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So I finished watching S2 of Andy Richter Controls the Universe a week or so ago. I can't say I am sorry it was as short as it was. It had quite a few funny moments, but there was a lot of cringeworthy stuff, too. (Like omg please if your cast is entirely white please please don't have an episode all about racism and affirmative action. That episode was so horrible, I have no words and can only flail in response.) And the ghost of the company founder, wtf? I really don't know what the point of him was. Since he exists entirely in Andy's head, he basically functions as a way for Andy to say sexist and racist things but attribute them to someone else. So we can all laugh at the evil old man...except he's in Andy's head! So those are Andy's thoughts!

I think overall I liked the show best as a sort of pre-Better Off Ted. Keith is clearly a Ted template, Jessica is Veronica but less Veronica-ish, etc. And of course I loved Byron. Better Off Ted was just so, so, so much better, though. So much less faily, but also just better overall.

And then there was Leverage! Brief spoilers for eps 5&6 )
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Goodness Gracious Me
Goodness Gracious Me is a half-hour sketch comedy show about British Asians.

So far I've just watched the first series. I actually think maybe this is better suited to just watching clips on youtube than watching it in half-hour chunks. A lot of the sketches are very funny, but they also tend to have themes over the course of an episode and those often get run into the ground.

There's also a fair bit that goes over my head, but I did enjoy it and will probably watch the second and third series as well.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Andy Richter Controls the Universe is a sitcom starring Andy Richter, who is apparently Conan O'Brien's sidekick, but I never watch his show, so I had not actually heard of him. I did remember why I had wanted to watch this in the first place, though! It's by the same guy who did Better Off Ted and also stars Jonathan Slavin, who plays Phil on Ted.

I can see the similarities between the two shows, though Ted is way better. Slavin's character is awesome, though. He should be in more shows!

I have just watched season one so far, which is only six episodes (and season two isn't a full season, either). The first episode put me off a bit, as Andy comes off as a whiny Nice Guy, but I warmed to it pretty quickly (and he's not as bad as the first episode makes him seem) and there have been a lot of times I actually laughed out loud. I will watch season two for sure, but I certainly am not all broken up over it being cancelled. Not like with Better Off Ted. :(

Leverage is back! In pog form! I watched the first four episodes of this season, but have been too lazy to post individual episode reactions. Sliiiiiiight spoilers )


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