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1. Oh man, I was trying not to get too excited for Arrested Development because what if it wasn't that good? But it is that good. It is so good! *_* I'm trying not to zip through it too fast, but I've already watched the first five episodes today, which is a third of the new season.

2. It's so nice to have a day off and then another day off after it! I really do prefer to have my days off broken up so that I don't have all my time off at once and then five days of work, but tomorrow is a bonus day off, so I'll still have Friday off as usual.

3. Alexander and I went out to lunch today. We had decided to go down to Little Tokyo to Strawberry Cones pizza, but when we got there, we found it was closed. :( (I just took a look at Yelp and it looks like their other So Cal location is closed, too.) I'm sad I only got to eat there twice as it was super delicious. Instead we ate at Manna Korean BBQ, which has now gone in at the same mall (former Yaohan/Mitsuwa, now Woori Market). We got there at like 3.15 and slid in just before the cut-off for their lunch prices. :D

Speaking of the mall, it really seems to be pepping up, which is nice. The second and third floor space above the grocery store area has been pretty much boarded up and dead since it stopped being Yaohan, but now the second floor is a large Korean housewares store and the third floor is a huge fancy bowling alley/arcade/restaurant place called X Lanes. There were still some empty shops on the first and second floor (the old Asahiya space is still empty except for a corner by the front which has become a Tom N Toms), but in general the place is looking a lot better than it has been for years.

Before we left we got Beard Papa and a bunch of delicious pastries from the Bliss Bakery inside the market, too. :D

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