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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is economics and work.

And my theme today is moar Yuletide! I was scrambling quite a bit here, as I read a ton that I didn't like well enough to rec, but finally I hit seven, huzzah (and luckily I had three already set aside from December/January). Tomorrow it's SPN, then back to HP again for the final day.

Fear the La Vega of Loathing by [ profile] dien 5/5 Recommended
Kingdom of Loathing. 3900 words. The tale of Bernice the Seal Clubber.

The Royal Tea-Party by [ profile] ladysisyphus 5/5 Recommended
Final Fantasy Tactics. 3500 words. Squire Agrias guards young Princess Ovelia for the first time.
Very well-written and poignant. )

Of Candlelit Rooms and Ambitions Too Great by [ profile] v_voltaire 4/5 Recommended
Final Fantasy Tactics. 4800 words. The rule of Queen Ovelia, from its greatest heights to its ending tragedy.
Interesting and well-written. )

I Know How You Feel, No Secrets to Reveal by [ profile] sundancekid 5/5 Recommended
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew. 1900 words. Six months after Double Crossing, Nancy runs into Frank at a ski lodge.
Really read like the books! )

Q&A by [ profile] medie 4/5 Recommended
Batman Begins. 3200 words. Vicki Vale investigates Bruce Wayne.
Felt like it could be canon. )

Home for the Holidays by [ profile] googlebrat 4/5 Recommended
Discworld. 1500 words. That one Christmas Susan did get to spend at Death's house as a child.
So perfect! )

The Birthday of Eternity by [ profile] panjianlien 5/5 Recommended
Discworld. 4200 words. In which Death has a Very Difficult Client and appeals to Nanny Ogg for assistance.
Awesome Nanny Ogg voice. )
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I'm trying to do the Yuletide stuff in themed lists, so as not to have a zillion tags per entry. So these are the game fandoms I read. I had some more recs from both, but saved them out for my [ profile] 14valentines recs sets, because I am going to need all the female-POV recs I can get. XD

Bob Atari: Muad'Dib, Kumkwat Haagendasz, and Gnomish Knob Goblin by [ profile] caitirin 3/5
Kingdom of Loathing. 1400 words. The tale of Bob Atari, the Knob Goblin prince.
Pretty funny. )

A Day on Noob Mountain by [ profile] insptr_penguin 2/5 - Didn't finish.
Kingdom of Loathing. 3700 words. Don't mess with The Toot Oriole.
Needs editing. )

Fledglings by [ profile] moemachina 3/5
Final Fantasy Tactics. 100 words. Ovelia wakes and finds Delita climbing down her chimney.
Nice little Delita and Ovelia drabble. )

Save the Queen by Megan H. 3/5
Final Fantasy Tactics. 1500 words. An interlude between Agrias and Ovelia after Zirekile Falls.
Not great writing, but feels like it could be canon. )

Works Cited by [ profile] moonsheen 3/5
Final Fantasy Tactics. 8700 words. A series of vignettes following Orran Durai after Delita becomes king.
Interesting. )

On the Transfer of One's Liege to the Care of Another by [ profile] mithrigil 3/5
Final Fantasy Tactics. 600 words. Agrias vignette after Ovelia goes with Delita.
Enjoyable. )

Out of Failures, Dreams, Disasters by [ profile] fromherashes 3/5
Final Fantasy Tactics. 3100 words. The night before Ft. Zeakden, Ramza gets a glimpse of things to come.
Too wordy, but otherwise quite good. )

The Heretic's Confession by [ profile] ladysisyphus 3/5
Final Fantasy Tactics. 2600 words. On his last night in prison, Olan receives a visitor.
Enjoyable. )
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Wow, not only did I finish every fic in this batch (and there are eight of them), but I actually liked (to some degree) all of them, and am planning on reccing two! This is a first. This is...this is amazing, is what it is. Unheard of! I'm so used to not liking stuff that I'm just in shock.

Anyway, not only was this an amazingly good batch of recs, but it brings me down to only two left. Considering I put out the original call for recs back in August, it feels like I've been working my way through these forever, but now the end is in sight! However, the two I saved for last are extremely long (the Administration and a sprawling Star Wars genfic), so I decided to go ahead and post these, cause God knows how long it will take me to read those two unless I hate them so much I stop reading right away.

Intersections by [ profile] kaneko 4/5 Recommended
Stargate: Atlantis. 24,500 words. Rodney's Antarctica is a lot like Siberia in that it's full of scientists who work 16-hour days and bathe once a week (twice when they're feeling social).
Lots of quotable lines. )

The Dark Crucible by [ profile] imadra_blue 3/5 (unfinished WiP)
Star Wars. 76,300 words. On a dangerous mission to Dantooine to capture a Dark Jedi, Anakin realizes he has feelings for Obi-Wan that go beyond friendship or brotherhood.
Would totally rec if it weren't abandoned. )

Roundabout by [ profile] arakne 3/5 (broken link)
Harry Potter. Short story. After encountering Draco over the summer, he turns up in Hermione's Muggle Studies class and asks her for help.
Interesting, but didn't feel very connected to canon. )

To the Batmobile! by [ profile] tamalinn 2/5
Smallville. 1500 words. Lex hits his head and thinks he's Batman.
Had some funny lines, but... )

Castlevania: Remembrance by [ profile] shininghalf 2/5
Castlevania. 8200 words. A Castlevania story in a 1950s setting in which the Belmonts have become fairly typical Americans.
Interesting, but not great. )

Ink by [ profile] tigertrapped 4/5 Recommended
Constantine. 4900 words. Young John Constantine gets tattooed.
Very cool. )

How Many Ways by [ profile] pearl_o 2/5
Due South. 2500 words. Kowalski and Fraser's life together, as told in little snippets by their daughter.
Well-written enough, but I can't say I particularly enjoyed it. )

Roots Rain by [ profile] katallison 3/5
Due South. 11,100 words. Fraser broods in the aftermath of a case gone wrong.
All right. )
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Price of Wisdom by [ profile] zortified 1/5 - Did not finish
Harry Potter. 34,200 words. Percy has a secret. What will happen when he has to reveal it, to save his brother?
Badly in need of a beta and a Britpick. )

Chance to Make It Real by [ profile] wearemany 2/5
The West Wing. 30,000 words. Josh and Sam work together and fall in love, lose touch and find themselves.
This may be a good fic for fans of the show, but was horribly, horribly wrong for me. )

While the Tempest Hurled by [ profile] rivkat 3/5
Smallville. 31,000 words. Earth is invaded by Kryptons and Lex leads the resistance.
Interesting idea. )

Rosemary for Remembrance by [ profile] tenshi_no_korin 2/5
Suikoden. 9200 words. Suikoden style Yule.
Decently written, but without canon knowledge I have no idea what's going on. )
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Lovers by [ profile] flambeau 4/5 Recommended
X-Files. 129,800 words. A former colleague of Mulder's asks for help with a serial killer. Mulder and Scully arrive in San Francisco to find that they aren't the only ones to take a special interest in this case.
Still lots of mooning, but the plot was awesome. )

Roll the Bones by Vathara 1/5 - Did not finish
Yu-Gi-Oh/Sentinel. 55,700 words. Yugi, Seto, and Ryo find chaos in Cascade, Washington.
Misspelled names and too much direct address. )

Upon a Fiery Steed by Vathara 1/5 - Did not finish
SG-1/Gundam Wing. 87,500 words. Daniel. Duo. Two trouble magnets, one very unlucky System Lord.
The writing was pretty mediocre and full of epithets. )

Gelassenheit by [ profile] robofetus0 2/5
Xenogears. Short story. Billy/Bart PWP.
Not great. )

Release by [ profile] calichan 2/5
Star Wars. 3400 words. Anakin is hardly satisfied that the Council chose to send Obi-Wan after General Grievous.
Mediocrity at its finest. )


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