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1. Day off tomorrow yay! I'm excited about that.

2. The daifuku that I love are on sale again this week! I don't understand why they are so much better than other daifuku because they are just plain white ones? But they are just really, really good.

3. Got a lot done at work today.

4. Despite really dragging my feet on the translation, I got a new chapter of Yasha posted before the end of the month! It's definitely a lot easier having someone else do the typesetting, etc.

5. I watched a bunch of shows! The second episode of Sleepy Hollow was great. Adventure Time was great (though not quite as great as last week's). I watched the season premieres of Modern Family and Parks & Rec and liked them a lot. I especially loved Parks & Rec spoilers )

I still haven't watched Elementary, but will probably do so tomorrow. Oh! And thanks to a post on tumblr, I saw that season two of Some Girls has started, too! I checked Wikipedia a month or so ago and it still had no info other than "late 2013". So I've got the first episode of that to watch, too.
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I'm just going to put all the anime I've watched since I started watching anime again, since it's really not that much and I didn't talk about them much when I was actually watching them.

Dangan Ronpa
Currently airing (8 eps so far)

A bunch of kids are locked in a school by a sadistic teddy bear and told they have to kill each other. )

Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)
Currently airing (7 eps so far)

Slice of life comedy set at a farming school in Hokkaido )

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Currently airing (20 eps so far)

Humanity is under attack by giants who eat people )

Hataraku Maou-sama (The Devil Is a Part-Timer)
(13 episodes, complete)

Comedy about a demon lord who finds himself on Earth and gets a job at McDonald's )

Tiger & Bunny
(25 episodes, complete)

Superheroes fight crime as a sort of reality TV )

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
(12 episodes, complete)

Dark take on the magical girl genre )

(22 episodes, complete)

Kind of like The Minority Report )

Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe)
(50 episodes, complete)

Surreal slice of life comedy about anthropomorphic animals )

WHEW! That was a lot of writing! D:

TV roundup

Aug. 18th, 2013 10:52 pm
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I thought of maybe doing something more structured, like the weekly reading posts, but I don't always have things to say about every new episode of stuff that I watch, so instead I'll just do a big dump of stuff I've watched lately (where by "lately", I mean in the past several months, I guess). I tend to mention stuff in passing occasionally, but I thought maybe a more detailed post might be fun (I really enjoyed [personal profile] thingswithwings's giant TV report she did a while back).

Orange Is the New Black
Dramedy about life in a women's prison )

Call the Midwife
Midwives in 1950s London )

Pretty sure everyone knows what this one is about )

The Fosters
Teen/family drama about an interracial lesbian couple and their kids )

Poor family struggles to get by while dealing with drunken deadbeat dad )

Whew! That was a lot of writing! I actually have more shows I wanted to talk about, but they are all anime, so I will save that for another post!
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1. My cold seems to be gone already. Glad it stayed just a tiny one. (On the other hand, as soon as my cold was over, my hips decided to hurt really badly yesterday and today. It seems like lately it's been one thing after another. *headdesk*)

2. I got so much done at work today! Still nowhere near actually catching up, but I am very close to being done with all the June invoices, at least. And while I don't usually have a lot of time on Wednesdays to do paperwork, I'm hoping to get the last bit of June done tomorrow, so I can at least not be more than a full month behind. :p

3. Speaking of work, they hired another new girl today. The guy they most recently hired is really not working out, plus the wee high schooler they hired quit already, so we're back to being short-handed. This girl seemed nice, so I hope she works out.

4. We have these really delicious daifuku on sale this week and I've gotten totally hooked. They're big ones (like the kind you buy in a single-serving package), but come five in a bag and the sale is $2.89 or something like that, so it's a really good deal considering they single-serve ones are a dollar or more each. Tomorrow is the last day of the sale, but assuming we have any left, I'm probably going to buy another bag or two. ^_^;;

5. I watched two more episodes of Orange Is the New Black tonight and it's definitely better than the first episode. The annoying well-off white girl is still the main character, but just like the first episode focused on her backstory, the rest of the episodes seem to be focusing on other inmates' backstories. And the main character has grown on me some.
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1. I got a package from Irene in the mail today. :D Among other things, it contained some Jaffa Cake-like cookies with black currant jam in them.

2. Mikawaya Exottics ice cream is on sale again at work this week and since I tried (and loved) the plum wine and taro ones last time, this time I decided to try the yuzu and ginger ones. I had some of the yuzu one tonight and it was so good! Though I still think taro is my favorite.

3. I finally got past level 88 of Candy Crush today. I'd been stuck on it for way too long.

4. I started watching Orange Is the New Black finally. Only watched the first episode tonight, which was okay, but not what fannish osmosis had led me to believe. I'm hoping that with the intro out of the way it will be less focus on the "oh poor me" well-off white lady and more of an ensemble. (I knew it was based on her memoir, so I expected that she would be a character, but wasn't expecting it to be all her, all the time.)

5. Not a hugely productive day at work today, but I did get a fair amount of stuff done.
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1. I watched the first episode of Silver Spoon tonight. Ahhhh, it's so great! I mean, I knew it would be, since I love, love, love the manga, but still. ♥

2. There was so much cute stuff on my tumblr dash today. My favorite is this baby pig and his ice cream, which actually made me gasp out loud and say "oh my god" when I saw it. SO CUTE!! *_*

3. I'm really enjoying The Fosters. I just watched last week's episode tonight and posted a bit about it on tumblr, so I'll c&p here, too.

So, the character of Lexi is a latina girl, Marianna's best friend and now dating Jesus. Her parents are very religious and strict. They invite Jesus to go to a church camp with them and Lexi, and Stef and Lena are worried that Lexi's parents don't approve of them being gay, and that Jesus might be exposed to a lot of anti-lgbt stuff at this camp.

They have Lexi's parents over for dinner and at the same time, Stef's dad comes over unexpected and ends up joining them. Now, earlier in the episode, we had first been introduced to Stef's dad, and it turns out he is a Christian and believes homosexuality is wrong, etc. When Stef brings up her worries with Lexi's parents at dinner, they quickly reassure her that nothing like that would happen and that they fully support Stef and Lena and have nothing against gay people. Then Stef's dad starts to argue with them about how can they go against official Catholic policy, how can they pick and choose what to believe, etc. and they take him down.

So not only is the show not doing the whole "all Christians are anti-gay" thing and showing that there are different views, but they also had the white Christian man be the anti-gay one and the latino family the accepting ones. (And previously Lena's mom (a black woman) had been shown to not have any problem with her daughter being gay, either.)
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1. Wednesdays are not usually a day when I get a lot done at work because I have to change the signs for the new week's sale, which takes about half of my day including printing and cutting up the signs, etc. But I did manage to tackle a bit of the backlog.

2. I'm so glad to have my favorite cashier back fulltime! He was down to working just 12 hours a week for a couple months due to some family stuff, but now he's back. Not only do I get along with him really well and just like having him around in general, he's always willing to help me out with stuff if he has some free time.

Not only has my inbox been piling up with stuff, but the stuff I'm done with and need to file has been piling up, too, because there's no room in the filing cabinet. >_< So I asked him yesterday if he could take out all the invoices from January to May and box them up and he did and now I can actually file stuff!

3. I finally finished watching Hannibal yesterday! Overall I really enjoyed it. I was totally spoiled for a lot of stuff, because early on I was on the fence about continuing watching it (the first episode really didn't impress me that much) so I read a lot of discussion for future episodes, including the finale. I still don't understand how nobody suspects Hannibal, though, with his creepy face and creepy demeanor. Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to season two.

4. I started watching Dangan Ronpa and am enjoying it, though not wowed as of yet. Despite seeing tons of talk about it on my tumblr flist and on ffa, I have managed to remain completely unspoiled for it and am going to try and stay that way, since at least so far it doesn't really have anything else going for it other than the mystery.

5. Tonight's Futurama was great, especially the Scooby Doo parody.
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1. So nice having two days off!

2. I went out to lunch with my mom today, but otherwise just stayed home and had a restful day.

3. Both yesterday and today I woke up on my own between ten and ten-thirty. Pretty sure that's about when I woke up on Wednesday, too. As much as I like sleeping in, I don't want to be sleeping in til noon or later on my days off (or Wednesdays, when I don't have to be to work until noon). Ideally I'd like to wake up before my alarm even on regular work days, because I hate getting jerked awake by the alarm, but that will require going to bed earlier on a regular basis, which I keep trying for but not managing.

4. I finished watching Tiger & Bunny today. It was kind of slow going at first for me and I wasn't really that into it, but at about the halfway point I started getting more interested. (Though I really hate the trope of "everyone turns on the main character".)

5. The weather's been cooling off a fair bit. Still humid, but in the low 70s and overcast.
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1. Had a fun day with Alexander. Karaoke, Curry House, and hanging out.

2. I uploaded those fireworks videos from yesterday. They turned out pretty nice! There's one of the beginning, then I took a break to try some still photos (which didn't turn out well) and to rest my arms, then I took another short video, then a break, and then filmed the entire end of the show, so there's three videos.

3. Finally had a chance to watch the last episode of Hataraku Maou-sama! tonight. I really enjoyed that show a lot! I'm definitely going to read the books.
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1. I had a nice, restful day off, which included sleeping in, taking a nap, and not going anywhere. I wish I'd gotten more stuff done, but eh.

2. In "games I forgot ever existed" news, I was poking around the Wii U shop some more and saw they had another 30 cent sale going on, this time for the old Yoshi NES game. I'm sure I must have rented it at least once back in the day (pretty sure I never owned it), but I'd totally forgotten about it. Honestly, it's worth about 30 cents. XD Fun for a little bit, but probably not something I'm ever going to play a whole lot. I remember liking Yoshi's Cookie more.

3. I started watching a new show called The Fosters about an interracial lesbian couple and their kids. I'm enjoying it so far (just watched the first episode, but I did download episode two as well).

4. I was really stressing out about trying to get something done for [community profile] kink_bingo and just feeling really uninspired, no matter what option I pondered, so I just decided to sit out the next round. I think that will be for the best!
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1. Day off tomorrow. Excite!

2. Thank god for energy drinks. I didn't sleep well last night (or rather, this morning). I didn't have that much trouble falling asleep, but I woke up several times in the early morning super hungry and unable to get back to sleep because of hunger pains. But I also didn't want to get up and really have a full meal because I worried it would wake me up too much and make me unable to get back to sleep. So I got up the first time and had a banana and some milk. But then woke up again not that long after, so I got up again and had a small bowl of cereal. Then I woke up again ten minutes before my alarm and my stomach was still hurting and I felt weak from hunger. wtf? It's not like I'd skipped meals the day before or anything! Ugh. So I was super tired when I went into work, but bought that lemon tea Monster that I got hooked on when we had them on sale last month (regular price after tax & crv is $2 though ugh ugh ugh) and that perked me up for the rest of the day.

3. I actually managed not to have any soda today. I'm really trying to stop again, and while I did have the energy drink, which means I didn't avoid caffiene altogether, I did avoid the carbonation, which has been giving me trouble as well.

4. Oh, and speaking of sleeping, I do think the new bed has been making it easier to get to sleep? I still have trouble, because my problems were not just about the horrible old bed, but the uncomfortable bed was definitely contributing and I feel like it's been a bit easier to fall asleep now that I've gotten used to the new bed/mattress. (Which I really like, btw! I am pleased with that choice!)

5. I tried out a couple new (to me) shows lately based on this TV roundup by [personal profile] thingswithwings. My Mad Fat Diary sounded really interesting when I read about it, but I just couldn't watch it. I made it through the first episode, but had to pause about a million times, and I gave up partway through the second. I just couldn't take watching her be awkward and try to make friends. Too close to home.

I did enjoy the first season of Call the Midwife, though, and tonight downloaded the Christmas special and season two.
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1. Oh man, I was trying not to get too excited for Arrested Development because what if it wasn't that good? But it is that good. It is so good! *_* I'm trying not to zip through it too fast, but I've already watched the first five episodes today, which is a third of the new season.

2. It's so nice to have a day off and then another day off after it! I really do prefer to have my days off broken up so that I don't have all my time off at once and then five days of work, but tomorrow is a bonus day off, so I'll still have Friday off as usual.

3. Alexander and I went out to lunch today. We had decided to go down to Little Tokyo to Strawberry Cones pizza, but when we got there, we found it was closed. :( (I just took a look at Yelp and it looks like their other So Cal location is closed, too.) I'm sad I only got to eat there twice as it was super delicious. Instead we ate at Manna Korean BBQ, which has now gone in at the same mall (former Yaohan/Mitsuwa, now Woori Market). We got there at like 3.15 and slid in just before the cut-off for their lunch prices. :D

Speaking of the mall, it really seems to be pepping up, which is nice. The second and third floor space above the grocery store area has been pretty much boarded up and dead since it stopped being Yaohan, but now the second floor is a large Korean housewares store and the third floor is a huge fancy bowling alley/arcade/restaurant place called X Lanes. There were still some empty shops on the first and second floor (the old Asahiya space is still empty except for a corner by the front which has become a Tom N Toms), but in general the place is looking a lot better than it has been for years.

Before we left we got Beard Papa and a bunch of delicious pastries from the Bliss Bakery inside the market, too. :D
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1. I'm going to have to work Friday evening, which I'm not thrilled about, but at least it's in the evening so I can still sleep in, and since I have to cut hours elsewhere in order to be able to work Friday, I am not going in until two tomorrow, so I can sleep in then, too. :D (In fact, while I will set my alarm for one just in case, I will almost certainly be able to wake up without the alarm, which is always nice. I hate being jerked out of sleep like I was this morning.)

2. Tried another new Graze snack today. :) Summer berry compote )

3. I had french toast for dinner, and not just any french toast, but raisin bread french toast. So good!

4. I finally finished watching Madoka Magica. It was pretty good! It's not my favorite thing ever (the first half especially was kind of boring, and if I hadn't known vague spoilery stuff about it that made me want to keep going, I would probably have dropped it), but I enjoyed it. Mostly I'm glad to have watched it because it's one of those things that everyone seems to always be talking about and referencing and now I know what they're talking about!
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1. Got a call today to schedule my bed delivery and they said they can deliver it tomorrow! I'm very happy about that, since otherwise I would have had to work half and half on Friday and Saturday, since they are already going to be kind of short-handed this Saturday and I would need to be there at least for a couple hours in the morning. But now I don't have to worry about any of that. :) Also tomorrow night I should be sleeping on my new bed!

2. The internet was out at work today. Again. Apparently whatever they thought got fixed on Tuesday didn't actually, so this time they were going to have the faulty whatever it was completely replaced. But someone couldn't come out and do it until like 6pm, so we were without internet the whole day. And just like Monday, it was order day. Gah! But at least I had more stuff to keep me busy today than Monday, and hopefully after today's repairs it will really for real be fixed.

3. Today was my coworker's last day and she brought in spam musubi and a cake for everyone, both of which were delicious.

4. Tried another Graze snack. :) el picante )

5. Tonight's Community was so great! Definitely my favorite so far this season, and up there with the paintball episodes as one of my all-time favorites.
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1. I slept for like ten hours last night. That was nice.

2. I've been getting back into cooking more lately. Today all three of my meals were something I made myself.

3. I really enjoy the Wednesday reading posts, both reading other people's and doing my own. I've been feeling so blah about reviewing stuff, just totally burnt out on it, so this is a nice way to just talk a little about what I've been reading without feeling like I need to do a formal review. And I like the structure of the questions and having it on a specific day, too. That makes me less likely to put it off and just not do it.

4. I started watching Modern Family again and am enjoying it. I had stopped watching it partway through season two because it was just too many embarrassing moments and it felt like I was fastforwarding through half of every episode, but I'm doing better with it this time. I kept seeing cute gif sets of the older girl they got for Lily in seasons three and four and she's just so cute and actually talking and being a part of the show rather than just a prop and it made me want to give it another try. I didn't just want to jump in with the newest episodes, though, so I went back and am starting from where I left off. (I finished up all of season two tonight.)

5. Speaking of TV, I really loved this week's Adventure Time. The pillow people were so cute!
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1. I watched the season premiere of Community and really liked it. Spoilers )

Parks and Rec was also fun. Spoilers here, too )

2. I finished typing up the worst of the inventory stuff at work. They gave us a new form to use this year and it's easier to use, which is nice.

3. Payday today.
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1. I meant to do more things today than I did, as usual, but I didn't really get much done. I did some housework and made a phone call I'd been dreading and played some Lego LotR and read manga and faffed about on the internets. A pretty relaxing day off, all in all.

2. I had two episodes of Adventure Time to watch and they were both awesome! I loved "Davey" because Finn wanting to be normal was great. His job sweeping the floor! His log cabin! Also Beemo the thief! And then the next episode, which I can't remember the title of, was even better. Lemongrab! Treetrunks! Ice King! But mostly Lemongrab. Ahaha, he is really underused on this show. Spoilers )

3. I have been kind of meh on the trickster arc here on Homestuck, but I really liked today's update. Spoilers! )

4. Someone at work gave me a couple avocados the other day and today they were nice and ripe so I mashed them up and mixed them with some salsa and they were delicious! The only problem is I had only a tiny bit of chips left, so now I need to buy more chips.
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1. Made my last trip to the post office before Christmas. It wasn't too bad today, thankfully, though I had to stand in line even though I could have used the self-service machine, because the machine was out of labels or something and wouldn't let me use it. (Most of the time I am either mailing international packages or media mail, neither of which can be done self-service, but today was actually just plain old priority mail flat rate boxes, super simple and totally something I could have done on the machine!)

2. I watched the first episode of Some Girls tonight, a new BBC show that [personal profile] marina recced the other day. (She also did a picspam.) It's about four teenage best friends who live on the same council estate, and unlike the similarly-titled US show Girls, doesn't feature an all-white cast. I really loved it so far and if I didn't have work in the morning, would totally stay up and watch another episode or two!

3. If you play Draw Something, you should open the app at least once a day, even if you don't have any new games, because it's "Drawcember" and you get free coins and bombs every day. Sometimes it's just like five or ten coins, but today it was seventy. O_o

4. I made a chocolate chip lemon cake with chocolate frosting tonight. The chocolate chips all sank to the bottom, but it's very tasty!

5. SOCKS. Wow, socks are awesome. They really keep your feet warm, don't they? I finally broke down and switched to my winter slippers* today so that I could wear socks in the house and omg it makes such a difference. I feel warm again. It is amazing!

*I have two pairs of slippers for wearing in the house. The pair I am calling my summer pair has a thing between the toes, so I can't really wear socks (unless I buy tabi or toe socks, neither of which I am interested in). But they are much more comfortable and fit me better than the ones I can wear socks with. So I have been really enjoying them in the warmer weather and really resisted switching to my other pair, especially since I had a couple years where I wore the winter ones non-stop due to a weird nerve issue with one of my big toes where it was numb all the time on the tip and only by wearing socks could I keep myself from constantly noticing and being bothered by it. But that cleared up earlier this year just as mysteriously as it started, so now I don't have to wear socks constantly! And I can't just wear socks and no slippers, because A. I don't vacuum as often as I should and then my socks would get dirty really fast, and B. the wood floor in the computer room (where I spend most of my time), is unfinished wood and years of rolling desk chairs across it has led to it being really awful and splintery.)
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1. We were already short-handed today and then someone called in sick, so I was constantly being called out to the register for stuff, but I did still manage to get quite a bit done. Also the person who called in sick has tomorrow off already, so at least I don't have to worry about her not showing up again.

2. Looking forward to being able to sleep in a little tomorrow.

3. I had a couple episodes of The Mindy Project to catch up on and I started watching the first of the two and it started off with her doing this ridiculous coy teehee I'm wearing your shirt but it doesn't fit me 'cause I'm just a girl (literally what she said) thing to her super jerkass boyfriend and I was just like...why am I making myself watch this? It's not going to get better, because it's clear that this is the show she wants to write, and in fact it's probably only going to continue to get worse, so. I gave myself permission to stop watching and I felt so relieved! It's really hard for me to stop watching or reading things even if I don't enjoy them anymore, because I just really feel like if I started something I have to finish.

TV calendar

Nov. 5th, 2012 10:37 pm
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Aside from The Simpsons, which has been on Sundays forever, I can't keep track of what day things air on, so I keep forgetting to download! >_<

Adventure Time

Happy Endings
New Girl
The Mindy Project
Go On

Polar Bear Cafe

Parks & Rec

Gravity Falls

My Little Pony

The Simpsons
Bob's Burgers

I think that's it?? I can't even keep track of what shows I'm watching, much less when they air. -_-

(And yet I'm thinking of adding more... Now that I broke my weird avoidance for hour-long shows by watching Elementary, maybe I should check out some other longer shows. I'm still mostly interested in sitcoms and cartoons, though.)


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