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Hrr, so. I had this last batch of [ profile] lgbtfest fics from last year that I never read. XD And now the fest is running again, so I figured I'd better get these out of the way first before I start on the new ones. ^_^;;

Four Years Later by [ profile] ria_oaks 2/5
Supernatural. 4800 words. Retelling of the pilot, but the reason Sam left home was because he's gay.
Needs editing. )

The Braid by [ profile] pandore27 2/5
Star Wars. 5400 words. Dormé loves Amidala. Amidala loves politics. That's the problem.
Not really my style, but not horrible. )

Fantastica by [ profile] pandore27 2/5
Star Wars. 2200 words. Everything feels the same, and yet everything's changed.
I'm not sure why this is even labelled fanfic... )

A Remote Aspect by [ profile] lilfluffykitten 2/5
Dracula. 1600 words. Jonathan finds his enforced loneliness leads him to some uncomfortable realisations.
Fits the tone of the novel well, but I just wasn't feeling it. )

Marching Orders by [ profile] bwinter 3/5
Discworld. 2900 words. Polly's next war, and Maladicta.
Cute, though I think I would probably have enjoyed it more if I could actually remember much from Monstrous Regiment... )

How Stephen Colbert Proved Jon Stewart Is a Lady by [ profile] sarken 4/5 Recommended
Colbert Report. 4900 words. Stephen is a straight man. Stephen is attracted to Jon. Therefore, it logically follows that Jon must be a woman.
Hilarious. )
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Number Thirteen by Lemuel Cork 5/5 Recommended
Arsenic and Old Lace. 4800 words. Dr. Einstein and Jonathan Brewster on the run.
So awesome! )

In Which Worlds Collide and Eeyore Investigates a Terrible Crime by [ profile] flambeau 4/5 Recommended
Discworld/Winnie the Pooh. 5400 words. In which worlds collide. Also, Eeyore investigates a terrible crime, with some unexpected assistance.
I don't usually like crossovers, but this is great. )

Miracle at 23 Meteor Street by [ profile] soupytwist 3/5
Spaced. 400 words. Tim is not pleased at the idea of Kylie Minogue on Doctor Who.
Cute little vignette. )

What Friends Are For by [ profile] spamala97 2/5
Spaced. 2800 words. Tim doesn't know what he wants. Daisy tries to help.
Wow, this was really horrible. )

It's Midnight and Daisy Steiner's Ex-Boyfriend is a Massive Wanker by [ profile] smithereen 5/5 Recommended
Spaced. 1200 words. Daisy's just got dumped, but Tim is there to comfort her.
Utterly perfect. )

Harry Potter and the Reluctant Fanboy by [ profile] puritybrown 3/5
Spaced. 3400 words. Tim's been a fan before. He's determined not to get burned again.
I really liked the beginning, but the rest not so much. )
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Ten more and I still haven't finished my first pass. I ended in the Bs, so unless there turn out to be a ton of small A fandoms I know, the final first pass batch will probably be smaller.

Tension by [ profile] lucathia_rykatu 3/5
Bakuman. 1400 words. Mashiro and Takagi argue over the reason for the popularity of their most recent chapter in Jump, disagreeing about the 'tension' between the characters.
Cute, though the writing could use some work. )

The Sandwich Story by [ profile] obfuscate3 4/5 Recommended
Calvin and Hobbes. 1300 words. Calvin grows up.
Loved the ending. )

The Tiger Song by [ profile] rabidsamfan 3/5
Calvin and Hobbes. 100 words. Hobbes makes Calvin sing a song about the awesomeness of tigers.
Cute. )

Heaven by LMT 4/5 Recommended
Closer. 1500 words. Larry comes to the strip club again, looking for Alice.
Great missing scene. )

Out of the Dark by [ profile] technosage 5/5 Recommended
Dr. Seuss. 1300 words. They shouldn't have been in the park that night. It came from out of the dark, into their lives, into their hearts.
Damn, this is completely awesome. Dr. Seuss horror. )

I Am Not Clark, My Name Is Pete by [ profile] googlebrat 4/5 Recommended
Dr. Seuss. 1200 words. These children found me, in the park. They took me home. They called me Clark.
Very impressive! )

There Is No I or You by [ profile] nyssa23 3/5
Frasier. 1300 words. Niles tries to communicate with Daphne using someone else's poetry.
Good voices for all the characters. )

What Happened After by [ profile] steelneko 2/5
The Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". 400 words. The police did find Earl eventually.
Very summary-ish epilogue to the song. )

Strawberry Jam by [ profile] vampedvixen 3/5
The Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". 1800 words. The story of Wanda and Mary Anne.
Fleshes out the song some, but doesn't add much )

Suddenly I See by [ profile] norah 3/5
So You Think You Can Dance. 6200 words. Being on the show is a journey, all right. But it's not just about dancing.
Cute. No canon knowledge necessary. )
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I just finished watching another episode of this whilst on the exercise bike, so I figured now was a good time to read these fics. And they were all really good! Unexpected surprise!

Career Permutations with Bret & Jemaine by [ profile] wysiwygot 4/5 Recommended
Flight of the Conchords. 2600 words. Bret and Jemaine decide to be try being something other than struggling musicians, so Murray helps them find new careers.
Hilarious. )

Doggy Dos and Doggy Don'ts by Mardy 3/5
Flight of the Conchords. 2100 words. Bret and Jemaine get stuck watching Mel's dogs.
Great ending. )

Lust of the Conchords by Yochan 5/5 Recommended
Flight of the Conchords. 1100 words. Murray shows Bret and Jemaine how to use the internet, where they end up finding (BAD, natch) slash written by Mel.
My favorite of the lot. )

A Curious Conchords Contest by [ profile] wysiwygot 4/5 Recommended
Flight of the Conchords. 1400 words. Bret and Jemaine try to determine who's the better boyfriend, and then who would make a better homosexual.
Read more... )
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Woohoo! This is the last of the Yuletide stuff I had bookmarked from last year! And just in time. Today is the first day of Merry Smutmas. So uh, sorry for people who don't read Harry Potter, but I will be reviewing HP almost exclusively for the next month. I may read other stuff here and there, but if this year's Smutmas is anything like last year's there will be a lot of long fics and I won't have much time to do anything but frantically try to keep up.

Al Detente by thermidor 3/5
Good Eats. 2400 words. How Alton Brown met W.
Very funny and plausible. )

Cioppino Royale by neko_chelle 3/5
Good Eats. 2700 words. An ordinary shopping trip goes terribly wrong when Elton gets kidnapped and Alton must prove his skills to Sandra Lee.
Also funny and plausible. )

Quite a Buzz by [ profile] delurker 3/5
Dead Zone. 3800 words. When Johnny is asked to get a vision from a water-damaged record book and ends, he gets more than he bargained for.
Enjoyable, but had some pacing problems. )

Underbelly by RuM 3/5
Neverwhere. 1800 words. Vandemar and Croup approach Hunter with a job.
Plausible, but needs editing. )

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective (If Somewhat Unnecessarily Violent) Assassins by Apathy 4/5 Recommended
Neverwhere. 1900 words. Seven Croup & Vandemar vignettes.
Very funny. )

If You'd Been Listening by Kastaka 2/5
Neverwhere. 8000 words. The further adventures of Richard, Door, and the Marquis.
Major characterisation problems. )
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*looks at massively long list of tags on this* Maybe I should keep to one fandom per post...

And now that I've finished Beggars Would Ride, I am really going to buckle down and finish those last four days of Smutmas! *buckles* I mean, seriously, we're half-way through March already. XD

Textbook Definition by [ profile] captainlaura 2/5
Due South. 1000 words. Interesting structure, but only makes sense if you know the show. )

Law of Conservation by [ profile] lucia_tanaka 2/5
Numb3rs. 1600 words. Fairly well-written, but requires more canon knowledge than I have. )

Five Have a Magical Time by [ profile] lazy_neutrino 4/5 Recommended
Famous Five/Harry Potter. 3300 words. Perfectly smashing! )

Unfolding Right Before My Eyes by [ profile] telesilla 3/5
John/Rodney. 1000 words. Cute. )

Planet of the Muddy Apes by [ profile] runpunkrun 4/5 Recommended
John/Rodney. 500 words. Hilarious! )

Beggars Would Ride by [ profile] musesfool 4/5 Recommended
Sam/Dean. 46,000 words. AU where Sam is a girl from birth. ) 4/5
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Today's challenge for Fandom Appreciation thingy was to rec five challenge fics. I figured since I still had a zillion Yuletide fics bookmarked, this would be a good way to whittle down that list. Well. Instead of just going alphabetically by fandom as I have been with these, I hunted around for the fandoms that seemed most likely to have something I really like (i.e. not the fandoms I'm not so much with the remembering canon on). Still, it took a lot longer than I'd have liked, but I did manage to find three fives and two fours, so I'm counting those all as recs. :p At least nothing was really horrible this time. I think the rest were all just threes.

I Am Propelled By Fear and Not the Righteous by viennawaits 3/5
eXistenZ. 1100 words. Neat. Definitely felt like the film. )

Worth a Try by [ profile] partly 3/5
Nancy Drew. 1500 words. Enjoyable Bess and George piece. )

Jane Narf by Parhelion 5/5 Recommended
Animaniacs. 6900 words. Pinky and the Brain do Jane Eyre. Fucking brilliant. )

Victory from Defeat by [ profile] _tallian_ 3/5
Shaun of the Dead. 1000 words. Funny Ed & Shaun, post-film. )

Night of the Apple Schnapps by [ profile] empy 3/5
Shaun of the Dead. 1500 words. Funny flashback scene with Ed, Shaun, and Pete. )

Five Things Maggie Simpson Never Said by [ profile] soundingsea 4/5 Recommended
The Simpsons. 2700 words. Fun collection of Simpsons future AUs. )

Green-Eyed Homer by [ profile] haku_kaen 5/5 Recommended
The Simpsons. 4500 words. Absolutely spot on Homer & Lisa story. A must-read. )

See no Evil by [ profile] klmorgan 4/5 Recommended
The Village. 5200 words. Fits very well with canon. )

Looking on to Spring by [ profile] marginalia 3/5
The Secret Garden. 1400 words. A nice canon-ish piece. )

Secret Lives of the Cast of Galaxy Quest by [ profile] darthfox 4/5 Recommended
Galaxy Quest. 2600 words. Very funny. )
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Still no more smutmas reviews, because I'm in the middle of reading one of those really long ones, but people on my flist and elsewhere keep posting short fics that I get distracted by (hey, that sounds a lot like my writing style, too... *headdesk*).

Four Things from Earth That John Sheppard Misses by [ profile] siegeofangels 3/5
John. 500 words. I can definitely see this. )

Until the Stars Are All Alight by [ profile] reccea 2/5
John/Rodney. 1900 words. Interesting idea, but don't think too hard about it. )

Unto the Day by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
John/Rodney. 2200 words. I really like the premise of this series! )

Straight Girls by [ profile] makesmewannadie 4/5 Recommended
Original f/f. 2200 words. Really liked it! )

To Each His Own Finger by [ profile] sparklebutch 3/5
Spike/Xander. 300 words. Funny! )
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Cucumbers and Country Casuals by Lorna 2/5
Bridget Jones' Diary 1000 words. A missing scene that didn't really need to be filled in. )

No Girls by [ profile] maderr 2/5
Calvin and Hobbes 1200 words. Really felt like the comics. )

The WØRD by [ profile] in_vulnerable 5/5 Recommended
The Colbert Report 1200 words. Hilarious! )

The Manipulated Dead by [ profile] sionnain 3/5
Donnie Darko 3000 words. I liked this a lot. )

Amber by [ profile] fuzzycactus 2/5
Everything Is Illuminated 1000 words. All right. )
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Well, there are over a thousand fics in the Yuletide archives, but most of them are from books I've never read and TV shows I've never seen. I went through and bookmarked all the fics in all the fandoms I felt like I knew the canon well enough to read. There were some that I know I quite liked at the time, like Narnia and Coldfire Trilogy, and the Prydain stuff, but I just don't remember enough about the canon. I think I bookmarked a bit over a hundred fics. No way will I get through them all before the reveal, and I'm not trying to. But here are the first five I read. Pretty disappointing over all, though I do highly rec the I ♥ Huckabees one.

Coming Together by [ profile] maczazzle 5/5 Recommended
I ♥ Huckabees. 2200 words. Brad, Albert, the world as it is, the world as it was, and existential orgasms.
Spot-on Albert voice and just altogether excellent. )

Wedding Balls by KelseyML 3/5
Penny Arcade. 1300 words. In which the watche exchanges hands once again, Div is briefly sober, the zombie makes a guest appearance, and Gabe and Tycho get married.
Felt like it was trying too hard to be funny. )

Happiness Is Fleeting by Kajikia 4/5 Recommended
Penny Arcade. 1300 words. "Please tell me you didn't trade Kara and Brenna for a monkey." "No! Of course not! It was a Playstation 3."
Had some really great lines and was overall pretty good. )

Five Times Sam Clay Finished the Great American Novel by sahiya 4/5 Recommended
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. 2200 words. During the years of Joe's absence, Sammy struggles with "American Disillusionment" and Rosa struggles with her own.
Enjoyable. )

All Good Things Come to Sticky Ends by Am-Chau 2/5
Seinfeld. Kramer, Jerry/George/Elaine. 1200 words. Looking back on the end of it all, Kramer tried to explain how everything (and everyone) went down.
The writing's not quite up to tackling Seinfeld. )
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Belief (800 words) and Repudiation (2500 words) by [ profile] makesmewannadie 4/5 Recommended
Battlestar Galactica. Kara is lost. Leoben finds her.
Very fucked up = yay. )

Slouching, Forever by [ profile] flambeau 5/5 Recommended
Good Omens. 900 words. Lower Tadfield doesn't change much.
Excellent. )

Uncanny Valley by [ profile] harriet_spy 3/5
Stargate: Atlantis. 3400 words. "Real isn't how you are made. It's a thing that happens to you."
Good, but too unsubtly meta. )

Life Begins by [ profile] kissing_athelas Did not finish - 2/5
LotRiPS. Novel. Dom/Lij uni AU.
Really liked it but for a couple of issues that kept me from being able to finish. )
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Price of Wisdom by [ profile] zortified 1/5 - Did not finish
Harry Potter. 34,200 words. Percy has a secret. What will happen when he has to reveal it, to save his brother?
Badly in need of a beta and a Britpick. )

Chance to Make It Real by [ profile] wearemany 2/5
The West Wing. 30,000 words. Josh and Sam work together and fall in love, lose touch and find themselves.
This may be a good fic for fans of the show, but was horribly, horribly wrong for me. )

While the Tempest Hurled by [ profile] rivkat 3/5
Smallville. 31,000 words. Earth is invaded by Kryptons and Lex leads the resistance.
Interesting idea. )

Rosemary for Remembrance by [ profile] tenshi_no_korin 2/5
Suikoden. 9200 words. Suikoden style Yule.
Decently written, but without canon knowledge I have no idea what's going on. )
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Lovers by [ profile] flambeau 4/5 Recommended
X-Files. 129,800 words. A former colleague of Mulder's asks for help with a serial killer. Mulder and Scully arrive in San Francisco to find that they aren't the only ones to take a special interest in this case.
Still lots of mooning, but the plot was awesome. )

Roll the Bones by Vathara 1/5 - Did not finish
Yu-Gi-Oh/Sentinel. 55,700 words. Yugi, Seto, and Ryo find chaos in Cascade, Washington.
Misspelled names and too much direct address. )

Upon a Fiery Steed by Vathara 1/5 - Did not finish
SG-1/Gundam Wing. 87,500 words. Daniel. Duo. Two trouble magnets, one very unlucky System Lord.
The writing was pretty mediocre and full of epithets. )

Gelassenheit by [ profile] robofetus0 2/5
Xenogears. Short story. Billy/Bart PWP.
Not great. )

Release by [ profile] calichan 2/5
Star Wars. 3400 words. Anakin is hardly satisfied that the Council chose to send Obi-Wan after General Grievous.
Mediocrity at its finest. )
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Two I couldn't make myself finish and two others I did, but wasn't keen on. *hopes for better luck with the next batch*

The Elements Series by [ profile] cara_chapel 2/5 - Did not finish
Star Wars. 109,700 words. Qui-Gon Jinn fails to take Obi-Wan as his apprentice on Bandomeer, so Yoda does instead.
Solidly mediocre. )

Subtext by [ profile] thete1 2/5 - Did not finish
Smallville. 9100 words. Clark takes Lex to the movies.
More fragments than complete sentences. )

The Old Schizophrenic Jealousy by [ profile] scribblinlenore 2/5
Smallville. 4100 words. You force yourself to push away the thought of how close he is, how easy it would be to kiss him again. You are Clark now, no blue suit, no right to know that Lex tastes as dark and sweet as plums.
Not really my thing at all. )

Arcana Nuda by [ profile] tanacawyr 2/5
Ultraviolet. 4200 words. After the series, Michael is kidnapped with the intent of rattling his cage.
Interesting, but the writing could use work. )
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Save the Last Dance for Me by [ profile] ddayspring 1/5 - Did not finish.
Highlander. 26,500 words. Duncan/Methos. It started as a game and ended as love.

Pretty When You're Mine by [ profile] seperis 3/5
Smallville. 54,600 words. Clark/Lex AU in which Clark is a rentboy.
Enjoyable, but appears to be abandoned. )

The Importance of Being Brian by [ profile] julad 3/5
Queer as Folk US. 17,100 words. Brian/Justin. The weirdness gets unavoidable when Brian refuses to get his job back.
Surprisingly enjoyable. )


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