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[personal profile] musesfool asked me to talk about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and as it just so happens, I am ALL FULL OF B99 FEELS at the moment, so this should be easy! I mean, I am always full of B99 feels, but after yesterday's episode, even more so. (DOUG JUDY!!! Man, I really hope there are some Yuletide fics about Doug Judy. Best minor character!)

So, Brooklyn Nine-Nine! It's an awesome show! Like with many new shows these days, I think I got interested in it due to a gif set that crossed my tumblr dash. I'm always on the lookout for new sitcoms because it's my show format of choice, and B99 really hits that sweet spot of being hilarious while almost never making me squirm with embarrassment for the characters.

I first watched it on my own, then introduced Alexander to it and rewatched it all with him (this was towards the end of season one, so there was quite a bit out), then when Irene moved back here, I got her hooked on it and we have actually watched it through twice, plus some more with Alexander when he's been over, so a lot of these episodes I've now seen four or five times, but they are still just as funny and just as awesome and I love everybody so much.

A lot of people don't like Jake, but while he's not my favorite character (that would be Boyle, Holt, or Gina - hard to pick), I do like him a lot. Especially the Doug Judy episodes! Doug Judy is wasted as a guest star. He needs to be a regular! I don't know how that would be accomplished, but I want to watch the Jake and Rosa and Doug Judy show, damn it.

So in conclusion: DOUG JUDY.

(I know I'm late to the party starting off these meme posts, but I am still taking topics if you want to ask me about something.)

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