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Digimon 02

To the Future by [personal profile] beccastareyes
3700 words. G. Yamato is moody and everyone thinks its a bad breakup. Jou just finished his college entrance exams. And Takeru intercepts a Digimon-driven plot to solve these two things via matchmaking.

This was cute.


The Way to a Femm-Bot's Heart by [ profile] chibifukurou
1400 words. Mature. This wasn't how Coilette's plan was supposed to go.

Ehhh, this really wasn't funny at all and seemed like a pretty straight retelling of the episode, to boot. (Also the word is thespian! Thespian!)

We Three Robots by [ profile] nevergoodbye
4100 words. Teen. It's X-Mas eve at Planet Express, and to settle a bet with the Robot Devil, Bender must undertake an impossible challenge: make Leela fall in love with him.

This had some funny lines and was definitely a lot better than the previous one, but still not anywhere near as funny as the show.

Hyperbole and a Half

The Alot, The Tuit, Mrs. Gradgrind, Sophie and Me, Allie by [personal profile] gehayi
3800 words. Teen. Allie's mom, teacher and best friend all insist that Alots are not real animals. Allie's friend the Alot is determined to prove that "imaginary" doesn't mean "unreal."

This was cute, but nowhere near as funny as the actual Hyperbole and a Half.

Baby-sitters Club

Accordingly Adorned by [ profile] piscaria Rec+
600 words. G. The night before he meets Stacey McGill for lunch at the Hard Rock Café, he stays up until midnight assembling just the right outfit. It had to be perfect. Nothing, he thought, had ever driven him further in his quest for sartorial perfection than Stacey. They used to delight in being equally fabulous, albeit in different ways.

Another fic for me! I was late in seeing this because I didn't get a notification, but it is just perfect. BSC fic is probably the only place I'm ever going to love a long, loving description of someone's outfit, but it really is kind of necessary for Claudia. I really love this.

Let the Right One In

Hearts and Snow by [ profile] gentlezombie
1200 words. Teen. The evolution of a human/vampire relationship.

This was interesting. There was actually one bit that really made me want more about that, but it's not what the story was about. At one point, Oskar, who is now seventeen, wonders what will happen as he keeps aging and Eli doesn't, and then he wonders if that's what had happened with Hakan. And obviously it's not. Hakan met Eli when he was already an adult, but I want to read the story now of Oskar continuing to age and freaking out about that.


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