEG for it. And I just can't find the Troy/Abed joking funny or cute in the middle of all this. I think it's to the point where I wouldn't even be able to enjoy them in fanfic, though I haven't tried.

There is also Pierce. I am so, so, SO sick of this sort of character. He is the Sue Sylvester of this show, the character who is there so the writers can indulge in every ism they've always secretly wanted to because he's the designated Bad *ist Character, so when they have him say and do all these horrible things, they are free from any guilt or blame and so is the audience. Everyone is free to laugh at the things they say, to enjoy that vicarious thrill of the forbidden things they could never say for fear of the "PC Police". But just because the character is a Bad Person doesn't mean it's okay! There is no purpose to this sort of character except as a way to be "un-PC" and get away with it.

Parks and Recreation is the only one I'm not considering dumping (yet), but the fact that they apparently decided not to keep Natalie Morales on this season and the constant fat hate are not very happy-making. :-/
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No, I haven't quite given up yet, and I'm glad I didn't, because this week was actually pretty awesome. Spoilers )
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I think I'm giving up on Running Wilde. It's just not that funny. :-/ I really wanted to like it because of Arrested Development, but it's just nowhere near as good, even after five episodes.

I may also end up giving up on Community. The season premiere made me hope that last season's finale was just a blip and things would be awesome again, but they're really not. There has been some good stuff, and thankfully the show is not about Jeff and the white women who are in love with him. But Abed and Troy's friendship, which was my favorite thing about season one, seems to be almost entirely absent this season, and Shirley has been sidelined more and more.

Then last week we finally got an episode that was focused on Shirley and...Spoilers for 2x05 )

Meanwhile, in my quest to watch ALL the movies (at least the ones I've downloaded/ripped and have been sitting on my hard drive for months or years), I watched My Own Private Idaho, which I'd never seen before, and was really, really unimpressed with.

I looked it up on Wikipedia because I was just baffled that a movie that I've only heard gushing praise for could be so horrible, and apparently it was cobbled together from several different scripts, and that really shows. Not only that, but one of the scripts is a modern-day retelling of Shakespeare's Henry plays. Now, I am not sure how good I would ever find a modern-day Shakespeare retelling that used actual dialogue from the play rather than just the plot, but it really doesn't work at all when it's pasted on to a totally unrelated story where everyone speaks normally. So you've got the scenes where the focus is on River Phoenix where they're speaking normally (well, Keanu is still speaking woodenly, but that's to be expected), and then the next scene is from the Keanu plotline and suddenly everyone is standing around reciting Shakespeare. It's so bad, you guys. D: It sounds ridiculous.

I also found the whole thing kind of eye-rolly and OTT. :-/


Sep. 26th, 2010 07:18 pm
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So the other night I caught up on a bunch of comedies I'd downloaded over the past few days. I wasn't sure I'd continue with Modern Family this season because I find it to be very high on the embarrassment squickage. But I decided to give it a try and enjoyed this episode, so I guess I'll be keeping on with it after all. I do like the show for the most part.

The Big Bang Theory was also fun. Spoilery )

My favorite of the returning shows was definitely Community. I was just filled with relief watching it. The season finale left me with a really bad taste in my mouth, and while this does nothing to change the tranny jokes or LOL furries parts of the finale, at least it gives me hope that this season will not be the All White Women Love Jeff Show. Spoilery )

I also watched a couple new shows! I had seen billboards for Running Wilde and was vaguely interested because Will Arnett! but I hadn't realised it was actually by the creators of Arrested Development until I saw someone on my flist post about it. So I had to give it a try because of that. It is definitely funny, though not quite as wacky (or good) as Arrested Development. I have hope for it, though. Though Keri Russell! As the mother of a twelve-year-old! Ack! I mean, it's within the realm of possibility, certainly, but she's my age, so it just felt really weird. I had no idea Tobias (dunno the actor's name) was on the show as well as Arnett. He seems to be playing a similar character type, just as Arnett's character is very similar to Gob. I love the supporting characters best, like Migo and Mr Lunt. The whole thing with the tribe in the rain forest was pretty cringeworthy, though. :-/

Outsourced...I don't know. I watched a preview for it and came away with the feeling that it was all about the white guy and very much LOL Indians and that's pretty much how I felt about the first episode, too. There were some funny bits and I love Rajiv, but I don't really have high hopes for it.
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Wow, this was so much less happy-making than the Parks & Rec finale. :(

[personal profile] softestbullet has a good rundown of the good and the bad, spoilers )
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So having decided half-hour shows are much easier for me to keep up with than hour-long shows, I decided to check out Community and Parks and Recreation.

Community I loved immediately. I watched all twenty eps in two days (and then found to my dismay that it's on hiatus for a few weeks) and was totally hooked. I love Troy and Abed especially, but I don't think there's any characters I don't like.

The premise bugs me, because I hate the prejudice against community colleges and the whole elitism thing going on there, and this just perpetuates the idea that community colleges aren't real schools, that they have horrible teachers, that you can get a degree taking nothing but filler classes, and that even the real classes are a total breeze where you don't have to do any work.

I love that the cast has multiple women and multiple characters of color (even if the main character is a white male and the balance is overall more men than women and more whites than PoC) and that they're not just there as window dressing. It does play to stereotypes (Britta is the annoying unfun feminist, and I cringed at the plotlines involving Abed's family (also why are both Abed and his dad played by South Asians when the characters are Palestinian?), among other things), but thankfully not all the time.

Also...I totally ship Abed/Troy, but the nudge-nudge wink-wink thing with them and with Raj and Howard in Big Bang Theory really gets on my nerves. There are no openly queer characters on either show, so the only thing approaching queer representation we get is joking about how close male friends might be gay. Although in Community there's also the dean, which um...again, queerness played for laughs. :-/

Still, I really enjoyed it and am eagerly looking forward to more episodes.

Parks and Recreation I'm a little more ambivalent about. I watched the "whole" first season, which was only six episodes, and while I didn't dislike it, and I liked a lot of the supporting characters, the main character, Leslie, hits my embarrassment squick majorly, so it can be difficult to watch.

I really love Tom and Ann, though, and while at first I wasn't sure if I was going to continue watching, the fifth episode really hooked me. That is the episode where everyone thinks Ann and Leslie are a couple at a function, thanks to Leslie's very masculine haircut and suit. XD (That wasn't the only reason I loved that ep. Ron's speech, omg!)

So I'm downloading what there is of season two now and will see how that goes. :)

Overall I am really enjoying this foray into sitcoms. They were pretty much all I watched growing up (aside from some action shows like Magnum P.I.), but when I started watching TV again a few years ago after my long hiatus, it was all stuff that had big fandoms, like SGA and SPN, or that sounded interesting like Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty, and I find that while I can enjoy longer shows okay, I really do prefer short ones. I have trouble staying interested in a forty-minute plot, plus IMO, drama shows should have limited runs, yet networks want to draw them out forever.


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