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I got my Sit and Step thing in the mail today! It's pretty neat, though makes a bit of noise as you step. I did about ten minutes when I first got it, but unfortunately with my back like this, right now the most comfortable position is to sit in my chair cross-legged, so I can't use it as much as I'd like. Maybe later on if I'm feeling better.

I was going through my list of unread stuff on delicious and trying to pick out some fandoms where I just had one or two fics each. Turns out most of the random fandom stuff is from Yuletide, though, which I want to keep together.

Flesh Mechanic by [ profile] lisew 3/5
12,000 words. 'N Sync. Props for originality, but very unsatisfying. )

Gloria (The Alias That You've Been Living Under) by [ profile] china_shop 3/5
4400 words. Due South. Enjoyable, but not quite what I was looking for. )

Chasing Fraser by [ profile] damned_colonial 5/5 Recommended
2100 words. Due South. Awesome twist on the usual 'straight guy is surprised to find himself falling for another man' thing. )

Five Truths about Dan Taichi and Five Lies about Akutsu Jin by [ profile] storyteller 2/5
600 words. Prince of Tennis. Eh. )

Mic Check One Two by [ profile] sparklespiff 2/5 - Didn't finish
4500 words. Prince of Tennis. Oh my God, horrible. )

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Bang by [ profile] rageprufrock 2/5
John/Rodney. 6200 words. Funny, but too sappy for me. )

Emotional Rescue by [ profile] bibliotech 3/5
John. 1300 words. Funny! )

Now Everybody Dance by [ profile] phaballa 5/5 Recommended
Justin Timberlake/Kevin Federline. 5200 words. So, so wrong and so, so hilarious. )

A Quick One While He's Away by [ profile] helens78 4/5 Recommended
Jude/Ewan. 1300 words. More Judewan! More of this series! Yay! )
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Fire and Rain by [ profile] bettyp 2/5 - Did not finish
N Sync. 44,000 words. Everyone's gay and evil PR is trying to keep them closeted.
I can't read stories like this. They hit my tinhat squick. )

Chicago's Most Wanted by [ profile] cesperanza 4/5 Recommended
Due South. 42,000 words. Fraser loses his memory and thinks he's a criminal.
Surprisingly enjoyable. )
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The next one I clicked on turned out to be super long, so I figured I'd go ahead and post this batch as it will be months before I finish the next, from the looks of things. :p

Not Based on a True Story by [ profile] isilya 2/5 - Did not finish
N Sync. 4400 words. Justin writes fanfic.
I hate this genre. )

A Kiss is Still a Kiss by Rocky 1/5 - Did not finish
Velvet Goldmine. 5600 words. Curt/Jack Fairy. No summary given and I didn't read far enough to form one of my own.
Painfully bad. )

Knowing Is Half the Batter by [ profile] romanticalgirl 3/5
Harry Potter. 1000 words. Ron and Hermione bake a cake for Harry, but he can't keep his mind on the task at hand.
Adorable. )

Fever by [ profile] copperbadge 3/5
Sharpe. 1500 words. Sharpe's got a fever, and an unorthodox idea of a cure.
Not much for the set-up, but it's enjoyable. )

Harmony by [ profile] librae 2/5
LotRiPS. 400 words. "In conclusion," Orlando says, "I think I broke Viggo."
...WHAT. )


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