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1. I slept for like ten hours last night. That was nice.

2. I've been getting back into cooking more lately. Today all three of my meals were something I made myself.

3. I really enjoy the Wednesday reading posts, both reading other people's and doing my own. I've been feeling so blah about reviewing stuff, just totally burnt out on it, so this is a nice way to just talk a little about what I've been reading without feeling like I need to do a formal review. And I like the structure of the questions and having it on a specific day, too. That makes me less likely to put it off and just not do it.

4. I started watching Modern Family again and am enjoying it. I had stopped watching it partway through season two because it was just too many embarrassing moments and it felt like I was fastforwarding through half of every episode, but I'm doing better with it this time. I kept seeing cute gif sets of the older girl they got for Lily in seasons three and four and she's just so cute and actually talking and being a part of the show rather than just a prop and it made me want to give it another try. I didn't just want to jump in with the newest episodes, though, so I went back and am starting from where I left off. (I finished up all of season two tonight.)

5. Speaking of TV, I really loved this week's Adventure Time. The pillow people were so cute!
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1. I meant to do more things today than I did, as usual, but I didn't really get much done. I did some housework and made a phone call I'd been dreading and played some Lego LotR and read manga and faffed about on the internets. A pretty relaxing day off, all in all.

2. I had two episodes of Adventure Time to watch and they were both awesome! I loved "Davey" because Finn wanting to be normal was great. His job sweeping the floor! His log cabin! Also Beemo the thief! And then the next episode, which I can't remember the title of, was even better. Lemongrab! Treetrunks! Ice King! But mostly Lemongrab. Ahaha, he is really underused on this show. Spoilers )

3. I have been kind of meh on the trickster arc here on Homestuck, but I really liked today's update. Spoilers! )

4. Someone at work gave me a couple avocados the other day and today they were nice and ripe so I mashed them up and mixed them with some salsa and they were delicious! The only problem is I had only a tiny bit of chips left, so now I need to buy more chips.


Oct. 28th, 2012 11:56 pm
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Parks & Rec
I have to say, I'm liking the way Ben and Leslie are split up geographically this season. I found them cute at first, but it started to get old after a while, and this way they're more interacting with other people than just each other. I'm especially enjoying Team Ben and April as they are hilarious together. I also really liked last week's episode with Tom's internet addiction. XD

New Girl
I am now caught up with ALL the episodes and really enjoying it (though I miss having a ton of eps to just watch all in a row). I am utterly baffled, however, that the writers seem to be under the impression that if you are laid off from a teaching job, you can never ever be a teacher again. It's like they think you only get one chance and then you have to choose another job. If they wanted Jess to get a different job, surely there would be a better way to write it rather than this, which makes me want to yell at the screen every time she mopes about how she can no longer teach and they have Moments when they try to cheer her up.

Another thing I don't like is how Cece seems to disappear from the scene if she's not dating Schmidt. I was originally disappointed at how little BFF interaction there was between her and Jess, but then once she got serious with Schmidt, she was on a lot and I was like yay, Cece! (Even though I was still disappointed that there was not much focus on her and Jess, just her and Schmidt.) And now that they broke up, we barely see her anymore. :(

(And then when we do get an episode that is about Cece and Jess, it's all about them fighting, plus it has the models, which just...ugh. Nadia is like a female Borat, just a jumble of bad Russian stereotypes, and all the other models are always airheads. :-/)

Adventure Time
Oh man, right in the feels! The only "spoiler" I saw for I Remember You was some gifs of Ice King saying he wanted to form a band with Marceline, which just sounded like the usual Adventure Time hilarity, so I was utterly unprepared. I hope they explore that backstory some more. (I haven't watched the season finale yet, but from the title it doesn't seem like it will focus on Ice King and/or Marceline.)

The Mindy Project
Not sure how much longer I am going to try to stick with this. -_- It seems to get worse and worse with each episode. Does she really need to have "teehee I'm racist" be part of her characterisation? And I was right about the new nurse being a bad clone of Andy from Parks & Rec. The whole bathroom attendant thing was even something Andy did!

I still haven't watched Elementary yet, but I feel like I have due to all the meta I read. XD I just have this weird block about ~serious~ shows. It's been ages since I watched anything but sitcoms and cartoons and for some reason I am having major avoidance when it comes to anything else. :-/
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Also I am just generally loving this show. It is pretty darn awesome! I wish there were more Marceline, though, as she is definitely my favorite character after Finn and Jake.


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