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I love Better Off Ted so much! Tonight's episode was awesome. XD And I am going to try and work the phrase "penisly speaking" in wherever I can.

That is all.
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1. We went over to my grandparents' house last night for dinner, to visit my aunt and uncle and cousin who were down from Oregon. My mom couldn't come by and pick us up, so we took the bus, and it actually ended up being not that bad. We left an hour before we were supposed to be there, just in case, but it only took like 40 minutes total (however, the 7 came right when we walked up to the stop and we didn't have to wait that long to transfer to the 14, either, so it could have taken the full hour or more if we'd had to wait longer for the bus). The 14 let us off right at Palms so we only had like six blocks or so to walk. Not bad! (Of course most of the times we would be going over there for a family gathering would be weekends or holidays, so the buses wouldn't be running as often and it would probably take longer, so it's a good thing my mom can usually pick us up (and she did take us home after)).

2. I forgot to mention the other day, but we found some really tasty ice cream the last time we went to the little market by us. I can't remember the brand, but they were itty bitty 4 oz cups for like $1.50, and I got one that was saffron and one that was...something that started with an m, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Both were really tasty. The m one tasted oddly like red beans, even though that wasn't what it was at all.

3. I've never actually eaten at Quizno's, but this video is awesome.

4. Man, I am really in love with Better Off Ted. Are any of you besides [ profile] stringedgyre watching it? Every time Portia de Rossi is on the screen, I feel a burst of nostalgic love for Arrested Development (and this video makes me love her even more). But even aside from her, the show is great. I love Lem and Phil, and Ted himself, and the girl he likes whose name I can't remember. This week's episode didn't have Ted's daughter, which I was glad for, because she was the low point of the first episode. I can't stand that character type (the precocious elementary school aged kid who knows everything and gives advice). The show is so much better than that.

5. Still this:


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