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Ten more and I still haven't finished my first pass. I ended in the Bs, so unless there turn out to be a ton of small A fandoms I know, the final first pass batch will probably be smaller.

Tension by [ profile] lucathia_rykatu 3/5
Bakuman. 1400 words. Mashiro and Takagi argue over the reason for the popularity of their most recent chapter in Jump, disagreeing about the 'tension' between the characters.
Cute, though the writing could use some work. )

The Sandwich Story by [ profile] obfuscate3 4/5 Recommended
Calvin and Hobbes. 1300 words. Calvin grows up.
Loved the ending. )

The Tiger Song by [ profile] rabidsamfan 3/5
Calvin and Hobbes. 100 words. Hobbes makes Calvin sing a song about the awesomeness of tigers.
Cute. )

Heaven by LMT 4/5 Recommended
Closer. 1500 words. Larry comes to the strip club again, looking for Alice.
Great missing scene. )

Out of the Dark by [ profile] technosage 5/5 Recommended
Dr. Seuss. 1300 words. They shouldn't have been in the park that night. It came from out of the dark, into their lives, into their hearts.
Damn, this is completely awesome. Dr. Seuss horror. )

I Am Not Clark, My Name Is Pete by [ profile] googlebrat 4/5 Recommended
Dr. Seuss. 1200 words. These children found me, in the park. They took me home. They called me Clark.
Very impressive! )

There Is No I or You by [ profile] nyssa23 3/5
Frasier. 1300 words. Niles tries to communicate with Daphne using someone else's poetry.
Good voices for all the characters. )

What Happened After by [ profile] steelneko 2/5
The Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". 400 words. The police did find Earl eventually.
Very summary-ish epilogue to the song. )

Strawberry Jam by [ profile] vampedvixen 3/5
The Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". 1800 words. The story of Wanda and Mary Anne.
Fleshes out the song some, but doesn't add much )

Suddenly I See by [ profile] norah 3/5
So You Think You Can Dance. 6200 words. Being on the show is a journey, all right. But it's not just about dancing.
Cute. No canon knowledge necessary. )
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Still not done with my first pass through, but here are another ten. I might get a final first-pass batch up sometime later tonight before going to bed. I've seen lots of stuff I really want to read as I went through, but as I said before, I'm holding off on any larger fandoms and only reading stuff with one or two fics. (Also holding off on anything with fics that seem too long.)

Wind in the East 5/5 Recommended
Mary Poppins. 3200 words. Mary Poppins is magic. Bert has known this since he was nine years old.
This is totally my canon now. )

Overture 3/5
Mary Poppins. 1000 words. Bert and Mary's first meeting.
Cute, but suffers from being read after the one above. )

Audition 2/5
The Decemberists' "The Mariner's Revenge Song". 1800 words. The narrator of the song joins up with the pirates.
Didn't really feel anything like the song to me. )

Final Moments 4/5 Recommended
The Decemberists' "The Mariner's Revenge Song". 3200 words. After fifteen years of waiting, the widow's daughter finally gets her hands on the captain.
Now this one fits the song perfectly. )

Rarely Told in Full 4/5 Recommended
Lemony Snicket. 2100 words. And if a woman you loved for years says, "I love you, but I can not be with you and I hope this two hundred page book I have sent with your engagement ring explains why," you would likely look over the fact that she still loves you and instead focus on the fact that she is now married to another man and pregnant.
Great Snicket voice. )

All's Fair in Love 2/5
Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki. 3400 words. Masayoshi wants something Atsushi isn't sure he can give.
Oh dear. Just bad. )

One Night at the Pizza Pizza 3/5
Moxy Fruvous' "King of Spain". 800 words. Life may never be the same again at the Pizza Pizza for this former King of Spain.
Great up until the super-rushed ending. :-/ )

Coffee with Membrane 1/5
Invader Zim. 1000 words. Zim and Professor Membrane chat.
This is like all those horribly unfunny Zim fics I found on FFN. )

Back to the Hideous Future 5/5 Recommended
Invader Zim. 1700 words. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Particularly Dib's unfortunately prominent forehead.
Best Zim fic I've ever read, hands down. )

Animals! Heed the Story of Kun 2/5
Wicked. 600 words. Students of Ozian history may be interested to know that the propaganda of the Glorious Wizard was not directed solely towards non-Animals.
Doesn't quite live up to its promise. )
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I decided to start at the end of the archive and go backwards, though I skipped over a lot of fandoms that had more than three fics each as I figured I'd make individual fandom review posts for those.

The Amazing Adventures of Hat Guy and the Girl Who Stole His Hat 5/5 Recommended
xkcd. 1000 words. It's not all fun and games, being an evil dude in an evil hat. Except, it kind of is.
Perfectly captures the feel of the comic. )

OMG Velociraptors! 4/5 Recommended
xkcd. 300 words. It started with velociraptors and ended with the LHC.
Totally feels like it could be a strip. )

I Could Never Be Your Woman 3/5
Ugly Betty. 2200 words. Christina catches Daniel trying on women's clothes, trying to figure out what made Alex want to be a woman.
Good idea turned out to be nothing but a vehicle for porn. )

Marc's Guide to Dating 1/5
Ugly Betty. 1000 words. Daniel decides he's "gay curious" and goes to Marc for advice.
This was so bad it could have been on babb_chronicles. )

Hunting High and Low 4/5 Recommended
A-ha's "Take on Me". 3100 words. Why is there always a pipe wrench when he needs one?
Yes, Take on Me. This is pretty damn awesome, actually. )

You're Too Blind to See 2/5
Penny Arcade. 1300 words. The thing was, it really had all started off not much different from Gabe's usual sort of insanity.
Trying to hard to be funny and thus ends up not funny at all. )

Loathing 1/5
Penny Arcade. 1200 words. Ever since he'd first played against Tycho Brahe, Johnathan Gabriel hated his guts.
Wow, this is so bad. D: )

The Meeting: or How Gabe Came to Fight the Devil 4/5 Recommended
Penny Arcade. 1200 words. "Everything was going great - That is, until he fought the devil."
Backstory for the PA video game, but totally enjoyable even without having played it. )

Tears Dry on Their Own 2/5
Paradise Kiss. 2800 words. Time keeps moving forward, and Yukari still feels like she's racing to catch up. But she's not behind, not anymore.
More a summary than a proper story. )

Fumbling Cartography 2/5
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. 1200 words. A little vignette set the morning after a night with Tracy Bacon.
I feel like this would have worked better as a drabble. )
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Hey, more reviews that have been building up for a while.

Lady in the Looking Glass by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 1300 words. You have to start somewhere, and in front of the mirror's as good a place as any...
Loved this look at young Charlie and Patrick. )

Making Changes by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 500 words. But there's still hints, the line of her jaw and the length of her hands. Nothing that can be helped, nothing she can't live with, but this... she touches her hair again, curling a lock around her finger as she looks in the mirror... this she can change.
Excellent. )

Talk of the Town by [ profile] makesmewannadie 4/5 Recommended
Cars. 5500 words. Everyone noticed Sarge was different when he returned to Radiator Springs. Only Fillmore said, if he was around to hear them, "Naw, man, he's not really any different." But that was Fillmore, and God only knew what he'd been putting in that organic fuel of his, so nobody listened. The thing was, Fillmore was right. Sarge wasn't really any different.
This is totally adorable and fits in perfectly with canon. )

Nova by [ profile] puella_nerdii 4/5 Recommended
Death Note. 2300 words. "This is different," Misa says. "People are watching us because they love us."
Exactly the sort of fucked-up dynamic I love about them in canon. )
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I read everything in fandoms I knew for the [ profile] axial_tilt challenge on IJ. Got a couple recs, but nothing really excited me hugely.

Charing Cross is Not King's Cross by [ profile] ktprincesswitch 2/5
Fall Out Boy/Harry Potter. 3300 words. Oun tour in London, Pete catches sight of someone who looks an awful lot like Hermione.
Cute, but not that well-written. )

The Same Pillow by [ profile] marginaliana 2/5
Fall Out Boy. 600 words. Patrick has learned to gauge Pete's state of mind by the words Pete gives him.
I might like it more if I were more familiar with canon. )

Collection Day by [ profile] daisy_chan 3/5
Death Note. 500 words. Just because Mello's side is always the losing one doesn't mean Matt is any less anxious to be back on it.
Enjoyable. )

Amendment by [ profile] libgirl 3/5
Harry Potter. 900 words. Draco takes stock after the final battle.
Felt plausible. )

Crisis of Faith by [ profile] zaph 3/5
Harry Potter. 1100 words. Luna tries to comfort herself with thoughts of her favourite magical creatures while she's held captive.
Not great, but enjoyable. )

Remus's Delicate Condition by [ profile] caitirin 2/5
Harry Potter. 1900 words. Remus discloses a personal secret to Sirius who vows to help, once he's done being a prat first.
Needed a canon beta... )

Winged Nike by [ profile] wisdomeagle 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 600 words. Teddy/Victoire. They are, both, painted beauties.
Really good. )

Even When You're Gone by [ profile] glossing 4/5 Recommended
Hikaru no Go. 1400 words. The second morning of the Hokuto Cup, Mitsuko is nervous.
Neat story about Hikaru's mom. )

Makka na Ito by [ profile] dorrie6 3/5
Hikaru no Go. 2800 words. Hikaru's not sure how he feels about Touya playing Ko Yongha.
Cute. )

Resolute by [ profile] oneangrykate 3/5
Hikaru no Go. 1800 words. Hikaru's New Year's resolution is to be more of a friend to Touya.
Also cute. )
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Yotsuba and Cats 3/5
Yotsuba&! 900 words. Yotsuba decides she's a kitten.
Funny! )

All That I Have 3/5
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. 1700 words. After graduation, Nakatsu and Kayashima are still living together.
Cute. )

The Morning After the Night Before 3/5
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. 1400 words. Umeda wakes up to find Akiha in bed with him.
Cute, but the sex scene was bad. )

A Little Ghostly Nudge 3/5
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. 2800 words. Nakatsu gets possessed after a seance.
Best of the three. )

The Balance 2/5
Gorgeous Carat. 1300 words. Florian has to wear a dress as a distraction during a burglary and ends up getting attacked in an alley.
So not my thing. )
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I got my Sit and Step thing in the mail today! It's pretty neat, though makes a bit of noise as you step. I did about ten minutes when I first got it, but unfortunately with my back like this, right now the most comfortable position is to sit in my chair cross-legged, so I can't use it as much as I'd like. Maybe later on if I'm feeling better.

I was going through my list of unread stuff on delicious and trying to pick out some fandoms where I just had one or two fics each. Turns out most of the random fandom stuff is from Yuletide, though, which I want to keep together.

Flesh Mechanic by [ profile] lisew 3/5
12,000 words. 'N Sync. Props for originality, but very unsatisfying. )

Gloria (The Alias That You've Been Living Under) by [ profile] china_shop 3/5
4400 words. Due South. Enjoyable, but not quite what I was looking for. )

Chasing Fraser by [ profile] damned_colonial 5/5 Recommended
2100 words. Due South. Awesome twist on the usual 'straight guy is surprised to find himself falling for another man' thing. )

Five Truths about Dan Taichi and Five Lies about Akutsu Jin by [ profile] storyteller 2/5
600 words. Prince of Tennis. Eh. )

Mic Check One Two by [ profile] sparklespiff 2/5 - Didn't finish
4500 words. Prince of Tennis. Oh my God, horrible. )

[Poll #1018290]
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Finally a rec!

As We Burn by Kati-Lara 2/5
Angel Sanctuary. 2700 words. Lucifer vignette.
All right, but not exciting. )

The First Time by Claire 4/5 Recommended
Babysitters Club. 2600 words. Charlotte, Stacey, and growing up.
I really enjoyed this. )

Into the Stars by River 2/5
Brokeback Mountain. 1300 words. Series of vignettes about Lureen, her dad, and Jack.
Could have been really good, but had some problems. )

Learning to Fly by afrai 2/5
Antique Bakery. 2700 words. In retrospect, thought Ono, kissing Chikage had been a bad idea.
Fairly well-done, but had some irritating bits. )

Piece of Cake by aetherbunny 2/5 - Did not finish
Antique Bakery. 1300 words. Deko makes a request of the bakery that may be easier than it appears.
Similar problems to the above... *sigh* )

Laying Thoughts to Rest by treneka 2/5
Antique Bakery. 1200 words. Tachibana realised he wants Ono.
Epithets! )
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Five People Who Accidentally Slept with Envy by [ profile] sutlers 4/5 Recommended
Fullmetal Alchemist. 700 words. What the title says.
Nice and twisty-chesty. Loved it. )

Five Times Riza Hawkeye Threatened to Shoot Someone, and Meant It by [ profile] mirabellawotr 3/5
Fullmetal Alchemist. 2700 words. What the title says.
Liked it, but some parts were anime-only, thus confusing. )

Point, Game and Match by [ profile] airgiodslv 3/5
Harry Potter. 700 words. Draco tears a ligament playing tennis and Harry offers him some ointment.
Very funny Draco. Liked it. )

Do You Remember the First Time by [ profile] princess_cushla 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. Short story. Lij and Dom try to have sex, but things keep going wrong.
Hilarious. Awkward sex. Loved it. )
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Pigfeathers by [ profile] alchemia and [ profile] bugland 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 18,300 words. Post-war, Harry goes to Snape and asks him to make a potion that will give Harry a female body.
Loved it. )

Blaise by [ profile] alchemia 5/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 3000 words. Blaise and Blaise communicate through the Mirror of Erised.
Loved it. )

Aozu & Kyappu to Bin by [ profile] cimorene111 2/5 Did not finish
Prince of Tennis. 16,800 words. One day, from breakfast till bedtime, in the life of two boybands.
Remembered why I don't like anime fic. )
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These were ported in from, so I don't have full reviews for them, just short rec blurbs.

Romeo in Black Jeans by [ profile] musesfool 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 4200 words. Sirius has an epiphany. Remus needs convincing.
Selfish, arrogant Sirius FTW. )

Useless by [ profile] undecipherable 4/5 Recommended
Naruto. 700 words. You wonder why something so useless cost so much.
Great use of 2nd person. )

What Happens in a Meadow at Dusk by [ profile] cimorene111 5/5 Recommended
I ♥ Huckabees. 2100 words. Albert had always said that everything happened in a meadow at dusk.
Perfectly in character. )

Parallel by [ profile] airgiodslv 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 3500 words. Lij finds himself in an alternate Wellington where he's not Frodo - Tobey Maguire is.
Very cool. )

The Thing from Under the Sofa by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 1100 words. Orlando, Viggo and Sean hit the pipe and then get creative with dust bunnies.
There should just be more fic like this. )
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Lovers by [ profile] flambeau 4/5 Recommended
X-Files. 129,800 words. A former colleague of Mulder's asks for help with a serial killer. Mulder and Scully arrive in San Francisco to find that they aren't the only ones to take a special interest in this case.
Still lots of mooning, but the plot was awesome. )

Roll the Bones by Vathara 1/5 - Did not finish
Yu-Gi-Oh/Sentinel. 55,700 words. Yugi, Seto, and Ryo find chaos in Cascade, Washington.
Misspelled names and too much direct address. )

Upon a Fiery Steed by Vathara 1/5 - Did not finish
SG-1/Gundam Wing. 87,500 words. Daniel. Duo. Two trouble magnets, one very unlucky System Lord.
The writing was pretty mediocre and full of epithets. )

Gelassenheit by [ profile] robofetus0 2/5
Xenogears. Short story. Billy/Bart PWP.
Not great. )

Release by [ profile] calichan 2/5
Star Wars. 3400 words. Anakin is hardly satisfied that the Council chose to send Obi-Wan after General Grievous.
Mediocrity at its finest. )
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Well, the first batch of recs I read was really good, but this batch was more disappointing than not, and two of the three I couldn't even finish.

With 6 You Get Eggroll by [ profile] cesperanza 2/5 - Did not finish.
Due South. 30,700 words. Fraser and Ray K adopt a passel of kids.
So not my thing it isn't even funny. )

Possession by [ profile] airgiodslv 3/5
LotRiPS. 10,600 words. Dom/Lij. Dom finds a starving vampire out in the cold.
Interesting, but not wow. )

What Better Use for Your Millennium Item? by DarkShadowFlame 1-5 - Did not finish.
Yu-Gi-Oh. 25,000 words. Ishizu plays matchmaker.
Fan Japanese hurts me! )


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