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Harry Potter

By Sulfur and Salt by [personal profile] elf Rec
16,000 words. Snape's idyllic life with Lily is disrupted when the Ministry of Magic takes an interest in them.

This is a really interesting premise and it's one of those things where I really wish I could have gone into it completely unspoiled, but the pairings, tags, and fest info in the header give enough info that I could guess what was going on very quickly. Spoilerish ) I really liked the details of the potions and the minor characters (who weren't onscreen very often but were well-characterised when they were there). Not sure why Snape was randomly alive and no one thought it odd; that was never explained, so I guess just one of those random AUs (why was that not tagged for? Or is Snarry fandom like TPM where it's so common to AU that you note when he does die? I don't think I've read a lot of Snarry that was written post-DH).

The reason I clicked on it was that it was tagged transsexual and I check through the trans tags on AO3 every once in a while to gather new fics for my master list. Not everything people tag as trans* qualifies for my list. A lot of times it's clear from the summary or characters that it's appropriate, but other times I have to read or skim the fic to figure it out. In this case, it turned out that no one was trans (I had hoped from Petunia's wording at the beginning that maybe Snape was ftm, but no), so I am a little irked that the tag was used, but on the other hand, I likely would not have seen it if it hadn't been tagged like that, so...

Stargate: Atlantis

Dulce Domum by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
2600 words. Jennifer would be the first to admit that she'd never planned on a life that looked like this, but it worked.

I really liked this. It's John, Rodney, and Keller in a poly relationship, but John is asexual. And it's not about trying to make it a sexual relationship, just about John living with them and them being a family. It's one of the most canon fics I've ever read.


Gunning for the Buddha by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1500 words. "Ain't gonna be no redemption," Dean said, breathing in long. "Reckon I. Well." He waved his hand, describing a circle. "End of the world, right. So put them on." Episode tag for 5x04

This is hilarious and hot and just really, really awesome. I love Dean's voice here. I love the little details. (I loved this line: Maybe older Dean did guys a lot more often, but he should remember that the 2009 model of him was in a pretty much long straight phase ever since Dad had -- ever since Dad.) And I really loved the ending. I'm even more impressed that such a well-written fic was done in such a short time (within hours of the episode airing). I'm not normally one for doppelganger sex, but this really worked.

Ask What Answer Can I Find by [personal profile] alexseanchai Rec
500 words. Susan Talley remembers her brother.

This is just a quick glimpse at Jake's sister's reaction to his death, but I really liked it. It makes me want a whole bunch more fic about her and about Jake.

Winnie the Pooh

And Is There Honey Still for Tea? by [ profile] tryfanstone Rec
19,000 words. If you happen to have read another book about Edward Bear, you may remember that he lived with his friends in a wood called the Hundred Acre Wood. It was a small wood, and small things happened, the kind of things that happen to bears in places where even if elevenses are late there is always a little something for tea. This isn't that story.

Wow, this worked really, really well. When I first saw there was a Winnie the Pooh apocafic, I was like um, okay, but then I started reading and was like ooh, yes! It makes perfect sense for the time period.

I was eyerolly at the footnotes, though.


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