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So apparently I've felt like reading fic a lot lately? idk.

Harry Potter

Souvenirs and Lost Luggage by [personal profile] girl_tarte Rec
5900 words. PG. In 2003, Petunia leaves Little Whinging for good. It is four years before she can talk about it.

The Dursleys are so over the top in canon, they really don't fit with the rest of the story. It's like for those sections, she's telling a fairytale, but for the rest it's a more realistic story. It's not just that the Dursleys are bad people, but they're bad people in a way that is ver cartoon-y, so I really like fics that try to humanise them. Not erase all their flaws and make them perfect, but make them more realistic. This does a really great job of that with Petunia.

Dudley Dursley and the Elusive Difference by [ profile] kahvi Rec
4800 words. R. Dudley is intersex, outwardly appearing male. Vernon and Petunia choose to keep this fact from everyone. Even Dudley.

Another one that doesn't make the Dursleys less horrible, just makes them more human. I liked this a lot, and I especially like that things aren't wrapped up all neat and tidy at the end. (And I'm always amazed at fics (especially this long!) that manage to avoid using pronouns altogether and still feel natural.)

Unity by [ profile] notalwaysweak Rec
4400 words. Teen. Scorpius feels more at home in his Animagus form than in human form. Al likes boys instead of girls. And Rosie's more in love with knowledge than with people. Sometimes people don't fit into the places expected of them.

Having a boy/boy/girl friend trio feels kind of like trying to do Harry/Ron/Hermione all over again, but I do like these three together, and aside from Rose being The Smart One who helps the two boys with their studies, their personalities are different enough that it doesn't feel like a clone of H/R/H. This has a bit of Al/Scorpius, but mostly it's a friendship story touching on various issues of growing up. I enjoyed it.

Sherlock Holmes

Intemperance by [personal profile] basingstoke Rec+
17,800. Mature. "Intemperance," a story from the secret journals of Doctor John H. Watson, intimate friend and long-time companion of the infamous Sherlock Holmes: A most curious and instructive report of the great man's improbable fecundation, gestation, and parturition.

The fic already has well over a hundred comments, so I'm sure most people who might be interested have already read it, but I will rec it all the same! I clicked on it because I am interested in Holmes transfic, and it was excellent in that regard (I really love how everything was handled), but my absolute favorite part was Mary. How so awesome? This Watson is prudish and easily shocked and Mary is just the opposite (omg the ending, ha; I love the idea of Mary going off and having adventures with Holmes, too). This is such a great mesh of books and movie, too. It's not Holmes/Watson, but Holmes is queer and while John is straighty mcstraighterson with eyes only for Mary, the story is from his oblivious POV, so there is certainly room to see Holmes as having a thing for Watson (and I can't see movie!Holmes not). Anyway, I highly recommend this to anyone with the slightest Holmes knowledge. It's a really great story.


I'm Your Villain by [ profile] fleshflutter Rec+
2900 words. NC-17. The only thing of the old life that Dean keeps is Crowley, and that's only because he can't figure out how to get rid of him.

Wow, this was very cool. I haven't seen more than a couple eps of S6, but so I haven't been too interested in SPN fic lately, but this seems to be written just after the end of S5. I love how things slowly progress between Dean and Crowley as Dean makes deal after deal.
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Battlestar Galactica

Into Your Hands by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
2900 words. Explicit. Sam's been locked up in this prison with Leoben for weeks, but he's running out of denial--and Leoben is very, very good with his hands.

This one I feel like I am missing quite a bit because I don't really know BSG (though I have picked up quite a bit through fannish osmosis), but I still really liked it a lot. I think if I had actually watched the show I would rate it even higher.

Big Bang Theory

Kiss a Guilty World in Love by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
400 words. He gave her pale-green plastic clip-on earrings, then a blue scarf, next a sample size bottle of Jean Nate bath splash.

This was written for my prompt of "Sheldon and Meemaw" for the transfic fest, and I was totally thinking of Sheldon as trans, so something like this never even occurred to me, but it's so, so awesome. I love Sheldon and his Meemaw and I love that he's the one to see her for who she is.

Your Logic Is Flawed by [personal profile] glinda Rec
1300 words. She’s not surprised by his reaction, she purposefully hadn’t told him because she knew he’d take it like this. She’s dated a grand total of one guy who took it well and then he went and screwed it up by writing about their sex life on the internet. After that she felt Leonard couldn’t exactly talk about feeling betrayed and having his trust abused.

Another one from the transfic fest. I love Penny & Sheldon friendship almost as much as I love Sheldon & Meemaw and this is just perfectly them.

due South

The Perfect Evening (That Much Is True) by [personal profile] helens78
6600 words. Mature. When Ray meets a really good-looking guy at a Las Vegas bar and agrees to go upstairs with him, he knows there are going to be complications, but he doesn't realize how deep those complications go.

This is one that really needs more fandom knowledge than I have to be appreciated. I definitely recommend it to due South fans; it just didn't really do anything for me.

Sherlock Holmes

It Comes Naturally by [ profile] sinuous_curve
25,400 words. Teen. On a cool Thursday in early September, Watson descended the wide stairs of 221 Baker Street, still yawning away the last of a fitful night's sleep, and found her friend and partner, Sherlock Holmes, sitting at the breakfast table and intently reading a letter. The missive was several pages worth of cramped, dense handwriting and was already spattered lightly with what, at a cursory glance, appeared to be tea.

Watson is a women who has chosen to disguise her sex and live as a gentleman.

This is a gen casefile story with a subplot about Holmes finding out Watson is a woman. Unfortunately the case is not that interesting. The Watson plot is, though, so I think it's worth reading for that if you find that sort of thing interesting. It's tagged as "genderqueer character" and in their author's notes on LJ the author said they thought if Watson were alive today she would ID as such, but I couldn't tell from the text what made her genderqueer as opposed to just living as a man for the freedom it provided. Either way, I do like this Watson a lot.

The other thing (besides the mystery being meh) that keeps me from full-on reccing this is that it had a lot of typos (there's even one in the summary...). :-/

Roll Away Your Stone by [ profile] foxxcub
40,000 words. NC-17. Seventeen-year-old John Watson is set to finish his final year of school with a flourish, until the headmaster assigns John as a "tutor" to an arrogant, yet brilliant new student named Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is not about to be put in his place by this popular rugby player with the too-blue eyes, and John isn't going to let this impulsive fifteen-year-old get away with anything. Neither expects to become friends, but a series of unexpected events and a possible murder mystery bring them closer together than either of them thought possible.

This is cute. A bit of a slow-starter, but once it got going, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It felt a little too modern and I'm not sure I totally bought the characterisations of Holmes and Watson, but neither was enough to really interfere with my enjoyment.

Stargate: Atlantis

When God Left the Ground by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
7800 words. PG. Non-Stargate high school AU apocafic. Ronon thought his world had ended in the outbreaks, but then he was sent to Atlantis Academy.

For a post-apocalyptic story, this was surprisingly cute. XD I'm really glad to see more John/Ronon AUs like this lately.
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A few more from the awesome ladies ficathon, along with some racebending revenge stuff! Also Sherlock Holmes BB is live! So I will probably be reading from that next.

Captain America

Trembling On with Steady Aim by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
3700 words. Teen. Bucky is Nisei. This is his war.

This is for the Racebending Revenge challenge. I don't know Captain America at all. In fact, until reading this, I had no idea what comic Bucky was from, despite hearing numerous mentions of him on my flist. Now I know! Anyway, this was very awesome and you totally can (and should!) read it without knowing canon. I love the gutpunch ending. Also I especially love this bit )

Harry Potter

The Existential Pleasures of Engineering by [personal profile] naraht Rec+
1100 words. General Audiences. Arthur Weasley has always wanted to be an engineer.

Oh, this is awesome. Wee Arthur, just as obsessed with and confused by Muggles as he is as an adult, only so much more endearing. (Adult!Arthur's obsession just annoys me.)

Blow Me Bluebell Bubbles by [ profile] chaletian Rec
200 words. She has bluebell bubbles the boy brings (he's a sweet boy). She blows them, big and round, and fills them with the noises in her head.

Alice Longbottom at St Mungo's. This is so short, but so awesome.


And So On and On and On by [ profile] hyacinthian Rec+
600 words. When she was six, her parents let her see The Wizard of Oz, and she remembers, the Scarecrow may have been the dumbest, but he was the one everyone loved the most, and well, she wonders if that's not an exchange she's willing to make.

This is such an awesome look at Daphne. ♥

Sherlock Holmes

The Third Student by [personal profile] schemingreader Rec+
1400 words. G/PG. In order for you to understand how I came to join the Indian National Congress, I must first tell you of how I met Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the famous consulting detective, and how I came to study Law.

This is a response to the short story The Adventure of the Three Students (which I hadn't read, but which is only 6500 words, so it is now the only Sherlock Holmes story I've read completely...I really need to get on with that reading canon thing) and just really complements and critiques it perfectly.

Also if I ever get to writing the half-Indian-and-passing!Watson fic I wanted to write for the Racebending Revenge challenge, I could set some or all of it during this same story and then it would fulfill the "show how it changes canon" part.

By Sun and Candlelight by [ profile] captanddeastar Rec+
1600 words. General Audiences. "If this is in regard to Clark's comment, Holmes, I urge you to give it not a moment's thought more – I assure you that I have not," I lied.

Another Racebending Revenge fic and eee! Watson is black! Oh, and this is so good! I especially loved this bit )

Whip It

Rollin' With It by [personal profile] livrelibre Rec
2400 words. General Audiences. Bliss has learned to roll with a lot of things, but now she's deciding who she admires and who she wants to be.

This is another one for the Racebending Revenge challenge. I love the subtle and not-so-subtle changes with Bliss being black. Like this bit, which was one of my favorites: She knew her mom had wanted to be Miss Blue Bonnet but hadn't been able to enter the segregated pageant in her day (though she'd been Miss Black Texas in the run up to the Miss Black America contest) but why did that mean that Bliss had to live the dream?
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Battlestar Galactica

A Difference of Two by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
3300 words. Mature. When one of the Leobens challenges Anders to a one-on-one game of Pyramid, Anders takes him up on it. But Pyramid's a contact sport, and bruises aren't the only marks Leoben's leaving.

I'm not really familiar with BSG and only read this because I was betaing it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Someday I should watch BSG.

due South

You Don't Hate It (Then You Don't Hate It) by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
6500 words. Explicit. When Fraser and Ray need information about a missing musician, Ray sneaks them into a party where some old friends of Ray's are hanging out. It turns out one of them might have some information, but Lew Ashby isn't the kind of guy to let information slip without getting something of his own, and Ashby doesn't want money. Problem is, Ray doesn't trust Ashby completely, so he asks Fraser to step into the room with them and watch his back. And Ashby says Fraser can watch anything he wants...

This is a crossover with Californication, which I am also unfamiliar with, but you really don't need to know any canon there, except that Ashby is played by the same actor who plays Ray. Anyway, this is a sort of "undercover gay" scenario, which is not usually a cliche I like (both because it often goes hand in hand with Gay For You, but also because like Aliens Made Them Do It, it's them being forced together by circumstances, which is not my preferred way of getting characters together), but while the undercover sexing is what gets Ray and Fraser together, they are both already queer, so perhaps that's why I enjoyed this more. Also I was surprised by how much I liked Fraser here. It's in his POV and he's actually really funny.

Sherlock Holmes

Ablutions by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec
950 words. PG. Holmes hasn't been home for two days. When Watson finds him, he's a mess, and Watson won't be seen in public with him unless he cleans himself up.

Yet another installment in the asexual!dom!Holmes series, though this one focuses more on Watson's desire to serve Holmes rather than Holmes actually being dommy.

Stargate: Atlantis

Constructing Wings to Fly by [personal profile] reddwarfer Rec
1400 words. PG. John never expected a disastrous job interview to be one of the best things to happen to him.

Cute high school/college AU where John and Rodney are both trans guys. :D

Want You (To Find Me) by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1800 words. NC-17. The beer and the game and this conversation are exactly the terrible kind of seduction he would have expected from John.

Oooooh, non-AU fic where Ronon is ftm. I enjoyed this story a lot, but it also made me really want to know more about Satedan culture in this regard. So someone should write that. :D

Culture Thing by [personal profile] sabinetzin Rec
800 words. NC-17. Dating an alien: it's harder- and easier- than it looks.

Another John/Ronon fic. I liked this a lot. I love stories where people aren't perfectly in sync, but they make it work anyway.

Sarah Connor Chronicles

Out on the Wire by [personal profile] lithiumdoll Rec
60,600 words. Teen. Post-Born to Run, it's a long walk home.

This is a really amazing (and really long) fic that essentially functions as a third season. I enjoyed it a lot and found it fairly plausible, but as it neared the end I was feeling more and more dissatisfied. I am still reccing it because I think it's very much worth reading, but I feel like the ending was kind of a let-down.

Spoilery stuff I liked and disliked. )

Hmm. I don't know. I did like it, but I think I went into it hoping it would be The Fic, the one that wrapped everything up for me and felt enough like canon that I could be satisfied, but instead it was just a fic. A well-written one, and an interesting one, but not something that had me going "omg this is my canon now!"

The Simpsons

What Remains by [personal profile] geonncannon Rec+
600 words. She closes her eyes and imagines she was sitting on the stairs again, watching her father sit with Mr. Flanders in the living room. She remembers her father's anger. "What happened to Marge, the thing that killed her! You won't find that in some book!"

Yes, it's a Supernatural fusion and it is so awesome. Very Simpsons. I love the little meta bits.
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Summer Practicum in Women's Studies by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
1700 words. R. Possibly a summer fling, possibly something more.

Oh Shirley! Oh Britta!

I really couldn't picture this pairing in my head, because Britta is just so Britta (I actually like the character a lot, but yeah), but [personal profile] gloss really made it work. I'm so glad I read this.

"Please. I was macking on shorties while you were still figuring out that Barbie is --" Shirley trailed off, scowled, then grinned. "That Barbie is a tool of kyriarchical indoctrination!"

Heee! That is just so perfect.


Inscrutable by [personal profile] bossymarmalade Rec
500 words. The really stupid thing is that they hold off for so long, because they don't want it to look like of course the two asian kids would get together.

This is awesome. ♥

Harry Potter

No More Hiding From Yourself by [personal profile] queen_ypolita
2800 words. G. "For Merlin's sake Sirius, I know this year's been tough for you, but no, you'll always have to let Snape's little comments get to you. Why couldn't you put some of that energy into all those girls that can't take their eyes off you or something?" It's time Sirius stopped hiding from his confusion and did some hard thinking.

Oh man, this is exactly the sort of fic I dread from [ profile] lgbtfest. I actually thought the prompt ("Sirius Black, never looking back at all the girls ogling him is less to seem indifferent and more because their glances don't register") showed some promise, but it's 2800 words of tell, tell, tell, plus it's set right after The Prank and has this big long lecture from Remus to Sirius on How Wrong He Was, and dude, I totally think Sirius was in the wrong, but I also think monologue lecturing makes a really dull story and seems more like the author speaking than the character (partly this is because I really don't see them as having talked about it at all). Also the 2nd person POV really did not work here.

Sherlock Holmes

A Terribly Poor Understanding of Love by [ profile] candle_beck Rec
13,000 words. R. Mary awoke to John saying Holmes's name in his sleep. The shocking thing was how terribly unshocked she was.

Wow. This was great. And the 3rd person omniscient (not something you see often in fandom) works really well here. Also it's super angsty, yay. :D

I have to say, though, that at first when I was reading it, I thought they must be aware of what was going on, that perhaps they had even had some sort of relationship before Mary. But no, it was first-time, totally taken by surprise, never thought of Holmes that way (it was less clear whether Holmes knew he was attracted to Watson or not). So yeah. I really liked it, but I also really, really wished for more self-awareness, more queerness.

Anyone have any recs for first-time stories in this fandom that are first time with each other, but not first time with a man ever?

I feel like there was something else I was going to say, too...oh! There was a line that really gave me pause, when Holmes says to Watson, "it's not white of you" or something like that. I'd never heard the phrase before, but it certainly makes sense for the time period. Still, I cringed, and it also made me think about desi!Watson again (ngl, it does not take much to make me start thinking about desi!Watson) and how that would play out. (Whyyyyyy is writing historical fiction so haaaaaaard for meeeeee???? I have so many ideas!)

Delegation by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec
2800 words. NC-17. I would have been mortified, but I realised that Lestrade didn't have the faintest idea what had just happened. I suppose he thought Holmes was simply being high-handed and rude, as he so often was, and under the circumstances I was hardly going to correct the misapprehension.

Yes, it's another in the awesome asexual!dom!Holmes/Watson series! This was an excellent use of the "authority figures" square.

Oh, and if you like this series, [personal profile] paperflower86 illustrated one of the previous installments. I like their art a lot. (This fandom has so many great artists.)

The Simpsons

I Recognize That Girl by [personal profile] bossymarmalade Rec
900 words. When Maggie came around, Lisa had been excited. That was when she was six. Now she was sixteen, and Maggie -- contrary to everything Lisa had ever seen or read -- seemed to have no real interest in her older sister, much less any inclination to copy her or be close with her.

Oh, this is so great! [personal profile] bossymarmalade writes such awesome Simpsons fic. The voices are just perfect.

Stargate: Atlantis

The Wave from Coast to Ocean by [personal profile] telesilla Rec
1000 words. NC-17. John's cold and Rodney's wearing warm, soft clothes. What happens is inevitable really.

Oh, how funny. This is for the same [community profile] kink_bingo square as the Community fic up above, rubbing/grinding. I didn't even notice that at first. This is from [personal profile] telesilla's Ventura Highway series (which, wow, I did not realise had that many fics in it), which I always enjoy. This reads well as a stand-alone, too, though.
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Some [community profile] kink_bingo and Transfic Mini Fest stuff, as well as some random things.

Sherlock Holmes
The Imperative Voice by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
1200 words. "Yes," said Watson. The word came more easily than he had thought it would, as if it had been trapped inside him just waiting to be released. "Yes," he said again, then turned quickly to look out the window, because he couldn't bear to see the triumph on Holmes's face.

This is the sequel to the previously untitled fic I recced the other day (now called Hypothesis) and is just as good (I actually think I may like this one even better). There's going to be a whole series of these (for a bingo, I guess)! This one has Holmes calmly discussing Watson's proclivities while Watson gets all hot and bothered. Mmm...

Quod Erat Demonstrandum by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
1300. Watson gets all hot and bothered at the sight of Holmes all bruised and bloody.

Sequel to the above. This series continues to be awesome. I love how Watson is so confused by what Holmes wants of him, but is eager to do his bidding. And I love the bit at the end with Holmes doing up his robe. He totally did that on purpose. XD

Liability by [ profile] candle_beck Rec+
6400 words. Watson curls his lip, and shrugs. "I don't begrudge you it. Put me up against a remorseless killer, and I know where your priorities lie."

Ooh, I like this. Holmes sees Watson collapse and goes back to check on him, even though it means letting the criminal possibly escape. And Holmes hates himself for it and takes it out on Watson afterwards and there is ~tension~ and crankiness on both sides and it is just so good. And then Holmes realises what he's doing and why and it gets even better. :D

Stargate: Atlantis

Control Chair by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1900 words. John and Rodney talk about a fucking control chair.

I think if I were reading the actual story about John's non-con adventures with the control chair, I would be like, okay, this is good (assuming it was by an author I like/well-written), but wouldn't be wowed, because I just don't really see the appeal of those sorts of scenarios, popular as they are in fandom. But this is much more interesting to me. John tells Rodney his fantasy to get Rodney off...which also sounds like a fairly typical scenario, but I love how this is their way of being intimate. It's not in addition to sex. John just isn't interested in sex, but he'll do this for Rodney. And I always like fics where John's dislike of being touched is acknowledged, but not made into a problem that needs fixing. (One of my biggest pet peeves is John being "fixed". Note to touchy-feely types: not being touchy-feely is not a defect.)

Atavar: The Last Airbender

Sun Blast Your Shadow by [profile] pearl_o Rec
1700 words. Zuko had assumed, somehow, that the hard part would be over.

Zuko learns that ruling a kingdom is not that easy and sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Very hard decisions. Quiet and understated. I enjoyed it.

Iron Man

Untitled by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
1500 words. "You want me to shock you in the dick?"

Written for her last year's kink_bingo electricty square. Tony has a fancy new glove he wants Rhodey to try out. :D

due South

New Toys by [personal profile] helens78
3600 words. Fraser and Ray have played around with police-issue handcuffs and velcro handcuffs, but now they've got something better.

I betaed this, otherwise I wouldn't have read it because due South is not my fandom, but even so it was easy enough to follow. Well-written and enjoyable, and if you like bondage and you like due South, you will probably like it even more!

The Forbidden Dance by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1400 words. A dancing lesson.

This was written for the Transfic Mini Fest. There is crossdressing and dancing and I really love all the little details here.

Harry Potter

Once Upon a Time by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1300 words. Some people find out who they really are at age eleven. For Dudley, it takes a little longer.

Another for the Transfic Fest, written for a prompt of mine. I love this so hard. Dudley! ♥♥♥
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Iron Man

Reconciliation by [ profile] thelma_lou Rec
7700 words. This is not the end-of-the-line scenario she’d always envisioned. This is not a drunken mistake or desperation or declining years or no one else left to fight.

Ahhh, this is perfect. I love how it really deals with their working relationship and doesn't just gloss over it.

People Who Know My Sins by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
2000 words. Dancing is not in her job description, but neither is mopping up blood at 4 in the morning. She does it anyway.

I always say I am not a fan of H/C, but I...I guess I am? If it's low-key and all OTT emotional and whumpy. (Totally a cromulant word there.) Just most of it that is labelled H/C tends to be way over the line for me into embarrassingly emotional, so. But this! This was so good! And the image of Pepper sitting on Tony's lap and patching him up when he's broken and it's all UST-y just makes me all sparkly-eyed. *_*

Turning Your Orbit Around by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
800 words. Five terribly inappropriate gifts Tony Stark has given.

Ahahahaha! This is perfect. I especially love Pepper and Jarvis's gifts (Jarvis's is really the very best).

Jupiter Crash by [personal profile] atrata Rec
1600 words. There's a bruise across his ribcage, a mottled purple mess, yellow-green around the edges.

HOSHIT this is hot.
She leans back to get a better view of his face, then lays her hand over his ribcage and glances down. One slight adjustment, and she's right: The heel of her hand does cover the worst of the bruise. She presses on it and Tony inhales sharply, his jaw clenching. He leans into it, though, bends his arms like he's doing a push-up against the glass, and Pepper keeps pushing. She doesn't jab or poke or thrust, just a steady unrelenting pressure until -- there. Until the pain on his face morphs into pleasure, until those harsh lines etched into his skin relax and his eyes fall shut and his mouth falls open, and then she leans in and kisses him, and kisses him, and kisses him.

Also there's pegging.

Stargate: Atlantis

Strong Enough To Be My Man by [personal profile] telesilla Rec
12,500 words. John can't really imagine safewording over anything that could happen in a spa, but then again, he has no idea what Rodney's planned for him.

I enjoyed this, but it's a little set-up heavy for me. Not in an exposition sense, but in terms of setting up for the scene. Fully half the fic is spent detailing how John gets ready for his scene with Rodney. It's not uninteresting or out of place, and it's well-written, but I'm more of a "cut to the chase" person. ^_^;; Still, very hot, especially towards the end when they're back in their room. And the whole thing gave me a sort of n'awww of nostalgia, because it all was very reminiscent of The Establishment (unsurprisingly).

Sherlock Holmes

Untitled by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
800 words. "An interesting case. Are you aroused by anyone telling you what to do, or is it only me?"

For the obedience square on [community profile] kink_bingo. This is pretty much perfect.

Harry Potter

Five Times Hermione Granger Punched Draco Malfoy by [ profile] thelastgoodname Rec+
800 words. "That felt good."

Oh man, I really love this. Punching Draco gets Hermione hot and she goes off and has sex with Ron. I love how aware yet unaware she is of her kink and how Draco seems to know the game and keeps coming back for more.

Five Times Draco Malfoy Took it in the Face From One H. Granger by [ profile] lunabee34 Rec+
800 words. Draco watches as Granger gets a glazed look in her eyes and drags the Most Irritating Weasley off into the storeroom for what Draco can only assume is a session of connubial bliss. In Draco’s rather limited experience, it’s considered polite to ask the third party if he’s interested in joining one’s marital bed, but perhaps indiscriminate and sexualized violence is normal for mudbloods.

This is the same fic as above but from Draco's POV and it is exactly what I wanted when I finished reading the first one.
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Here's a handful of remixes + an [ profile] lgbtfest that I have been eagerly awaiting. And a couple more Iron Man fics just because.

Stargate: Atlantis

Imaginary Boys by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
27,500 words. Mitchell and Sheppard get together during The Return, and if it wasn't impossible it'd be perfect.

Once again [personal profile] busaikko blows me away with another long, plotty transfic. The action plot is very cool and I really love both Cam and Shannon here. I love that Cam is not perfect, but he's also not a total asshole. He just has his own issues. The prompt she used was "What is it like to transition in a small closed community where everyone knows you?" and she just really ran with it. It didn't sound like that interesting a prompt to me when I saw it on the list, but wow. She made it interesting.

Mission Control (The Professor Angell Remix) by [personal profile] elementalv
1300 words. Rodney is hanging on by a thread.

First off, people. You do not need to use capslock every time a character yells. For serious. Just by writing "Rodney yelled", we know that he yelled. Now stop trying to be JKR.

Other than that, this was a pretty cool fic. I like creepy fic and there is not enough of it in fandom. This is made even better by being a creepy remix of what was originally a run-of-the-mill fluffy mpreg fic.

On the less cool side, I find the total erasure of Ronon and Teyla, who featured fairly prominently in the original, to be really unsettling. It's not like it's pared down to just John and Rodney, either. There are mentions of Kavanaugh and Elizabeth and Carson and Katie Brown and Cadman. Just no Ronon and Teyla. Which gives me a creepy feeling I don't think the author meant to.

Don't Call Him Alien Spawn! by [ profile] chaletian
1600 words. So, they hadn’t meant to make a baby.

This is kind of cute, but it felt like it was trying too hard to be wacky and just fell flat (the overuse of capslock didn't help).

Of All the Gin Joints in All the World (Rubato Encore Remix) by [personal profile] melayneseahawk
1100 words. The last thing John expects to see is Rodney--the one night stand he couldn't forget.

This is cute. The original was one of my favorite SGA fics by [personal profile] helens78 and I really liked the ambiguous ending of it. As much as I sometimes like the whole "finding each other again" trope, sometimes I just like a one-night stand to be a one-night stand and not lead to soulmates forever, and this takes the ambiguity of the original and puts it firmly in the soulmates forever category.

Sherlock Holmes

The Effects of Proximity: The Sleight of Hand Remix by [personal profile] blue_soaring Rec
1400 words. His permission to take such liberties has been granted a hundred thousand times over, what Watson believes his body is saying should not contradict it.

Very interesting take on an asexual Holmes who enjoys sex with Watson for the closeness, but doesn't actually like sex or want to have an orgasm. I really liked the prose.

I didn't read the original on this one and I don't plan to as I noticed it was by an author who had a horribly misogynistic Holmes/Watson/Mary love-triangle one and I just don't want to go near their Holmesfic again.

Games of Chance (Remix) by [ profile] lace_fic
2200 words. "You seem remarkably adept at removing gentlemen's clothing."

I didn't realise at first that I had read the original already because I didn't recognise the author name on the archive, but it's [personal profile] blue_soaring, whose Holmes fics I like very much, especially Games of Chance! Unfortunately while the remix was enjoyable, it was enjoyable pretty much entirely because of the original. It was the exact same story (dialogue and all; and it was some great dialogue, to be sure) but from Holmes' POV. And the POV change added no new information to the original at all. Despite Watson's drunken POV in the original, it was clear that Holmes wanted him and Watson just wasn't getting it. So here we get...Holmes wanting Watson and Watson being too drunk to get it. :-/ I like my remixes a little more adventurous, or if they are to stick this close to the original, at least to have some surprising revelation.

Iron Man

One Night Stand by [ profile] svilleficrecs
1000 words. No Jarvis then. No famous Pepper Potts. Just Virginia, hard-partying UCLA freshman and, at the time, blonde.

Nice bit of backstory. I could totally believe this.

Irreparable by [ profile] svilleficrecs Rec
32,000 words. He can do this. He can fix this. He can make this work.

I didn't like this one quite as much as the foot fetish one, but I did like it a lot. I thought I caught hints of D/s in the foot fetish one and I see I wasn't wrong. XD (This fic and that one are unrelated, but are by the same author.) Though I am definitely jonesing for a less hesitant dom!Pepper. Tony is the pushiest sub ever (obvs) and needs a firmer hand. (I will also accept Rhodey domming Tony, if that's how you roll. *cough*[personal profile] helens78*cough* Just someone needs to do it. XD)

Spoilery )

Still! There was a lot I enjoyed about this. Even though some things that I disliked were very heteronormative, I loved how non-heteronormative the sex was in many ways. (I think this may be the first time I've read a scene with a woman fisting a man?)

Oh, also it has lots of awesome, awesome Tony & Rhodey BFFness.
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Sherlock Holmes

The Adventure of the Manor House by Lyra Rec+
29,200 words. Holmes and Watson are called upon to solve the mystery of a missing husband.

This is Holmes/Watson, but I think would have been better gen. It's definitely something to read for the mystery, rather than the romance, IMO. It's a first-time story and that part of it not only feels somewhat pasted on, but interferes with the pacing of the mystery and makes it a little draggy for the first two-thirds or so.

But! The mystery is really, really good. Someone recced it to me without saying why, and so I read it without being spoiled, but Spoilers )

Anyway, this was a really great find.

Mistakes of Our Youth by [ profile] candle_beck Rec+
37,700 words. Watson reminds himself violently, it is over. He reminds himself, it has to be over.

Oh man, this is so good. This is so, so, so good. Just pure angsty goodness. This makes really great backstory for the film. Also there is Gladstone as a puppy! N'awww!

Stargate: Atlantis

Perennials by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
2400 words. Domestic snapshots from annual visits to Earth.

I never would have thought of John/Parrish as a pairing. I mean, I never think of anyone/Parrish as a pairing, but I know he was popular with Lorne for a while. But this was cute. I love domestic fic done well and this is very domestic and very well done. And it's good to see John with someone other than a team member occasionally.

This is apparently part of a series, though it works as a stand-alone as well.

Iron Man

Job Satisfaction (Or Why Pepper Potts Loves Her Life, Mostly) by [personal profile] medie
1500 words. Yes, the hours are insane, her social life is attracting buzzards, and, so far, fifty three house plants have died from neglect (fifty-four if she counts that cactus) and she's missed three weddings and a bar mitzvah in the last year alone, but she loves her job.

This is cute. Pepper & Tony banter ftw.

Tony and Pepper Go to Target by [ profile] aj
1700 words. They end up in Target because it's 6:45 in the morning and she's been driving or physically exerting herself for almost two straight hours and it's the only Starbucks within throwing distance.

Just what the title says. This was cute, but I wasn't wowed.
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Stargate: Atlantis

What It's Made by [personal profile] bluflamingo Rec
7700 words. Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

Oh, I liked this a lot. I don't like everyone's gay fics when they're set in canon (unless the canon is, like, QAF or something!) because it's just not believable that everyone in a random group of people would be gay. But I do love fics like this, where everyone's gay because it's about a group of friends and their community. (And I liked Rodney being John's one straight friend, too.) Plus! Jinto has a minor part as a trans student at the school where John teaches. Yay! :D

And there is imperfect sex, which is another favorite of mine. A story that starts off with John whacking his head with his surfboard could easily go to the H/C place, but instead it went to John having a concussion and a headache and not being able to get it up when his boyfriend gets back in town and they have their big reunion. Hee. I love it.

Living Is a Gamble by [personal profile] telesilla Rec+
2900 words. Ten years after the Plague, life's a little like an RPG. Or is it more like a comic book?

Wow! This is such an awesome idea and really well executed. Lots of stuff there in only ~3000 words, and aside from a small bit of exposition towards the end, you really get all the info you need about the universe through the events of the story itself. I love being dropped into the middle of something and having to figure it out, especially something like this where there's a lot of stuff going on and a lot of difference from canon. Spoilers ) Just really awesome overall.

All the Colours Came Out by [personal profile] fizzyblogic Rec
3900 words. John and Ronon navigate Earth life.

This is just quiet and sweet and I really liked it a lot.

Synthesis by [personal profile] thingswithwings Rec+
1100 words. Because they have the technology, Rodney's rebuilding him.

Wow, this is so cool! Atlantis finds an Ancient lab with tech that lets them make fake body parts, skin, organs, everything. But the story is about how that begins to change Atlantis. Or how John feels it's changing them. It's not an action story at all, and it could easily feel summaryish, but it doesn't. It feels complete as it is. Just very cool and very well-written.

Big Bang Theory

Moonpie and Meemaw by [ profile] damalur Rec+
3200 words. Meemaw came through the front door Velociraptor-first.

Oh man, this is awesome. It's 100% pure crack (Meemaw has a pet velociraptor!), but the voices are spot-on (I could totally hear Sheldon in my head) and despite being Penny/Sheldon, it actually works (seeing it was Penny/Sheldon in the headers, I had braced myself for some sort of romance, but it wasn't like that).

Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, The Simpsons

Three untitled ficlets by [personal profile] bossymarmalade Rec
300 words, 400 words, and 300 words respectively. Three ficlets based on icon keywords for Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, and The Simpsons.

I wasn't sure if I should write up each of these separately or what, but in the end decided on this format, since there aren't individual cut tags or anything to link to, so it would be the same URL three times over. Each of these is based on someone's icon keywords. The SPN one is all right, just a little Sam and Dean interaction/banter, but the Holmes and Simpsons ones are really great. The Holmes one is based on everyone's favorite Hark! A Vagrant "new Watson likes jam", and the Simpsons one is a very cool look at Patty. I really, really want more fic about this Patty!

Sherlock Holmes RPF

Down the Rabbit-hole by [personal profile] gloriamundi Rec+
600 words. "He sits there, pretending to be Holmes who's pretending to believe that the cocaine is going to open doors."

This is really amazing. I have stayed away from RPF for this fandom because so much of it is so, so bad, but I really do want to read fic for it! This has tiny hints of RDJ/Jude, but is mainly just about RDJ and Holmes and what it's like for him to be playing an addict. Really good stuff.
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Though I Shiver by [ profile] impertinence Rec
6000 words. Mary and John swap bodies, and suddenly it's Holmes' issues they have to deal with.

Okay, the bodyswap thing actually took away a lot of my enjoyment from this. Bodyswap is not a favorite trope of mine to begin with and I find I just get really caught up on wondering how this could happen that it distracts me from the actual story (especially when, as is the case here, there is not even an attempt at an explanation (not even an experiment gone wrong); it just happens and that's that).

One other thing that confused me, though, was the living situation. The three of them live together and Mrs Hudson is mentioned, but they don't seem to be living at Baker St as they have the run of the whole house. So is this another case of Mrs Hudson turning into a housekeeper rather than landlady and moving with them to their new house?

That said, I did like the story a lot. I really liked Mary here (it's her POV) and how she's aware of Watson's relationship with Holmes, but rather confused and curious about the actual mechanics. It ends up with them...I wouldn't say OT3, but maybe moving towards OT3, but still clearly a V with Watson in the middle. I would have preferred the story without the bodyswappage, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

A Reward of Unwavering Faith by [personal profile] blue_soaring Rec
2300 words. "Watson, I know you have a fondness for gambling, but there is a time and a place and this is neither."

Gunkink! Banter! Innuendo! Hotness!

A Small Matter of Ownership by [ profile] lace_fic
500 words. "I don't think...that is, you have no business allowing or disallowing it, Mr. Holmes. You may be John's friend, but you are not his keeper."

Ugh, why do I keep stumbling on these sorts of fics? When I saw this in the newsletter (which has no summaries, though neither does the fic itself; I've just pulled a quote for that purpose) and saw the title and that it was Mary and Holmes, I for some reason forgot this is slash fandom we're dealing with and thought it might actually be good. But no, it's just a big old ball of misogyny, both from the author and from Holmes (not to mention Freud), and left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. The author has Holmes use Freudian psychology to put Mary in her place and prove that Watson is his. The author even admits in the header that the time period is completely wrong for Holmes and Mary to be discussing Freud like this, yet apparently she was so eager for use this lovely bit of "logic" to get rid of Mary that it didn't matter. Seriously, everything about it grosses me out. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

The Tendencies of Power by [personal profile] recessional
1300 words. "To be a woman," Aunt Emma said, as she came back from the other room with the lamp and set it on the side table, "is to be caught in a war you didn't start, and can't see the end of."

This is a much better story about Mary! It's just a little vignette with her as a child (I can't tell how old she is) with her believably Victorian feminist aunt, but it was a nice antidote to the one above.
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It's a Cold and It's a Broken Hallelujah by [personal profile] echoindarkness
400 words. John Watson came back from Afghanistan with a wounded shoulder and a shattered psyche and it was Sherlock Holmes that put him back together.

Oh no. No, no, no. I clicked on this from the newsletter just because of the title, but gah. No. It's all Mary vilification in a way that just really does not sit well with me. He left Holmes because "he was led astray" and "he did not hate her, but he hated what she did to him and what she made of him". Ick. No, thanks.

Another Inclination by [personal profile] lisztful
2000 words. A short interlude wherein Watson accompanies Holmes to the opera, after all. Secretive semi-public sex ensues.

This is enjoyable and handjobs at the opera is certainly hot, but I think it would have worked better as an established relationship thing. It was really unclear to me that this was a first-time story until Holmes's sudden declaration, possibly because I was going in with the mindset that something like this must be established relationship rather than first time. Also I am really not fond of Watson ditching Mary at the last moment, so. :-/ I would have enjoyed it much more had it not had that framework.

The Violet Elephant by [ profile] katieforsythe Rec
4700 words. If ever you dodged a bullet, Geoffrey Lestrade, it's keeping dark over knowing Sherlock Holmes takes the back staircase. And Dr. Watson's, at that.

N'awww, Lestrade! I love his little moment of revelation and his "mustn't let Holmes know I know". I'm not a huge fan of the "a look at the relationship from an outside POV" genre, but I enjoyed this.

Imminent Release by [ profile] thisispurgatory
1400 words. Cross to bed, sit on edge. He'll be sleeping on his back, but there will be room. Kiss him, silence him. Don't allow room for words or argument. He will sit up, reach out to deflect advances. Counter attempt.

Really? This has two pages of comments? D: I like the idea of using movie!Holmes's strategising technique for seduction, but this was just so bad. The POV is all over the place, but what's worse is the way it keeps slipping from past to present tense. And I don't mean in a deliberate way as some sort of stylistic choice. The author is just not paying any attention while they're writing and can't remember what tense they were supposed to be in, so it switches from sentence to sentence. Also why would Watson be sleeping in his clothes? Holmes comes in and wakes him up and seduces him in bed and all the talk is of unbuttoning his shirt and trousers. Um...

It's Nice to Know You Work Alone by [ profile] foxxcub
12,000 words. It's been two years since Detective Sherlock Holmes transferred to the Chicago PD from New York, surrounded by rumors that the relocation had been anything but a choice.

So, obviously this is a modern day American AU. This is the first modern AU I've read in this fandom and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I would have liked it better without Undercover As A Rentboy and Gay For You, two tropes I am really not fond of. (Whyyyyyy does this fandom have so much Gay For You?)

Tweed by [ profile] alba17
1200 words. Holmes gets off Watson in an alley - through his trousers.

POV all over the place and overuse of "the other man" (yet despite that, some confusing bits where I couldn't tell who "he" was referring to).
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Everything to Change (And Stay the Same) by [ profile] giddygeek Rec
6700 words. "Holmes," he growled, though the words in his head were far different than what his voice produced, rising as it did from deep within Gladstone's chest, and rumbling through the room. "What have you done?"

I don't usually like bodyswap stories, but I'm glad I gave this a chance as I really enjoyed it. Watson in Gladstone's body is great, but what is awesomest is Gladstone in Holmes's body. XD The total handwave for the swap did still bug me, but the story was funny enough that I was able to ignore it.

Imagine Me and You (And You and You) by [ profile] flash_indie
12,700 words. Mary has rather an exceptionally long day at the shops, purchasing a delicate new tea set, dress, flowers for the hall, scones for after tea and writing paper and envelopes to send back to Devonshire for her mother. She tumbles out of the carriage, all packages and daffodils, and opens the door to her house to find Holmes and a woman Mary has yet to be acquainted making rather furious love on her lounge.

Wait, what? No. No, no, no. Look, if even I can tell that your story is horribly, utterly unVictorian, you're really, really doing it wrong. Mary and John! Living together! And then all four of them living together. Two men and two women. None of whom are married. And then for some reason Mrs Hudson appears to be their cook/maid rather than their landlady and they're acting as if they own the house on Baker St. and I don't even know, guys. I don't even know. The language is really modern, too, unsurprisingly, and just everything about it feels so off.

I can't really even say I enjoyed this because the wrongness was everywhere I turned. By the time I got to the second half, I was skimming quite a bit.

Broken Substitutes by [personal profile] zarah Rec
33,000 words. Death and loss, hurt and comfort, Moriarty, drugs, addictions and sex that is a means to an end, until it isn’t anymore.

I really enjoyed this! I like how it takes book canon events such as Holmes's disappearance and Mary's death and gives them a movieverse twist. Holmes and Watson getting together for the first time post-Mary's death will never be my favorite (I apparently have quite a bit of personal fanon for this fandom!), but this is one of the best fics I've read with that premise and she makes it clear that Watson was in denial about his attraction to men before, not just gay for Holmes.

Bending the Rules by [ profile] wave_of_sorrow
2000 words. Watson does something Holmes doesn't like. Holmes punishes him.

This is straight-up porn. The premise is flimsy and no attempt is made to make it fit with canon. Characterisation is iffy, the POV is all over the place, and I'm pretty sure a violin bow is not strong enough to cause that much damage without breaking (and then as soon as Holmes stops with the bow, Watson's arse (described as red, hot to the touch, and bleeding) is totally forgotten about for the rest of the scene). To make matters worse, the prose is unfailingly mediocre and uninspired. That said, it's actually really hot. It reads more like (minus the obligatory dick measuring) than most fanfic, so if you like that sort of thing, you might want to read it despite its failings as a story.
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Oh no, it's been two weeks since my last batch of Holmes reviews!? Clearly I'm slacking off. XD

Scenes from an Unusual Domestic Arrangement by [personal profile] recessional Rec
5000 words. "There are so many things in this world that make us miserable, Sherlock," she said, by way of answer - answer to it all - certain he would follow her, "that I think when we have the opportunity to be happy, it is a tragedy when we get in our own way."

This is OT4 with Mary orchestrating the whole thing, which is pretty awesome. I really love her in this.

The Case of the Calf-skin Notebook by [personal profile] damned_colonial
3200 words. Sherlock Holmes and I had been living together on terms of the greatest intimacy for some months before I discovered a way to make him relinquish the remarkable control he held over himself.

I liked the structure of this, alternating first-person Watson and third-person Watson. At first I didn't see the point of that, but it becomes clear in the end (and ties in very well with the case Holmes is on, which I really appreciated).

I liked the sex bits less. I am totally down with the whole "Watson finds a way to make Holmes stop thinking for a few minutes" thing, as well as Watson being a bit dommy, but...I don't know. It just felt off to me, like the build up didn't quite match the payoff. It's all "ooh, what mysterious sexual trick will make Holmes 'relinquish [his] remarkable control'?" and then it's just a finger in his ass. Kinda ordinary! The finger-fucking itself was totally hot, but...yeah, idk.

Finger Exercises by [ profile] lavvyan
5200 words. A love story told in seven much-beloved fanfic tropes.

This is cute and I enjoyed it. It's very much movie canon, going off in its own direction rather than trying to get back in line with book canon as so many movieverse fics seem to do.

One thing that kept me from really getting into it was that I kept getting stuck on the fact that Watson and Mary were living together before they got married. I mean, Victorians were all about being proper and that doesn't seem proper at all. XD Is there something I'm missing about Victorian engagements? I admit to not exactly being familiar with the period. But it seems like even if it were acceptable since being engaged meant they would soon be married, it would be a huge thing if she then left Watson before the marriage and married someone else (which she does in the story), because then she would clearly not be ~pure~. Victorians were all about appearances, right? idk, someone with a better grasp of the period please answer my questions!

Nothing Between Us and the New World by [personal profile] ariadnes_string
9900 words. An old army buddy convinces Holmes and Watson to investigate a series of robberies at his inn on the Cornish coast. Watson is sure Holmes has only agreed to cheer him up after Mary's death, but there may be more going on under the surface.

This is all right. The writing is decent, though not really my style. I think that goes for the story overall. I see it was written for the prompt "I love we-suddenly-discover-we-are-in-love stories. Or UST where each of them are obviously into each other but since this is 19th century London, they don't say it until the end. Maybe there was a misunderstanding at first and they both think the other isn't interested, and OHH how wrong are they" and yeah, it was never going to be for me, especially as it leans much more towards the former than the latter. Wish I'd seen that beforehand and saved myself the trouble. Still, if you like that sort of thing, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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System of Exchange by [ profile] f_m_r_l
2500 words. Holmes understands a great number of things, but doesn't necessarily understand people particularly well. Watson develops a sense of self-preservation. And love makes a house a home.

This had some funny bits, but was overall just meh. Also hardcoded font is nobody's friend and I nearly clicked out without reading just for that. Even style=mine couldn't get rid of it.

Twelfth Night: Being a Parody of the Author's One Act by [ profile] katieforsythe Rec
6000 words. Watson is drunk. Very, very drunk.

This is absolutely hilarious! There needs to be more fic from drunk!Watson's POV, as he is utterly adorkable.

Don't Fall So Far (Next Time) by [ profile] toestastegood
9800 words. After Watson loses their rent money while gambling, Holmes observes that he has turned to dubious methods to earn it back.

There seems to be an awful lot of rentboy fics in Holmes fandom already. I have not clicked on even half of them... Anyway, this was okay? Kind of WNGWJLEO, at least on Holmes's part. I did enjoy it, but was also left with a vague dissatsifaction.

Quicksand by [ profile] monsemblable
2000 words. Watson has his way with an unconscious Holmes.

This was really interesting. And pretty well-written, to boot. But it's kind of right on the rec line for me. I keep thinking, did I really like this enough to rec or am I just thinking I should rec it because it's ~edgy~? I don't know. There should be more dark, creepy fic, for sure, but this one was just missing something for me.

Leaves Wreckage Where It's Blown by [ profile] black_eyedgirl
2300 words. Post-movie, Holmes tries to deal with a robbery alone. Some violence ensues. Watson tries to make it better, with variable success.

I enjoyed this, but wasn't wowed by it.

Five Times Holmes Touched Watson, and One Time He Didn't by [ profile] fyrethief
2100 words. Six moments between Holmes and Watson.

What it says on the tin. Cute.

The Narrator by [ profile] candle_beck Rec+
9900 words. The detective is right in identifying the Watson on the page as your paragon, your sinless doppelganger. You have relieved the good doctor of your mortification and despair, the perverse thoughts that have infiltrated every moment of your day. He does not look at his Holmes with anything other than a fraternal affection tinged with poorly concealed reverence. He does not take the picture of Holmes's curved mouth and battered eyes into his room at night, into his bed and his own hand.

That is only you.

This is such a great idea! I am really liking fics that attempt to reconcile book canon with movie canon and this does so in such an interesting way. I love the idea of book!Watson being Watson as he wishes he were, and this exploration of all the parts of himself that he hates and leaves out. Don't be scared away by the 2nd person narration. It's well worth the read!

That said, while I love the self-loathing (mmm...angst!), I wish there were some hint as to whether or not it is just Holmes he's attracted to or if he's struggled with this in the past. Since it doesn't explicitly say this is the first time, I'm choosing to believe it's the latter.

The Sinking Ship of Self by [personal profile] blue_soaring Rec
4000 words. Three weeks after Watson takes up his new residence, Holmes breaks in.

Ooh, post-faked-death from Holmes's POV. This is my favorite time period, but so far most of the other stories I've read set during it have been Watson's POV (he does pining so well!), so I loved getting the pining and angst from Holmes's side this time. XD
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In the Company of Glamour Words by [ profile] gigantic Rec
Joe Jonas/Indio Downey. 6800 words. Why, yes, he let Iron Man's cute son sleep in his bed last night after bombing with Tony Stark. That happened.

Eh, this isn't really Holmes RPF, but it isn't really not, either? So I figured I'd include it in this batch anyway. Mostly I have been so afraid to try Jude/RDJ RPF because of the whole Judesie thing that I just cannot escape, but this gave me my RDJ fix. He is so awesome as the wacky dad Joe has a crush on. I don't even know what Jonas this is (I mean, Joe, obviously, but that means nothing to me, and it's really not something you need to know to enjoy the story), but this was really cute.
"Joe, did you fuck my son?"

"What?" Joe says, eyes shooting wide open. "I. You said you wouldn't ask that."

"It's this whole fatherhood shtick," Robert says, coming around the bar and touching Joe's shoulders. He kneads the muscles there. "Among men there's sometimes a code: tit for tat, what's my business is our business is our secret, but with Indio, well. It's a head-trip, let me tell you. Here's the fucking kicker, still, after sixteen years: I'm a parent. And he's my favorite person in the world, so sometimes the rules get chucked out of the window without notice. That's just how it goes, so. Basically, I lied."

The Art of Balancing by [ profile] shockselectric
4800 words. A fight about Watson leaving turns into sex, which doesn't help his resolve any.

This should have been right up my alley! Angsty, angry post-movie sex! But I find I have a hard time buying Watson and Holmes not already in a relationship, so I was thrown by it being first-time sex (and first-time ever for Watson). Still, I could have rolled with it had the writing not been so expositiony. The word count cound have been halved if the author had just let words and actions speak for themselves rather than going over everything again and again.

Damage by [personal profile] regicidaldwarf
900 words. Watson returns home. Holmes awaits.

I liked this right up until the ending, which feels totally tacked on. The rest of the fic is Holmes all high on opium and handjobs/frottage on the floor. Not angsty at all. Then the last paragraph totally comes out of nowhere all angsty, but not in a good way, because there's nothing to connect it to what we've just seen. Like, Watson is exasperated with Holmes, but there's no hints that he's really unhappy with the arrangement or anything. I really liked the rest of the story, though!

Truth, or Coming Home by [ profile] wandersfound
2900 words. "I gave you my afternoon, not my night. We will wait here until Lestrade arrives. You will tell him where he may find his man. Then you will return to your flat, and I to my wife."

This sounded like it would be good, but it wasn't. :-/ Holmes and Watson are out on a case together and realise their feelings for each other and Watson decides to divorce Mary. Meh.

An Inconvenient Moment by [ profile] alba17 Rec
1300 words. Lestrade makes a badly timed visit to Baker Street.

This was hilarious. Lestrade seems very determined not to get it. He can think of all sorts of (comforting) explanations! XD

Solo Investigation by [ profile] elena_c
1300 words. Holmes takes matters into his own hands.

I...didn't like this. The author seems to be taking the tack of asexual except for Watson, with having Holmes not only a virgin, but never having masturbated before, and I'm not opposed to that characterisation (though I would rather him be asexual, full stop, than asexual but for magical Watson who makes him "normal" through their true love, as this seems to be implying), but I think that Holmes would at least be familiar with the mechanics of sex and the human body, even if he is asexual, and this goes to that weird virgin/innocence fetish place that just makes the story all about the author rather than about the character.

From the Diary of Dr. Watson by espreite
1100 words. Oscar Wilde's conviction causes turmoil at 221B.

Bad use of a good premise. The resolution is too quick and the writing's not that great.

Full of Grace by [ profile] katieforsythe Rec+
19,000 words. The events of the Wilde case bleed into the Holmsian world.

Excellent use of a good premise. Wow. These two stories are like night and day. I have been saving Katie's fics rather than devour them all at once, not just because they're all long, but because they are somewhere I know I can go and even if they're a bit sappy for me here and there, I know they won't be a slap in the face. This is my happy place where I can go and read about a Holmes and Watson who I know will be explicitly queer in a way that is not tied to their feelings for each other. And I love that she consistently places their queerness in a historical context rather than making the stories feel like they're about modern people dressing up as Victorians, and I especially loved that about this story in particular. I loved Holmes' anger at Wilde and at the world and I loved the conversation at the wedding and the dancing and the priest at the end.
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If I Fell by [ profile] charlotteyonge
22,200 words. Sherlock Holmes and his faithful colleague experience a meaningful change in their relationship until marriage, misunderstanding and distance threatens to separate them for good.

I definitely see this whole Holmes being dead (psych) thing turning into one of my favorite time periods to read about, but while this was enjoyable, it wasn't quite what I was looking for. For one thing, Watson is very much just gay for Holmes (though Holmes has past experience at least). I also wasn't thrilled with Holmes soul-searching with Buddhist monks while he was supposedly dead (no idea what the canon is on what he was doing while he was dead) and the ending of the fic was a real let down after so much build up. It felt rushed and summaryish and I know it's drawing (at least somewhat) on canon events, but at the same time, the whole rest of the fic is adding to canon, so it feels weird to have the ending be a quick summary.

Oh, and if you do read this, the author has not included links to the next part at the bottom of each section. You'll have to hit the previous entry button to get there. (There are four sections.)

Recompense by [personal profile] starlady Rec+
9500 words. John Watson is haunted by three spirits, one of whom is not even dead.

This was awesome. (And totally by chance, it's set in the same time period as the one above.) I love how the author has reconciled book canon to movie canon, and I love that the sex between Irene and Watson is so much about Holmes and yet Watson's not pretending she's anyone but herself. I also love that this Watson seems to be genuinely bisexual. I abhor the gay for you thing, but even though I love gay!Watson, that can get old, too. I love that this Watson loved Mary and Holmes (and is poly and Holmes doesn't seem to have been able to understand that Watson loved them both equally at the same time).

Absurdly Simple by Irene Adler
12,700 words. Holmes is investigating a blackmail case and won't tell Watson who the client is; Watson does a little digging and finds out a lot of stuff he really should have known already.

I could tell fairly soon into this that I wasn't going to love it, but I kept on anyway. It's WNGWJLEO on both Holmes' and Watson's parts (I think the few I've read before have at least had one of them gay), and while this was done better than many WNG fics I've read and I can believe that they would be so heavily in denial they wouldn't even recognise their feelings for what they were, I don't want the story told this way. The romance tropes of fanfic make it about soul mates and their special relationship, that they were each the person that made the other finally realise their sexuality (if that's what it is, because you can never know with this, as they are OTP forever, never to look at another man). I know I sound like a broken record on this subject, but I'm not going to say I'm sorry, because I'm not. :p Also I wasn't thrilled with the way the badguy turned out to be gaspshockhorror into bestiality and how that was used to show How Evil He Was. Meh.

Gods and Kings by [ profile] candle_beck Rec
5600 words. "I have not asked for your permission," Holmes said sharply, feeling terribly put-upon.

"No, only my blind lenience, and the, the impossible acceptance that someday I might walk into this room and find you dead on the floor. Please, please try to conjure that scene. Please try to imagine the black course my life would take from that day."

Mmm, self-destructive!Holmes. I liked this a lot.

The Rational Mind by [ profile] copperbadge Rec
1500 words. The war has followed Watson home, and Holmes re-examines his principles in light of his friend's suffering.

Another one that deals with Watson's PTSD. I didn't like it quite as much, whatever other one I read that did. XD But it was good.
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An Interesting Little Problem by [personal profile] cimorene
3800 words. "What will not do, Holmes?"

"Your making me wait, Watson, after you have made it so inescapably clear to me all day what your feelings were, how nearly they mirrored my own. If your highly emotional response to my appearance had not been clear enough--my dear Watson, you have incidentally the most amazingly expressive face--there was still your protective desire to stand close to me in the empty house, your intent study of me as you believed I slept."

I didn't like this one. :-/ I usually like Cim's writing a lot, but this is very old-school-slash feeling and just not my thing at all.

These Things Were Promises by [ profile] paperclipbitch Rec
53,200 words. Watson has had to take a brutal course in being honest with himself so nothing Holmes says will ever be a surprise.

I got sucked into reading this as a WiP, despite telling myself I wouldn't. I think it would have benefitted a lot from better editing. It's long not so much because it needs to be this long to tell the story, but because there's a lot of bloat. The language also tends towards a little too modern in places and the ending felt a little weak, but overall I really enjoyed it.

Until You Cry: Now You Must Try My Greed by [personal profile] lotesse
6576 words. He felt like a man possessed, enchanted by the spell of Holmes' long white exposed collarbones. To find his friend, his flatmate, the theme of so many of his thoughts in such a place, looking as he did - beautiful and strange and inhuman.

Oh, I was so excited about this when I saw it. Another rentboy fic! But it's a little too emotional and Grand-Declarations-of-Love for me, though still quite enjoyable. Also I really want to read a proper rentboy AU, not just mistaken for a rentboy or whoring oneself out because one cannot have the man one loves or whatever.

Softly and Suddenly by [ profile] katieforsythe Rec+
15,000 words. Watson reflects from Switzerland on a curious incident that took place after Holmes lured him into adultery.

Ahhhhhh, this was awesome. Lots of angsty pining, which I EAT UP WITH A SPOON OMG. And I love how they hurt each other. With each story of hers I read, I feel like this author's style is really not quite my thing, but it's not enough to really detract from the goodness.

The Greek Problem by [ profile] candle_beck Rec+
16,300 words. While on the case of a missing woman, Watson finds it increasingly difficult to ignore his feelings for Holmes.

This is great. A lot of times when you have a story with an action plot and a romance plot, the action plot doesn't actually have anything to do with the romance; it's more just something to have the characters be doing while they figure out their feelings for each other or whatever. But here not only were the two plots really well interwoven, but it was clear why this particular case was what finally changed things between them. Very well done.
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Except for the Way a Traveler Knows a Traveler by [personal profile] wintercreek
2300 words. Holmes loses his memory and Watson tries to help him get it back.

This was cute, but I wasn't wowed.

Five Times That Watson Did Not Wake Up in Canon by Taz Rec
10,000 words. Five moments that lead to Holmes and Watson getting together.

This is the second Holmes five-things fic I've read where unlike most such fics, the five scenes are all from the same universe and build on each other to form one long story. This could have used some editing (mainly typos and oddly-placed commas), but was quite enjoyable.

To Rise to the Occasion by [personal profile] ponderosa Rec
1600 words. Surely a single uncooperative limb does not render a man useless.

Oh, this is great! I think there was an SGA fic where someone can't get it up (I have it bookmarked to read at some point), but you don't really see this sort of thing that often in fic.

Jump the Gate by [personal profile] blue_soaring Rec
2700 words. Once Watson regains the power of speech he isn't at all certain he wishes to utilise it.

I clicked on this because it had the tag "premature ejaculation" and I was curious. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be, and had a little more ashamed!Watson than I really care for, but I enjoyed it.

Impecunious by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec
4000 words. So alarming did the state of my finances become, that I soon realized that I must either leave the metropolis and rusticate somewhere in the country, or that I must make a complete alteration in my style of living. -- A Study in Scarlet

Yes, you've seen me rec this one before. But this is an expanded version, now 4000 words instead of the original 600! This isn't exactly what I would want in a rentboy!Watson fic (like, I would want him to actually be a rentboy, not just mistaken for one!), but it's definitely enjoyable.

At a Blind Corner by [ profile] eggshellseas Rec+
7200 words. Holmes discovers he possesses a curious power over Watson, and that Watson is a man who still has a few secrets.

Quite by accident, Holmes discovers Watson is submissive! I love how he proceeds to test his theory (and how Watson goes along with it).
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Cute Ones Are Usually Gay by [ profile] paperclipbitch
5400 words. He thinks that maybe Hamlet had no idea what real actual fucking suffering was.

Eh, I like this author's Holmes/Watson, but I think I'll avoid anymore RPF by them. Way too much "Judesie", for one, but I was also really put off by the lack of condoms and lack of...idk, awareness? of condoms. I can enjoy a fic where people for various reasons don't use condoms, but when it's written as if they don't even exist, it just takes it to a too-weird fantasyland place for me. (Also no one in this fic is gay, so I don't know what the point of the title is.)

Ball and Chain by [personal profile] blue_soaring Rec
1400 words. Watson's only regret of the moment was that he couldn't risk the kiss he so wretchedly wanted.

Mmm...angsty, conflicted Watson. My favorite. (Also this is hot.)

Games of Chance by [personal profile] blue_soaring Rec
1800 words. He had no idea how to go about telling Holmes he'd lost the rent again.

This was great. I loved the dialogue (can't so much call it banter, as Watson is falling down drunk).

"And you seem remarkably adept at removing a gentleman's clothing."

"I am fortunate to have had much practice."

Again, Watson frowned. His gut, having ceased its pitching, sank under the suspicion that Holmes did not mean quite what he had said, but the possible alternative meanings Watson assigned to his words were of an equally ill fit.

"Astonishingly, I do dress and undress myself daily," Holmes said.

"Ah," Watson murmured, "of course."

Tales from Malvik Hall by [ profile] ingridmatthews
3300 words. A mix of SH Kink Meme prompts. Watson angst, frightened Holmes. Cliche, melodrama and porn, oh my!

Oh, I should have looked at the headers more closely! Not only does the summary say cliche and melodrama, but the genre is listed as "slash, schmoopy angst, h/c, romance". They weren't kidding, either. This wasn't badly written, but it was very, very much not for me.

As Simple as This by [personal profile] nune
900 words. Things are not always the way they seem.

Another one that's just not for me.


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