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Turning Pirate by [ profile] p0wdermonkey 3/5
Pirates of the Caribbean. 6700 words. Bill Turner had no luck with women, or perhaps it was that women had no luck with Bill Turner.
Enjoyable. )

Being Liquid by [ profile] rotaryphones 5/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 7900 words. When Teddy discovers a new way to be liquid, Victoire helps him to find stability.
Complicated and interesting and just really well done. )

The Rumour Mill by [ profile] such_heights 3/5
Harry Potter. 3000 words. Luna thinks people really do focus on the strangest things.
Cute. )

Something New by [ profile] lovetheboys 2/5
Supernatural. 800 words. Sam learns something new about his brother.
Pretty bad. )
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I'm not doing these by day, since not every day has fics in fandoms I know, but I'll probably make a post every four or five fics I read. So far not bad. :)

Those People: On the History of Wizarding Britain's Attitude Toward Sexuality by [ profile] obfuscate3 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 2800 words. The Wizarding World's LGBT history in a few thousand pointed words, patched together from actual history, canon history, and wholecloth lies. Covers Dumbledore, the Founders, the International Warlock Convention, Francis Bacon, Dilys Derwent, Daisy Hookum, Mumbilius Collins, Phineas Black, and others.
This could easily be done badly, but it wasn't. )

Walk Like a Man by [ profile] mmoneurere 3/5
Harry Potter. 2000 words. When you've forgotten how to be yourself, sometimes it helps to try being someone else.
Not great, but interesting. )

In Civilized Parts by [ profile] penknife 4/5 Recommended
Pirates of the Caribbean. 3000 words. It wasn't that Jack grew up without any rules, but he's not sure he likes these.
Very believable young Jack. )

Five Kinds of Bars by [ profile] sanj 3/5
Supernatural. 2100 words. Sam and Dean never like the same kinds of places.
Enjoyable. )
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I think my next batch will be stuff from the LotRiPS remix, as I'm going to try and read all of them (I counted and I think there are 21 not counting my own - I guess I should wait to post the reviews til after the reveal, then, since otherwise it'll give me away).

But first! My first foray into PotC was disappointing. As you'll see by the reviews below, the fics weren't bad, by any means, they just completely failed at being my thing. It made me flee back into the more familiar waters of HP, but that fic turned out to suck quite a bit. Hrmph.

Bluebird by [ profile] hippediva 2/5
Pirates of the Caribbean. 3800 words. Another encounter in another port, Norrington's crew being naughty and rum for breakfast.
POV and epithet problems ahoy! )

Marooned by [ profile] viva_gloria 2/5
Pirates of the Caribbean. 23,300 words. Jack/Norrington. The world's changed. When everything you loved is gone, what's left? Duty, honour, dreams, dust...
Really dragged. )

Married Alive by [ profile] junediamanti 2/5
Harry Potter. Short story. What would really happen if there were to be a Marriage Law enacted in the Wizarding World? How would Hermione really react if she were forced to marry against her wishes?
Good idea, but read more like a rant about how bad the premise is than an actual story. )


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