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Wow, some of these have been on my hard drive a really long time. D: But I finally have enough for a post!

If Love Is a Red Dress by [ profile] norah 3/5
So You Think You Can Dance. 1600 words. Ivan really likes the way Travis looks in that dress.
Cute & hot. )

Pretend There Is Nothing Outside This Room by [ profile] helens78 3/5
Liam Neeson/Christian Bale. 9400 words. Liam hires Christian for the night, but when the night's over, he's interested in more than one night's work. Christian's never spent the night with someone who has this kind of money before, and money sometimes makes all the difference in the world...
Not really my thing, but well-enough written that it's still enjoyable. If you like D/s training type stories, you'll probably like it a lot more. )

Sharp Left Turn by [ profile] temve 3/5
Ewan McGregor/Liam Neeson. 2000 words. When Ewan's bike crashes on a deserted country lane on a dark and stormy night, he thinks his life is over. And, in a way, he's right. Technically speaking.
This was actually hilarious. )

Hacker, Me? by [ profile] temve 3/5
Ewan McGregor/Liam Neeson. 600 words. Pixels or not, Liam has the best view in the world.
Enjoyable. )

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