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Still not done with my first pass through, but here are another ten. I might get a final first-pass batch up sometime later tonight before going to bed. I've seen lots of stuff I really want to read as I went through, but as I said before, I'm holding off on any larger fandoms and only reading stuff with one or two fics. (Also holding off on anything with fics that seem too long.)

Wind in the East 5/5 Recommended
Mary Poppins. 3200 words. Mary Poppins is magic. Bert has known this since he was nine years old.
This is totally my canon now. )

Overture 3/5
Mary Poppins. 1000 words. Bert and Mary's first meeting.
Cute, but suffers from being read after the one above. )

Audition 2/5
The Decemberists' "The Mariner's Revenge Song". 1800 words. The narrator of the song joins up with the pirates.
Didn't really feel anything like the song to me. )

Final Moments 4/5 Recommended
The Decemberists' "The Mariner's Revenge Song". 3200 words. After fifteen years of waiting, the widow's daughter finally gets her hands on the captain.
Now this one fits the song perfectly. )

Rarely Told in Full 4/5 Recommended
Lemony Snicket. 2100 words. And if a woman you loved for years says, "I love you, but I can not be with you and I hope this two hundred page book I have sent with your engagement ring explains why," you would likely look over the fact that she still loves you and instead focus on the fact that she is now married to another man and pregnant.
Great Snicket voice. )

All's Fair in Love 2/5
Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki. 3400 words. Masayoshi wants something Atsushi isn't sure he can give.
Oh dear. Just bad. )

One Night at the Pizza Pizza 3/5
Moxy Fruvous' "King of Spain". 800 words. Life may never be the same again at the Pizza Pizza for this former King of Spain.
Great up until the super-rushed ending. :-/ )

Coffee with Membrane 1/5
Invader Zim. 1000 words. Zim and Professor Membrane chat.
This is like all those horribly unfunny Zim fics I found on FFN. )

Back to the Hideous Future 5/5 Recommended
Invader Zim. 1700 words. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Particularly Dib's unfortunately prominent forehead.
Best Zim fic I've ever read, hands down. )

Animals! Heed the Story of Kun 2/5
Wicked. 600 words. Students of Ozian history may be interested to know that the propaganda of the Glorious Wizard was not directed solely towards non-Animals.
Doesn't quite live up to its promise. )
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Because I haven't been reading much fic lately, I decided to go through the bits and bobs I had collected in my "reviews" file and see if I had enough for some posts.

So...ages ago I was determined to read some Zim fic and see if anything wasn't dreck. Unfortunately most of the fandom is on FFN, which I hate trolling through even more than I hate LJ comms. I managed to find ten fics that didn't sound completely horrible, so I delicioused them, but now I find I just really don't want to go back to them. I know I'm probably not going to find anything good because even the ones I bookmarked barely sounded passable and I just don't feel like it. So here are two I read back when I first bookmarked them, and two from last year's Yuletide.

Gir and the Jehovah's Witnesses by Rabbit's Paw 2/5
600 words. When Zim goes to skool Gir gets a couple of visitors!
Not horrible, but the funny lines were all just quotes from the show. )

A Guilty Pleasure by The Dramatic Monarch 2/5
1200 words. After a long and tiresome day, Zim and GIR indulge in a guilty pleasure.
Again, not horrible, but not good, either. )

One Week by [ profile] cadetdru 4/5 Recommended
2200 words. Dib has to write a journal about his week as homework; of course it's all about Zim.
Zim fic that doesn't suck ass! Woohoo! )

A Small Story by [ profile] basingstoke 3/5
1100 words. The Tallest discover coffee and use it to stunt others' growth.
Also pretty funny! )


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