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Chemistry, Romance, and the Alchemy Thereof by [ profile] neotoma 2/5
X-Men. 6300 words. Hank McCoy has two problems - everyone knows, and yet everyone doesn't.
Couldn't get behind the plotline. )

The Only Option by [ profile] aworldinside 2/5
Stargate: Atlantis. 1100 words. John knew Lorne understood.
Bad. )

This is a Public Announcement (And You're the Only One Who Knows) by [ profile] jjtaylor 3/5
Panic at the Disco. 4800 words. Brendon thinks coming out doesn't make any sense, because you can't just do it once.
Doesn't fit the prompt at all, but a good story. )

After the Flood, All the Colors Came Out by [ profile] minkhollow 2/5
Discworld. 6200 words. In the present (just post-Going Postal), Imp returns to Llamedos to catch up with a childhood friend; in the past (ending up a few months post-Hogfather), he comes to terms with certain personal inclinations he couldn't have dealt with if he hadn't left in the first place.
Cute, but really not Pratchetty. )
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The Dinner Table by [ profile] rotaryphones 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 3800 words. Al tries to figure out what it means to be gay both at home and at school.
Felt very realistic. )

"Partners in Love and War: 10 Years as Aurors" by Lavender Brown by [ profile] minisinoo 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 2700 words. Witch Weekly's lead story ten years after the fall of Voldemort.
Really loved the magazine-article format. )

Hyena by [ profile] lonelywalker 3/5
X-Men. 1700 words. Raven is not herself. Perhaps she never has been.
A little confusing with the pronouns, but enjoyable. )
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This was meant to be a Christmas present, but I am a slacker, and didn't even get it done in time to be a Boxing Day present. Instead it's a couple-days-after-Christmas-but-too-early-to-pretend-it's-New-Year's present. Unfortunately, there weren't that many fics that I hadn't already commented on, and of those few, several were in fandoms I'm completely unfamiliar with. So here are the ones I could read. Merry Christmas, [ profile] makesmewannadie! :D

Diet/Junk Food 3/5
500 words. Diet did not want Junk Food.
Qualitative/Quantitative 3/5
200 words. "How do I love thee?" quoth Qualitative, "Let me count the ways."
Theory/Practice 3/5
200 words. Theory yearned for Practice.
Wrong/Wrong 3/5
200 words. Wrong and Wrong were drawn to one another.

These are anthropomorfics; if you can't tell by the titles, they're anthropomorphised concepts/things. I was going to write something separate for each of these, but they're so short, it's hard to figure out something substantive to say. They're all hilarious, though, and the Diet/Junk Food one is so appropriate for the Christmas season, especially considering I just uttered (or typed, rather) the words, "This See's candy is so tempting. I should just eat the last few pieces and remove the temptation." And now I have.

A Little Smackerel of Something 3/5
400 words. Piglet pops 'round to Pooh's for Tea.

Winnie the Pooh/Piglet. Yes, you read that right. This is both hilarious and mimics the tone of the original perfectly, no mean feat for Winnie the Pooh sex.

You Get What You Need 3/5
4200 words. X-Men, Rogue/Iceman. Marie and Bobby, directly after the events of X2.
Interesting premise. I liked it. )
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Sometimes You Just Get Lucky by [ profile] helens78 and [ profile] telesilla 3/5
Sean Bean/Bill Fichtner. 9500 words. While traveling through the UK on his summer break from Harvard, Bill chooses to stop for a few days in Sheffield, where he meets Sean.
One of my favorite premises. )

A Series of Attempts by Matsumoto Jun to Paint His Fingernails by [ profile] cimorene111 3/5
Arashi. 6400 words. Jun just wants his nails painted, but he's having a terrible day. He enlists the other members of Arashi to assist him.
Japanese boyband slash! Liked it. )

Five Times Remus's Moustache Isn't Mentioned in Canon by [ profile] minnow_53 3/5
Harry Potter. 900 words. Five silly scenes about Remus's moustache, each of which starts with a line from canon.
Crackfic. Liked it. )

For the Kingdom of Heaven by [ profile] c_elisa 4/5 Recommended
X-Men. 7400 words. Dr. Hank McCoy observes the cure.
Loved it. )

Squandered My Resistance by [ profile] petronelle 2/5
Batman. 3000 words. Fighting crime in Gotham requires many ethical compromises.
Too confusing for me, but recommended for Batman fans. )

Of Recklessness and Water by [ profile] musesfool 3/5
Supernatural. 1200 words. As if there were ever a chance he wasn't going to follow Dean into the water, the way he's followed Dean nearly everywhere since he learned to crawl.
Liked it. )


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