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I finally finished watching season three tonight, woohoo! Now I just have, uh, almost all of season four to catch up on. :p But I still feel accomplished.

Spoilery for the whole season )

I think I'll take a break and watch something else before tackling season four. I have been meaning to watch Big Bang Theory, so I've got season one on my hard drive. I chose that of all the shows I have on my to-watch queue because it's a half-hour show, so if I do like it, I can get through it much quicker.
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1. I had not seen this before a couple days ago, but it is so awesome. Sometimes I just sit and watch and let it loop.

2. Bruce had his dentist appointment this morning. No prescription for the abscess. It apparently wasn't bad enough to warrant one. The doctor just looked at his mouth and talked with him a bit and said a student will call him to make an appointment to get work done... All of that was $110. *sigh* Oh, but $70 of that was for X-rays...which no one told him he needed to get, so after paying, he called me to come get him (I still had the car and it was pouring) and then they called this afternoon to say "Where'd you go? We needed to get X-rays." *headdesk* But. Whatever. Nothing to worry about with the abscess = yay. Cheaper than going to a proper dentist = yay. Having the car to be able to pick him up in the rain = yay. *brightsides*

3. Beat Crusaders' cover of Southern All Stars' Kibou no Wadachi. I'm listening to it now and it's so awesome. I love the original, too, but this is even better.

4. Brothers & Sisters. I am now about halfway through season one and it's totally become my new favorite show. It's not perfect, but it's really, really good about so many things. And the writing is great. My favorite characters are Kevin and Justin, but I love everyone.

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May. 15th, 2008 12:43 am
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I finally watched the season finale of SGA. Yeah, I hadn't watched it yet. I'm also six (tomorrow will make it seven) episodes behind on SPN. :-/ I feel like I'm at that point where neither show is interesting me that much anymore, but I need to keep watching because I want to be able to read fic.

And speaking of fic, does anyone have any recs for fics set in the alternate timeline of Last Man? I'm pretty much open to anything, so long as it's well-written.

But so. TV. I am actually excited (perhaps prematurely, seeing as I haven't watched any of it yet) about a new show! I saw a fic on [ profile] lgbtfest whose premise intrigued me, but it was in a fandom I didn't know, so I didn't read it. I did, out of curiosity, go to Wikipedia to look up the fandom. Has anyone here seen Brothers & Sisters? Because from what I can see, it totally sounds like my kind of awesome.

Bruce downloaded seasons one and two for me, and I am transferring them from his computer even as we speak.


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