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Whew! I am not used to reading this much fanfic lately! Or, indeed, ever. XD It helps that a lot of these are shorter fics, but still, I am amazed at how much I've been reading lately. I have been taking my ipod to bed with me and reading a bit before going to sleep (and sometimes a bit when I wake up, too), and today I also read three or four fics while walking back from the post office.

1 Community, 1 Happy Endings, 1 Nobuta wo Produce, 6 Oglaf, 1 Parks & Rec, 2 Scott Pilgrim, and 1 V6 )
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Man, after looking through the Scott Pilgrim fics, I really wish I'd written that Kim/Knives fic I wanted to as a Treat, because somehow no one (on the archive at all, not even just Yuletide!) has written it and I don't understand how because they canonically made out! Why is there no awkward post-canon hooking up!? Does it exist elsewhere and someone can point me to it? Do I need to write this myself?

Anyway, here are some Yuletide and one non-Yuletide fics I read.

I Don't Know What's Happening and I Can't Pretend by [ profile] longwhitecoats Rec
1300 words. Scott can't get out of Thursday.

Wallace and Stacey conspiring and Scott being clueless. This is hilarious and adorable.

...And the New Roommate by [personal profile] fangirlism
1100 words. Teen. The story of Scott and Wallace's meeting.

Needs a beta very badly and doesn't have the tone of the comic down at all.

Scott Pilgrim & the Unsubtle Seduction by [ profile] afterism Rec+
2500 words. Teen. Wallace doesn’t have an agenda (except, maybe, snuggling).

Oh, this is much better. Same premise(ish), but really has the voices down well and is just generally adorkable and sweet. For example:
There’s a brief time when Scott’s mom misreads the situation entirely and tries to set Wallace up with Stacey. It ends with Wallace stealing Stacey’s boyfriend, and Stacey not talking to any of them for a while, and then she catches them curled up together on the couch, Scott asleep with his head on Wallace’s shoulder and Wallace is dozing until he glances up and spots her smirking at them from the stairs.

“So... you and my brother?” she says quietly, after he’s carefully untangled himself from Scott’s grip and joined her on the steps.

Wallace shrugs. “It’s a slow, subtle seduction. I’m wooing him.”

“There’s nothing subtle about you, Wallace. Or Scott, actually. Good luck with that.”

Scott stirs with a hushed, incoherent mumble and they both pause, watching him as he flops forward and spreads out over the couch, one arm dangling off the edge. He instantly falls back asleep.

A few moments pass in silence and then Stacey says, “So how is that going, anyway?”

“It’s a work in progress.”

Listen to Bands That Don't Even Exist Yet by [ profile] sotto_voice Rec+
10,000 words. Mature. Stephen is dating Julie, until he isn't anymore.

Oh, oh, OH, this is so perfect! When I was reading Scott Pilgrim, I thought damn, Stephen and Joseph are pretty slashy! but even though there were other queer characters, I didn't really expect these two to actually get together. And then they were! And we didn't get to see any of the how because it's all Scott's narrow, self-centered POV, and he is totally oblivious until the very end. This is exactly the story I wanted about Stephen and Joseph and it fits right into canon like it was meant to be there. She really nailed everyone's voices and the tone of the comic perfectly. (Also I use the word perfect a lot!)

Strangely Patriotic by [ profile] flo_rider
1400 words. G. Ramona, Kim and Knives road trip across Canada.

Funny at times, but not great. :-/ And had one typo (interpreted for interrupted) that really confused me until I realised what it was supposed to be.

Parties and Plastic Cups by [ profile] lunarwolfik
1100 words. Teen. When Knives woke up, she found herself surrounded by tall furniture legs and a scratchy carpet.

This was cute and the Knives voice felt spot-on.


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