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1. I have been having lots of anxiety/avoidance issues lately, but today I managed to do three things I had been avoiding. (It's really ridiculous stuff, too. Like opening mail or reading emails.)

2. Everybody loved my banana muffins today. There was also all sorts of other goodies. One vendor gave us a large box of fancy cookies, a couple others gave fruit, and one of my co-workers brought in pizza from Domenico's, which I'd never heard of (not surprising, since it's in Pasadena and I don't go to Pasadena very often), but it was really good.

3. I volunteered to go in to work for half a day tomorrow because it looks like they might be short on cashiers and need some extra help, but at least I don't have to go in until 1.30, so I can still sleep in a lot. (And hopefully will be able to do some Yuletide writing when I get home.)

4. I started World 4 in Super Mario Galaxy tonight and am really loving it! Maybe my favorite world so far. I particularly liked the planet where you have to stomp to flip between sides (though I never like upside-down controls) and the Chomp factory.

5. I got my [community profile] white_lotus assignment! I only matched on one of the requests, but that one is a very good match, so I'm excited about it. (And my recipient is good with media other than fic, which is a relief. I want to write fic, but it's nice to know I have other options if my brain is not cooperating.)
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1. I still really didn't feel like decorating the tree, so I decided to go to Rite Aid and see if they had any smaller trees and maybe some lights. (The tree I have is not huge, maybe five feet, but it's still a lot of decorating for one person to do, especially if I'm the only one who's going to be enjoying it. Also the lights I had last year burned out, so I needed new ones anyway.) I ended up getting a little 32" tree (already marked down from $14 to $10!), which came with ornaments (crap) and lights (only white ones), but I bought a couple more strings of colored lights as well and put one on the tree and one on the mantel. And while I didn't put any ornaments on the tree, I did get out all the Christmas penguins and Santa Winnie the Pooh and set them up around it, so now the living room looks nice and festive. I couldn't care less about Jesus or anything religious about the holiday, but I really do like Christmas trees and lights! (Also presents.)

2. And speaking of presents, I also got all the wrapping done. My mom is the only person I'm wrapping presents for this year, so rather than wrap all the books I bought her together in one box/stack, I wrapped a bunch separately, so there's like five packages around the tree to go with the holiday penguins and such.

3. As seems to be my luck these days, it rained when I was coming home from Rite Aid (ughhhhh), which was especially annoying since I was awkwardly carrying this Christmas tree box on my bike, but thankfully it was Sunday and rainy, so there weren't many pedestrians out and about and I just rode back home on the sidewalk. With the combination of rain and awkward box, I really would have feared for my life riding in the street!

4. A week or so ago one of the produce companies we buy from at work gave us a whole box of oroblancos as a gift and everyone got to take one. Although we sell them, I'd never had one before, but I finally ate mine today and it was really good! It's grapefruity but sweeter.

5. Today's Mario thoughts: The tree slide is way more fun than the water slides! (I hope there are no water slides in this game, but I won't hold my breath.) I also actually enjoyed the first rolling ball level. I did die a couple times trying to knock that silver chomp off the platform, but the rest of it was great (and even the chomp wasn't bad) and I loved that there were checkpoints. I also like that the comets stay where they are rather than moving all over the place at random, and also the fact that there's more variety in the type of comet levels you get. Oh! And I like how many pseudo sidescrolling levels there are. (If only the whole game were like that! XD)
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1. I...pretty much did not do anything after coming home from work except read my flists and play Mario? D: But Mario is really fun! And frustrating. I hate the hot pepper power up and hope it doesn't show up too often, though the rock power up is pretty fun (slightly hard to control, but nowhere near as bad as the pepper). Did the first bee!Mario level of this game and enjoyed it. Beat world 2!Bowser (pretty easy). Am annoyed that in this game Peach only sends letters with a single mushroom rather than five. Quit being so stingy, Peach! I'm at 20 stars total now (that seemed like a good ending point for the night) and expect I'll play quite a bit more tomorrow (though hopefully will actually get some other stuff done, since this week has been pretty dire productivity-wise).

2. There were MOAR Christmas gifts at work today! One of the demo ladies brought in Krispy Kremes for everyone (I had a red velvet one!) and another vendor sent a box of See's.

3. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and maybe putting up the Christmas tree. Still haven't 100% decided if I want to put it up this year (especially since the old TV is sitting on the floor in the dining room where I would want to put the tree), but I do like the lights...
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1. First paycheck after my raise. Woohoo, monies! Though I must wave goodbye to half of it right off the bat to pay my mom back for the TV I bought last week. :p (Since I got it at Costco and I am not a member, I had to have her pay and then pay her back.)

2. And speaking of new TV, I have reeeeeeeeally been enjoying it for playing Mario Galaxy 2! Which I have also been enjoying a lot! Tonight I played about five levels, I think, which is more than I meant to play (I'd like to keep it to just a couple levels a day unless it's my day off), but it's just so much fun! The first boss was great, and I really love the level where you first get the cloud power-up. (The cloud power-up itself is pretty fun, too, though I don't like how limited most of the Galaxy power-ups are, like only being able to make three clouds or the time limit on the ice and fire flowers.)

3. I signed up for the [community profile] white_lotus exchange! I almost gave up in the middle because that is really an overwhelming list of characters and pairings to choose from, but I soldiered on!

4. Tis the season when vendors are bringing us Christmas presents at work. Today someone brought a gift box of Kelley's Kookies, which was then put out for everyone in the break room. Glad I was working today, because there's not going to be any left for anyone tomorrow. XD (By the time I left at 6.30 there was hardly anything left.

5. I've spent a lot of time the past few days reading through the friending meme. *waves at new people* I should make an "about me" post or something soon.
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1. I stopped listening to the radio after high school because it's just so annoying and full of commercials. And then there was internet radio, which has less/no commercials, but I just never got into it because of laziness until I started at my current job and we have Pandora on all the time. I still never listen to it at home (even though I created an account) because I just don't think about it, but I like how much new music I'm exposed to that way. Because otherwise it seems like I have been getting stuck in a rut the past few years, not feeling like I have the time or energy to download unknown stuff and sort through it to see if I like it or not.

2. I had been thinking about how I would like a larger TV, because while the one I have is not small (I think it's 24" or something like that), it is less than ideal when I'm sitting all the way across the room on the sofa. So I had been thinking about maybe getting myself a new TV for Christmas, but not really seriously considering it, but then I got this raise and was like, well, okay!

I looked at TVs the other day at Best Buy, but had been planning to get something off Amazon until I realised that delivery would be a huge hassle since I'm not home much these days, and it's not like I could have it delivered to work since I don't have a car to bring it home. So today when I went to Costco with my mom, I just took a look at the TVs they had there and found one I liked and now I have a new 40" TV! I'm determined not to go on Amazon and see what the price is there or if I could have gotten something else cheaper or what. For once buying something offline was the more convenient solution, so I paid for that.

I played a bit of Mario tonight and it looks great! My mom asked me if I was going to get cable now that I have a big fancy TV and I was like lol no. I watch actual TV shows and movies in a tiny window on my computer monitor like God intended. This is just for gaming. :)

(I don't know, maybe if I had a laptop still I'd want to watch stuff out there on the sofa, but really I just prefer having a small window open and doing work on the same screen.)

3. Down to just fifteen stars left on Mario Galaxy! I think what with the TV and all I won't be buying myself a game for Christmas after all, but I am getting Lego LotR from my mom, so there will be that. Plus maybe I will try playing through Galaxy as Luigi if I can manage to get all 120 stars.

It's a big if, since the remaining stages are mostly really hard (for me) stuff (there are a few that are easy or at least not super hard, but I haven't done them yet because the whims of the comets keep giving me other stages instead), but I have beaten some that were giving me a lot of trouble (I did the Freezeflame purple comet tonight, and I had trouble with that before). But ughhhh just thinking about some of the remaining ones...

There's the Dusty Dunes purple comet, which I have played so many times and inevitably fall in the quicksand at some point. Then there's the green star rolling ball (died so many times without getting across the first area) and manta surfing (keep surfing right into those black holes, Mario). Oh, and the shadow race in Gold Leaf. I'm so bad at that, guys. So bad. (I find the shadow races to be the hardest of the regular comets in general, but this is the worst for me.) And Dreadnought purple comet! omg the Battlerock one was bad enough, I'm dreading (ha) this one. Haven't had it come up yet, but I did watch the let's play.
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1. I had a coupon for three footlong subs for $14 at Subway that expired today and I thought I wasn't going to get to use it after all because it has been raining so much, but this afternoon it stopped raining for a while, so I walked over and got my subs. :)

2. I hate vacuuming when it's dark because I always feel like the light isn't good enough and I'm missing stuff, so it was tempting to just say fuck it and not vacuum at all when I lost track of time and suddenly it was 5pm and pitch dark, but I still did it, and now the floor is at least cleaner than it was, even if I did miss some spots.

3. I got volumes three and four of Himegoto in the mail today! On the one hand, I'm not looking forward to having to scan these ones myself, and I know I probably won't get as nice scans as the ones I've found online for the first two volumes, but at the same time, I don't want someone else to post them now that I've spent all that money on buying them and having them shipped from Japan! >_<

4. I beat Bowser! I still have 25 stars to get, mostly the purple comet ones, but also some stuff I've put off doing, such as all the green star stages, a few other comets, and one or two secret stars. Oh, and I still didn't do the last two stages of the molten whatever it is last galaxy in the garden, because the second one is so hard I can't pass it. ;_; That's the one where at the very end you have to ride the ball of doom across the lava and I'm so bad at it, guys. So bad. (And so of course since I can't beat that one, I can't go on to the stage after it, either.) We'll see how things go... Right now I am still thinking I would like to get all 120 stars, but I may have to give up on some of them (I don't have a lot of confidence in being able to beat the second trash stage or the second manta race, since the first ones of those were so hard).

What stages did you find the hardest? Did you manage to get all 120? (I know there's another bonus stage if you play through again as Luigi, too, but I don't know if I want to bother with that...)

I'm wavering on whether or not I want to get myself Galaxy 2 (which I have so far managed to completely avoid spoiling myself for, which is a miracle because I find it so hard to stay away from let's plays) for Christmas or Mario Sunshine. I have been watching a let's play of Sunshine and it does look really fun. I also made the mistake of watching a let's play of New Super Mario Bros U and omg it looks so awesome and I want it so bad! *cries* But of course the Wii U is sold out, so even if I wanted to splurge and get myself that for Christmas, I would have to pay some reseller's ridiculous markup to even get a system, and then it's another $60 (!?) for the game itself. So that's not going to happen, but I want it! It looks so pretty and so fun and you can be flying squirrel Mario!

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1. I slept about nine hours last night, which is pretty rare these days.

2. I also got a lot done today!

3. There must have been a big delivery this morning at the 99 Cent Store because they had a ton of awesome stuff. I've been wanting more green beans ever since I made them the other day and so of course every time I went, they didn't have any, but today they had a huge pile, so I grabbed two bags and will probably cook those up tomorrow or Tuesday. They also had some really tasty looking granola bars, so I got several boxes. Plus they had 16 oz bottles of Coke and Dr Pepper for 69 cents each.

4. I played a bunch more Mario Galaxy today, too. I'm enjoying it a lot, but it's also stressful. I always hate levels where there's no ground underneath you and that is pretty much the entire game here! >_< (Also who's bright idea was it to reset your lives whenever you stop the game? I specifically went and replayed an earlier level to stock up on lives only to find myself back to four when I started playing the next time.) Anyway, I just started on the Fountain area tonight (played the first level) after finally finishing the last couple levels in the Terrace (including the horrible water racing level omg I died so many times).

5. I hadn't given myself a testosterone shot in a couple weeks because I was saving the last bit I had, but since I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday and should be able to get my refill this week (*crosses fingers*), I figured I'd go ahead and take the rest of it today. It's hard to gauge how much is in the bottle, but I thought it was less than my usual dose, maybe even half as much, but it actually turned out to be more. I just went ahead and took all of it (well, all I could get in the syringe; there's always a tiny bit I can't get out at the end), since it's hard to get it out when it gets that low and I figured if I tried for a second shot, I might be able to get even less out of the bottle.


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